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Season 7

25 Sep. 1998
La Famiglia
The homicide detectives have to cope with some huge changes in their life. The squad room has been renovated and painted blue, Munch is dating Billie Lou, and Pembleton has resigned. Meanwhile a grisly murder arises, connected to Giardello.
16 Oct. 1998
Brotherly Love
Sheppard and Lewis investigate the death of a man who has a twin brother. Gharty talks about wanting to live his life; he and Ballard go to the hospital to investigate the death of a teenager.
23 Oct. 1998
Just an Old Fashioned Love Song
After being shot at, a wealthy doctor shoots an intruder in his garage. Homicide determines the body is his sister-in-law. Two sets of fingerprints are found on her gun; the money trail (gambling debts, forgeries, insurance) leads to an unlikely conspiracy.
30 Oct. 1998
The Twenty Percent Solution
A popular author of thrillers is missing; his wife has a video in which he warns that his agent may kill him. Discovering that he had a mistress and finding his car at the airport, she is ignored UNTIL the mistress reports him missing as well. No body, no weapon... can the two probable killers be charged?
6 Nov. 1998
Red, Red Wine
FBI agent Giardello is put in charge of the investigation of a mass poisoning case.
13 Nov. 1998
Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 1
Bounty Hunter Jerry Lichte is caught up between catching drug addict Joe Errico and his partner P.J. Johnson on the tough streets of Baltimore and being pursued themselves by the Homicide Division.
20 Nov. 1998
Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 2
Bounty Hunter Dennis Knoll tracks down fugitive Joe Errico in Florida, meanwhile Bounty Hunter Jerry Lichte nursing a broken arm in a car accident in a Baltimore Homicide detective car and a random driver, is relegated to a desk job at Patriot bail bonds. Bounty Hunter P.J. Johnson is excused by the Baltimore Police in the Shooting death he was accused of.
4 Dec. 1998
Kellerman, P.I.: Part 1
Investigation continues on the case of the newborn baby found buried behind a motel. The teen mother's parents employ a P.I. to frighten her into accusing her boyfriend. Police and prosecutors proceed to the Grand Jury, hoping to pressure one of the young parents to make a deal by letting them experience jail time. It works!
11 Dec. 1998
Kellerman, P.I.: Part 2
Even though the young mother of the suffocated newborn has made a deal to testify, her boyfriend is convinced she will not wrongfully accuse him--because of their love. Falcone tries to talk sense to him, but he remains convinced she will not betray him. He is shocked at the turn of events in court.
8 Jan. 1999
Shades of Gray
A white bus driver is beaten to death after he drives into a West Indian woman. In a nearby alley, a young black man is also found beaten to death. Racial tensions divide the Homicide squad as well as the city of Baltimore, but the true causes are not what they seem.
15 Jan. 1999
Bones of Contention
A skeleton of a young woman is discovered, leading to the solution of a long-forgotten bank robbery. Finding her killer is more difficult when one suspect is dead and the other two accuse each other. Meanwhile, Gee lays down the law about detectives on the same shift being romantically involved. Which is more important, relations with police partners or a lover?
29 Jan. 1999
The Same Coin
Munch questions Gharty's war record as they investigate the hit-and-run death of a Vietnam veteran.
5 Feb. 1999
A murderous webmaster announces on a website run by a homicide detective that he will kill women live and on-line at specified times and taunts the Baltimore police force to try and stop him from perpetrating the crimes.
12 Feb. 1999
A Case of Do or Die
Ballard and Bayliss must find out if a woman's death on the night before her wedding was murder or suicide.
19 Feb. 1999
The investigation of a Government worker's murder uncovers a connection to the White House.
26 Mar. 1999
Truth Will Out
A woman asks the police to reopen the case of her supposedly killing her baby brother by accident when she was 3 -- a case Giardello originally handled in 1972.
2 Apr. 1999
Zen and the Art of Murder
Bayliss rethinks his spiritual beliefs during the investigation of a Buddhist monk's murder.
9 Apr. 1999
Self Defense
An assistant U.S. attorney confesses to killing her ex-husband, but claims battered-spouse syndrome as her defense.
30 Apr. 1999
Identity Crisis
Munch and Bayliss attempt to identify a corpse stabbed in the medical examiner's room, while Lewis and Falsone investigate a man's murder during his barbecue.
7 May 1999
Lines of Fire
Giardello and Gharty get involved in a hostage situation in which a man holds his children at gunpoint and threatens to blow up an apartment building.
14 May 1999
The Why Chromosome
Sheppard and Ballard investigate a teenage girl's murder, while Munch's fiancée asks him to settle a dispute between ex-lovers.
21 May 1999
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Giardello receives a surprise visit from his daughter, Bayliss and Shepard try to bring a criminal to justice and Lewis and Falsone investigate a stabbing.

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