Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series 1993–1999) Poster

Colm Meaney: Chief O'Brien, Smiley O'Brien, Albert Macklin, Changeling, Chief O'Brienn, Falcon, Tobin Dax



  • Chief O'Brien : Four weeks! Are you telling me I've been hanging around a Changeling for over a month?

    Doctor Bashir : And you never suspected it wasn't me?

  • Doctor Bashir : [Bashir is trying to expose a Replicant disguised as O'Brien under the pretence of giving him a physical]  Any dizziness? Oversleeping? Lack of energy? Euphoria?

    Chief O'Brien : [sarcastically]  Yes! All of them! Especially euphoria! Lots of euphoria!

  • Doctor Bashir : [Bashir's genetic enhancements have come to light]  I was six. Small for my age. A bit awkward physically and not very bright. In the first grade, while the other children were learning how to read and write and use the computer, I was still trying to tell a dog from a cat, and a tree from a house. I didn't really understand what was going on. I knew I wasn't doing as well as my classmates. There were so many concepts they took for granted that I couldn't begin to master, but I didn't know why. All I knew was that I was a great disappointment to my parents. I'm not sure when they made the decision, but just before my 7th birthday we left Earth for Adigeon Prime. At first, I remember being really excited at seeing all the aliens in the hospital. But then they put me in a room... began the treatments... and my entire world began to change.

    Chief O'Brien : What exactly were the treatments? Some kind of DNA recoding?

    Doctor Bashir : The technical term is accelerated critical neural pathway formation. Over the course of the next two months, my genetic structure was manipulated to accelerate the growth of neuronal networks in my cerebral cortex, and a whole new Julian Bashir was born.

    Chief O'Brien : In what ways did they change you?

    Doctor Bashir : Well, my mental abilities were top priority of course. My IQ jumped five points a day for over two weeks. That was followed by improvements in my hand-eye coordination, reflexes, vision, stamina, weight, height. In the end, everything but my name was altered in some way. When we returned to Earth, we moved to a different city, I was enrolled in a new school using falsified records my parents obtained somewhere. Now, instead of being the slowest learner I was the star pupil.

    Chief O'Brien : And no one ever suspected?

    Doctor Bashir : Oh, there's no stigma attached to success, Chief. After the treatments I never looked back. But the truth is I'm a fraud.

    Chief O'Brien : You're not a fraud. I don't care what enhancements your parents may have had done. Genetic recoding can't give you ambition or a personality or compassion or any of the things that make a person truly human.

    Doctor Bashir : Starfleet Medical won't see it that way. DNA resequencing for any reason other than repairing serious birth defects is illegal. Any genetically enhanced human being is barred from serving in Starfleet or practicing medicine,

    Chief O'Brien : I don't think there's been a case dealing with this sort of thing in a hundred years. You can't be sure how they're going to react.

    Doctor Bashir : Oh, I know how they'll react. When the truth comes out, I'll be cashiered from the service. It's that simple.

    Chief O'Brien : There must be something we can do. We can't just give up.

    Doctor Bashir : There is something I can do. Resign before Doctor Zimmerman files his report.

    Chief O'Brien : Oh, Julian...

    Doctor Bashir : It's over, Miles. I always knew this could happen, and now it has. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to be alone.

  • Chief O'Brien : [to an alien, Ee'Char while imagining they're in an alien prison]  I'm sick of it! I'm sick of this place! I'm sick of your drawings, and most of all, I am sick of you!

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