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6 Jan. 1997
The Darkness and the Light
A mysterious assassin begins wiping out all the members of Kira's old resistance cell.
27 Jan. 1997
The Begotten
The discovery of an infant Changeling gives Odo a chance to correct what he sees as the "mistakes" in his upbringing. But as Starfleet's pressure for results grows, he has to turn to his "father," Dr. Mora
3 Feb. 1997
For the Uniform
When the traitorous Eddington returns, Sisko will go to any lengths to capture him.
10 Feb. 1997
In Purgatory's Shadow
A coded message from the Gamma Quadrant leads Garak to believe his mentor, Enabran Tain, is still alive. He and Worf seek him out, only to discover something much worse: a Dominion invasion fleet poised to attack the Alpha Quadrant.
17 Feb. 1997
By Inferno's Light
The station readies for a Dominion attack. Worf and Garak meet some unexpected friends in a Dominion Prison camp.
24 Feb. 1997
Doctor Bashir, I Presume
Dr. Bashir is selected to be the model for the next-generation of Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH). But he balks when his parents are invited to the station to be interviewed by the EMH programmer, Dr. Zimmerman. There is a dark secret in his family that he's afraid that his parents will reveal.
31 Mar. 1997
A Simple Investigation
Odo (Rene Auberjonois) becomes romantically attached to a woman (Dey Young) working with the Orion Syndicate.
7 Apr. 1997
Business as Usual
Quark must wrestle with his conscience when he becomes involved with arms merchants.
14 Apr. 1997
Ties of Blood and Water
When a Cardassian official (Lawrence Pressman), who thinks of Kira (Nana Visitor) as his daughter, is dying, he agrees to reveal all he knows to her. But the experience dredges up Kira's memories of her own father's (Thomas Kopache) death.
21 Apr. 1997
Ferengi Love Songs
Quark doesn't know whether to be panicked or overjoyed when he learns that his mother is the new lover of the Grand Nagus.
28 Apr. 1997
Soldiers of the Empire
Dax and Worf accompany Martok on his first command since being held by the Dominion. But the ship they are given hasn't seen victory in months and the crew is near mutinous.
5 May 1997
Children of Time
The DS9 crew discovers a small colony on a remote world that was originally populated by them 200 years earlier due to a time-travel accident with the Defiant. The current colonists lives depend on making sure that accident happens again, even though they've now forwarned the crew that it will happen. Each crew member needs to decide if they are willing to give up their lives on DS9 in order to preserve the history of the colony.
12 May 1997
Blaze of Glory
Driven to desperation by the Dominion, the Maquis launch a massive bio-weapons strike towards Cardassia. Sisko must trust the traitor Eddington to try to stop them.
19 May 1997
Empok Nor
While salvaging components from DS9's sister station, the crew run afoul of a "surprise" left behind by the Cardassians.
9 Jun. 1997
In the Cards
Jake and Nog go through hell and high water, from participating in an auction to dealing with the Dominion, to receiving a Willie Mays baseball card, all in order to cheer up the war-fatigued Captain Sisko.
16 Jun. 1997
Call to Arms
With the continuing battalions of Jem'Hadar entering the Alpha Quadrant in preparation for war, Sisko decides to mine the wormhole to prevent further troop movement. This provokes a confrontation between the Dominion and the Federation, forcing Sisko to abandon DS9.
29 Sep. 1997
A Time to Stand
Borrowing a captured Jem'Hadar attack ship, Sisko and crew embark on a mission to destroy the hidden base where all of the ketracel-white is stored for the entire Alpha Quadrant.
6 Oct. 1997
Rocks and Shoals
Sisko and his crew crash on a barren world when their commandeered Jem'Hadar ship is shot down. They encounter Jem'Hadar who crashed there earlier, and have taken Nog and Garak hostage in exchange for medical aid for their Vorta overseer.
13 Oct. 1997
Sons and Daughters
Serving with his recruit son aboard a Klingon vessel, Worf finds his relationship with his son strained. Meanwhile, strained relationships abound on DS9 between Major Kira and Gul Dukat.
20 Oct. 1997
Behind the Lines
After forming an attack plan on the Dominion, Sisko relinquishes command of the Defiant to Dax after accepting a promotion. On DS9, the resistance faces discovery when Odo links with another changeling.
27 Oct. 1997
Favor the Bold
Sisko mounts an attack to re-take DS9, while Rom faces charges as an enemy of the Dominion state.
3 Nov. 1997
Sacrifice of Angels
The Federation attacks DS9 in hopes of keeping the mine field at the wormhole intact, while the Dominion waits entrance to the Alpha Quadrant from the other side.
10 Nov. 1997
You Are Cordially Invited...
Suddenly desiring to wed within the week on DS9, Worf and Jadzia go through their own Klingon rituals: Worf on a four day bachelor party with the male members of the crew & Jadzia deals with her prospective mother-in-law, who totally opposes the idea of "an alien" marrying into her Klingon household.
17 Nov. 1997
Major Kira takes a romantic interest in the mirror universe counterpart of her deceased lover Bareil after he transports himself into her universe and onto DS9.
24 Nov. 1997
Statistical Probabilities
A group of genetically engineered humans are brought to Dr. Bashir on DS9 in hopes of integrating them with the rest of the universe.

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