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9 Jan. 1999
Lost Boys
Carlos' nephew Jesse is accused of killing a cop during a drug raid since the murder weapon is found in Jesse's possession. The gun was left in Jesse's care by one of his friends, and Jesse is forced to take the blame to protect his mother.
16 Jan. 1999
Special Witness
Special Olympian athletes are in town for the competition. One girl makes friends with the Rangers and their friends. She witnesses a hit-man's attack on Trent to prevent him from testifying in court.
6 Feb. 1999
The Principal
A high school principal reaches out to Walker when his school is overrun by drugs. It appears to be an inside job as the students always know when there is a raid. When the principal finds the leader, he is killed.
13 Feb. 1999
Team Cherokee: Part 1
The Cherokee Indian racing team is experiencing a lot of problems with their cars and drivers. A rival team wants to make sure the Cherokee do not win the races. Meanwhile, a young girl is kidnapped so Trent and Carlos search for her.
20 Feb. 1999
Team Cherokee: Part 2
A Cherokee driver is injured by a rival racing team. Walker takes his place in the race.
27 Feb. 1999
Models are being kidnapped to be sold in a sex-slavery auction. Trivette's girlfriend is the most recent disappearance. The Rangers must find where the models are being held before the sale is finished.
24 Apr. 1999
No Way Out
A crime lord named Caleb Hooks, whom Walker helped put in prison several years ago, escapes from prison, hell bent on revenge against the Texas Rangers (because Hooks' brother had been shot and killed during a shootout, and he claims it was murder). Hooks initiates his plan by having Alex and Trivette kidnapped, then placed in a huge tank full of freezing, running water. Hooks then contacts Walker and begins playing cryptic games with Walker, in hopes of both luring his sworn enemy into a death trap of his own and stalling Walker in his efforts to rescue his friends ...
1 May 1999
Brothers in Arms
Trivette's brother Simon is in town with drug dealers, trying to arrange a big operation. The Rangers are determined to stop the organization. Simon is told he has to kill his brother.
8 May 1999
Mind Games
When Maisie Whitman's son dies unexpectedly, CD tries to determine if he was murdered. He notices that his friend Maisie is having problems with her mind. Meanwhile, the Rangers try to track down an escaped convict.
15 May 1999
Power Angels
In a law enforcement contest for shooting, strength, and endurance, Walker and Trevette find their matches in law officers from Germany. A preacher's son owes money to a loan shark who tells the son to steal money from his father's charity.
15 May 1999
Jacob's Ladder
A young boy is upset that his fireman father never seems to be home. The firemen are busy because a gang is torching homes of witnesses to the gang leader who is on trial for murder. The father is shot as he attempts to put out a fire.
22 May 1999
In Harm's Way: Part 1
Masked men kill members of a wealthy family and film the murder. They use the video to extort money from other wealthy families. Walker and Alex use the governor's plane to fly evidence to the court. Their plane is shot down.
25 Sep. 1999
In Harm's Way: Part 2
Alex and Walker survive the plane being shot down, but the killers track them where they landed. Search teams try to find Alex and Walker and must get to them before they are killed and before the court case is dismissed without evidence.
2 Oct. 1999
Walker and Trivette receive a message from terrorists, who threaten to blow up enough anthrax to kill one million people in Dallas, if they don't receive $100,000,000 and the release of another terrorist from prison. It's a race against time as Walker and Trivette hunt for the bomb.
9 Oct. 1999
Safe House
When a man, Lloyd Allen, who is willing to testify against his boss, Vince Termin, who is a dangerous man who killed another man who was going to testify against him. Walker sends Francis Gage and Sydney Cooke to get him but when they arrive Termin's men are there but they manage to get away. Walker and Trivette try to help them.
16 Oct. 1999
Way of the Warrior
A Shaman transports Walker back in time 100 years to prove the innocence of a Comanche Indian. In the present, Walker must prove the innocence of another Comanche, who is accused of murder.
23 Oct. 1999
Tall Cotton
Gage's sister is a reporter. She goes undercover to investigate a crime boss operating at a local bar. When she goes missing, Gage and Sydney go undercover to find her. Meanwhile, Walker and Alex go on a camping trip.
30 Oct. 1999
The Lynn Sisters
Loretta Lynn's daughters play themselves as a country singing group. The Lynn Sisters are kidnapped and forced to record their music for a bootleg music mongrel.
6 Nov. 1999
Suspicious Minds
An undercover cop is killed by the crime boss he was investigating. The deaf daughter of an Elvis impersonator saw the murder and is now in danger from the killer.
13 Nov. 1999
Widow Maker
The HOPE Center hosts a charity rodeo to raise money. During practice, a man sexually harasses a woman; Trivette rescues her, but the man is accidentally killed by his own hand. The dead man's father decides that Trivette must die.
20 Nov. 1999
Fight or Die
Walker goes undercover in a Arkansas prison to expose a warden money making fights.
27 Nov. 1999
Rise to the Occasion
When Walker visits a school for his Kick Drugs program, he witnesses a young boy's suicide. He learns that the boy's death was because of harassment he was getting from some students who are members of a gang. Walker then decides to spend some time at the school to look into it. Gage and Cooke are trying to get a criminal.
11 Dec. 1999
Full Recovery
An employee at a research facility realizes his company is making sarin nerve gas and plans to release it. The man asks his brother Danny to help collect evidence for the police. They are caught; the man is killed and Danny hit by a car.
18 Dec. 1999
A Matter of Faith
Men dressed as Santa's rob the armored trucks picking up donations from Santa bell ringers. Gang members rob a church where former gang members attend, causing the church goers to get in contact with their gang again.

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