Saved by the Bell: The College Years (TV Series 1993–1994) Poster

Dustin Diamond: Samuel 'Screech' Powers



  • Leslie : Hi, Screech. What are you doing?

    Screech : Hi, Leslie. I'm just watching the T.V.

    Leslie : But the T.V. is turned off.

    Screech : Oh I know, I'm just watching the T.V.

  • Screech : It's time to start the next series of tests, Zack.

    Zack : More tests? There's no place left for them to look!

    Screech : Oh, yes there is!

  • Alex : Life is so unfair. I have to lose two pounds within a few days!

    Kelly : C'mon, two pounds is not going to hurt you.

    Screech : Oh yeah? That's what Delta Burke said before she inhaled her first cheesecake.

  • [the Reverend walks in on a wild stripper bachelor party] 

    Rev. Dunlap : You know what? Maybe I should come back another time.

    Zack : Oh that would be great! How about Monday?

    Rev. Dunlap : I was thinking more around the lines of ten years - - when you've all had a chance to grow up!

    Screech : I knew we should have gone with Barney.

  • Screech : Who wants their barrium?

    [Zack gets up and runs away] 

    Screech : Aw, but it's cherry flavored.

  • Screech : Mike has Big Bird on his butt!

    Mike Rogers : It's not Big Bird. It's Tweety Bird.

    Screech : Trust me, Mike, that's a big bird!

  • Slater : Has anybody ever been to a funeral before?

    Screech : I have.

    Slater : What are you supposed to do?

    Screech : Well, all the loved ones gathered around the grave. Then we put his rubber chew toys and his bowl in with him and buried him under his favorite tree.

    Alex : Awww... how old was your dog?

    Screech : What dog? I'm talking about Grampa Powers.

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