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2 Jan. 1998
Closet Cases
Bayliss and Pembleton are forced to deal with their own prejudices as they search for a hustler suspected of killing rich gay men.
9 Jan. 1998
Sins of the Father
Lewis and Falsone attempt to solve the whipping and hanging of a wealthy advertising executive.
16 Jan. 1998
Shaggy Dog, City Goat
A couple give the police information about a murder-suicide, while Ballard and Gharty go after a pair of suspects outside their jurisdiction.
30 Jan. 1998
Something Sacred: Part 1
The stabbing death of a priest in his own rectory becomes a red ball, with Ballard and Gharty in charge. Allegations of sexual abuse complicate the case, and the unit searches for two Guatemalan refugees who were living at the rectory.
30 Jan. 1998
Something Sacred: Part 2
Another priest is murdered after the two Guatemalan political refugees suspected of killing the first one are set free.
6 Mar. 1998
Lies and Other Truths
An angry driver cuts off a state-owned truck, is rammed from behind and rearends a parked semi. Result? Two deaths and a paralyzed passenger, a lawsuit against the state, and pressure on the ME to alter blood alcohol results.
13 Mar. 1998
Pit Bull Sessions
Pembleton and Falsone investigate the mauling of an elderly man, in his own house, by three dogs belonging to his grandson. At the Waterfront, Bayliss, Munch, Gharty, and Ballard share stories of "goofy cases, senseless killings, senseless suspects."
20 Mar. 1998
Pembleton and Bayliss investigate the death of a cancer patient when a relative insists the hospice doctor killed him in a "mercy killing." Stivers and Falsone investigate the murder of a 12-year-old girl outside a pizza shop on her way to school.
27 Mar. 1998
When a 4-year-old boy disappears from a carousel, Falsone and Stivers catch the case and are joined by the entire homicide unit, plus Jeff Andrews, the host of "This Week's Wanted" TV show.
3 Apr. 1998
Full Court Press
Munch and Gharty investigate a high-school basketball player's murder.
10 Apr. 1998
Strangled, Not Stirred
Ballard and Gharty probe the case of single women who are strangled after they're picked up at fancy bars and subdued with a stun gun.
17 Apr. 1998
Two business executives who belonged to the same country club kill themselves when they're given incriminating photos of themselves.
24 Apr. 1998
Finnegan's Wake
Bayliss is still having nightmares about the Adena Watson case, so Gee is reluctant to assign the case of another girl, murdered in 1932, to him. Therefore, Falsone is assigned the "oldest unsolved slaying still officially on the books."
1 May 1998
Fallen Heroes: Part 1
Bayliss and Pembleton are handed "the mother of all red-balls," the stabbing of a judge on the sidewalk in broad daylight. It doesn't take them long to connect Georgia Rae Mahoney's feckless nephew to the murder. But unlike their previous contacts with him, he doesn't go easily this time.
8 May 1998
Fallen Heroes: Part 2
The Homicide Unit takes down the remaining Mahoney organization, but not without collateral damage. Stivers tells Gee that Luther Mahoney's shooting is the reason for all the carnage in the past 24 hours.
25 Sep. 1998
La Famiglia
The homicide detectives have to cope with some huge changes in their life. The squad room has been renovated and painted blue, Munch is dating Billie Lou, and Pembleton has resigned. Meanwhile a grisly murder arises, connected to Giardello.
16 Oct. 1998
Brotherly Love
Sheppard and Lewis investigate the death of a man who has a twin brother. Gharty talks about wanting to live his life; he and Ballard go to the hospital to investigate the death of a teenager.
23 Oct. 1998
Just an Old Fashioned Love Song
After being shot at, a wealthy doctor shoots an intruder in his garage. Homicide determines the body is his sister-in-law. Two sets of fingerprints are found on her gun; the money trail (gambling debts, forgeries, insurance) leads to an unlikely conspiracy.
30 Oct. 1998
The Twenty Percent Solution
A popular author of thrillers is missing; his wife has a video in which he warns that his agent may kill him. Discovering that he had a mistress and finding his car at the airport, she is ignored UNTIL the mistress reports him missing as well. No body, no weapon... can the two probable killers be charged?
6 Nov. 1998
Red, Red Wine
FBI agent Giardello is put in charge of the investigation of a mass poisoning case.
13 Nov. 1998
Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 1
Bounty Hunter Jerry Lichte is caught up between catching drug addict Joe Errico and his partner P.J. Johnson on the tough streets of Baltimore and being pursued themselves by the Homicide Division.
20 Nov. 1998
Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 2
Bounty Hunter Dennis Knoll tracks down fugitive Joe Errico in Florida, meanwhile Bounty Hunter Jerry Lichte nursing a broken arm in a car accident in a Baltimore Homicide detective car and a random driver, is relegated to a desk job at Patriot bail bonds. Bounty Hunter P.J. Johnson is excused by the Baltimore Police in the Shooting death he was accused of.
4 Dec. 1998
Kellerman, P.I.: Part 1
Investigation continues on the case of the newborn baby found buried behind a motel. The teen mother's parents employ a P.I. to frighten her into accusing her boyfriend. Police and prosecutors proceed to the Grand Jury, hoping to pressure one of the young parents to make a deal by letting them experience jail time. It works!
11 Dec. 1998
Kellerman, P.I.: Part 2
Even though the young mother of the suffocated newborn has made a deal to testify, her boyfriend is convinced she will not wrongfully accuse him--because of their love. Falcone tries to talk sense to him, but he remains convinced she will not betray him. He is shocked at the turn of events in court.

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