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Bones: The 2 Tearjerking Songs That Play During the Finale

Bones ended after 12 seasons on Tuesday with an emotional finale that would have had even the casual fan in tears. Once the dust had settled (literally) after the explosion at the Jeffersonian and the ensuing chase scene, we got a montage of all the characters looking through their belongings. At we were busy taking a trip down memory lane, a song played that made our hearts swell up even larger. The tune is "Almost Home" by Moby, off his 2013 album Innocents. With (most of) the reminiscing out of the way, Bones and Booth were free to cuddle up on a park bench overlooking the building. As they chat about the items Bones found at her desk - a drawing by a very young Parker, aw! - "Out of the Blue" by John Lennon plays. A perfect sendoff for one of the best couples on TV.
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Hannah Marks Stars In Indie Pic ‘Almost Home’

Hannah Marks Stars In Indie Pic ‘Almost Home’
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency co-star Hannah Marks is set to play the lead role in indie drama Almost Home. The film, which is based on a novel by Jessica Blank, is co-written and directed by Blank and Erik Jensen. It follows a group of homeless youth on the streets of Los Angeles that are part of the “gutter punk” subculture. They form an unlikely family while trying to survive the harsh, unforgiving realities of the city. Marks plays a complex and damaged…
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The Evolution of Jared Leto: From ‘My So Called Life’s’ Jordan Catalano to the Joker (Photos)

The Evolution of Jared Leto: From ‘My So Called Life’s’ Jordan Catalano to the Joker (Photos)
1992: Jared Leto made his acting debut as a shirtless hunk in an episode of a short-lived ABC sitcom called “Camp Wilder.” 1993: Leto played another hunk, this time fully clothed, in another short-lived sitcom, “Almost Home.” 1994: Leto jumped from television guest star to TV movie star when he played Alicia Silverstone‘s unhappily married husband in “The Cool and the Crazy.” 1995: Leto began making a name for himself after playing Claire Danes‘ high school crush, Jordan Catalano, in short-lived, yet critically-acclaimed drama “My So-Called Life,” which aired for just one season on ABC. 1995: Leto made the leap to the big.
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Big Bang Theory Season 10 May Be Its Last Says Kunal Nayyar

Big Bang Theory Season 10 May Be Its Last Says Kunal Nayyar
Having just wrapped Season 9 a couple weeks ago, it has already been confirmed that The Big Bang Theory will return for Season 10 in the fall. But where it goes after that is anyone's guess. It has long been rumored that America's favorite sitcom will continue for a few more years. But star Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, is hinting that may not be true. It's very possible that these upcoming episodes could be the show's last.

Kunal Nayyar showed up at McM Comic-Con London this past week, and he wasn't as optimistic as some of his other cast mates when it comes to The Big Bang Theory being renewed past Season 10. He claims that the cast contracts do not extend past the 2016-2017 season. And it doesn't sound like there are any current negotiations to continue, though that could change. The actor explains via Radio Times.

"Look - next season,
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In Remembrance: Every Single Death From the Final Season of 'True Blood' (GIFs)

"True Blood" is officially over, and we're currently covered in a combination of tears, comfort food, and Eric Northman posters. HBO's long-standing vampire drama went all out for its finale season, by which we mean they killed off half the population of Bon Temps -- including Bill Compton. Despite Sookie Stackhouse's fairy feels, Bill met his maker in the"True Blood" final moments -- but his demise is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ready to take a walk down memory lane and revisit this season's goriest, most fangtastic deaths? Well, we've rounded up every obliteration for you to look back on (with GIFs, of course!), so go ahead and pour one out for our fallen homies.

Name: Tara Thornton Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 1 ("Jesus Gonna Be Here") If Tara's untimely doom seems somewhat familiar, it's probably because she died back in Season 4 and turned into a vampire.
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DEADtime TV: Week of August 10

Hey DEADheads, Ryne from The Moon is a Dead World here with another week of DEADtime TV. Your horror favorites are all back, except for Dominion, but screw that show anyway. Shawn’s got True Blood, and is currently marathoning the current season of Falling Skies, so look for a recap soon. Kevin‘s got Teen Wolf, The Strain, and Under the Dome, and I’ve got the rest!

The Last Ship: “Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…” - Sunday, August 10 at 9 Pm

Besides the bad joke of the title (“Two sailors walk into a bar… they both walk out”), this episode of The Last Ship is a surprisingly effective hour of television. Not only does it put Co Chandler and Dr. Scott in danger, it also finally focuses most of its plot on the virus that has been plaguing the world, the one we’ve been hearing a
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'True Blood': Inside 20 of the final season's best moments

'True Blood': Inside 20 of the final season's best moments
With the end in sight—True Blood’s series finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Et on HBO—here’s another look inside some of season 7’s most fun and memorable scenes, which have led us there.

Episode 1, “Jesus Gonna Be Here”: Tara (Rutina Wesley) dies—again.

“It’s kind of like the catalyst for everything else that’s gonna probably happen,” Wesley told EW. “I think it’s kinda cool that the last time you see me, it looks like I’m gonna win the fight, and then you cut to Lettie Mae. Me and that vampire went at it,
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TV Review: True Blood: Season 7, Episode 8: Almost Home [HBO]

HBO‘s True Blood Almost Home TV Show Review. True Blood: Season 7, Episode 8: Almost Home is the 8th installment in TB‘s clumsy finale season…which started carelessly, then found a middle that we could get excited about, and is now heading towards an ending that has little emotional depth. This show has been [...]

Continue reading: TV Review: True Blood: Season 7, Episode 8: Almost Home [HBO]
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True Blood: As exhausting as it is to hate Vampire Bill, we're still doing it...

Adam Armstrong is like our own TV grim reaper counting down to "True Blood"'s True Death. Only one episode to go before it's all over for the fang-bangers! Adam has dispensed with narrative tissue and is just train-of-thoughting it now in the homestretch... I'll join Adam next week for the series wrap. - Nathaniel

Episode 7.8 "Almost Home"

I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. You know, in the beginning of the episode, while Bill was pouring his unbeating heart out to Sookie, I thought to myself, I’m tired of hating Bill. It’s become too exhausting. Look at him, his voice cracking and all. Okay, I can get behind him and Sookie ending up together. Even if it’s just easier and requires less strain on my brain than remembering why I hate him.

And Then The Episode Ended The Way It Did.

I hate him again!
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True Blood season 7 episode 9 review: Love Is To Die

Are happy endings really possible in Bon Temps? Here's Emma's review of True Blood's penultimate episode...

This review contains spoilers.

7.9 Love Is To Die

We’re exactly one episode away from True Blood’s denouement, and while Love Is To Die might not have provided an explosive run-up to the finale, it did produce a classic slice of soapy, Bon Temps-style melodrama. With confessions, admissions and reunions aplenty, there’s literally no one in town that hasn’t unburdened themselves to great effect this week, except maybe Jason ‘I like Pink’ Stackhouse. Not sure we’ll ever see him in quite the same way again...

The big news of the week is that Bill’s badly misplaced sense of nobility has become something of a suicide mission. Refusing to drink from the vile Ex Mrs Rev Newlin as way to permanently remove himself from Sookie’s life seems, from where we’re sitting,
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True Blood, 7.08, “Almost Home”: “No, I don’t want the blood”

True Blood, Season 7, Episode 8, “Almost Home

Written by Kate Barnow

Directed by Jesse Warn

Airs Sundays at 9pm Est on HBO

On this week’s True Blood, Sookie seeks the newfound Hep-v cure for Bill, Hoyt reunites with Jessica, Tara makes peace with her mother, and Pam and Eric learn a few business tips.

Last week’s True Blood was very slow in a dull way, but “Almost Home” rectified last week’s lack of intriguing story by simultaneously wrapping up a few loose story threads, tossing in several heavily-reflective character moments, and setting up the season’s–and the series’s–final two episodes.

The best moments of the episode include Hoyt whose return to Bon Temps is filled with plenty of emotion and sweetly subtle character development. Still clueless about his past, Hoyt serves mostly as the catalyst for Jessica and Jason to reevaluate where they are in
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True Blood Recap: Episode 708 ‘Almost Home’

When did we revert to the maudlin, brooding vampire? I thought we had moved past that. Even at it’s worst, True Blood never had mopey emo vampires like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Twilight. But Bill was insufferable this week. Somehow every conversation he had seemed disingenuous. I know Stephen Moyer isn’t the best actor, but even in the scenes with his own wife, all I could do was roll my eyes.

Basically, Bill is getting worse. Eric, who had found Sarah at the end of last week’s episode, took a long hit of her blood and was cured instantly. Eric visits Sookie at the Compton house to let her know that he is going to be okay, not knowing that Bill is on his death bed. Sookie begs him for the cure for Bill, and Eric is hesitant. He promises to return tomorrow night, but Sookie
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True Blood season 7 episode 8 review: Almost Home

This week's True Blood ties up a number of the season's plot threads, paving the way for the ultimate finale...

This review contains spoilers.

7.8 Almost Home

The end is well and truly nigh. For us anyway – as True Blood’s final season creeps ever-nearer to its conclusion, there was a distinct air of finality to the proceedings this week. Finality and more than a touch of forgiveness. It seems that with Sarah’s capture, and the confirmation of her status as vampire saviour, the spirit of cure and making things all better has somehow spread to the whole town – Eric’s as healthy as he’ll ever be, Hoyt’s a hero, Violet’s a big puddle, and things are looking up for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Bill’s Hep-v induced hallucinations have apparently gone to his head...

Yes, Vampire Bill is about to become Ex-Vampire Bill, deciding as he
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'True Blood' Recap: Hoyt And Jessca Reconnect, Bill Refuses The Cure

Eric is cured with Sarah Newlin’s blood, while Bill is still dying, and Hoyt kills Violet in True Blood’s “Almost Home.”

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) barely manages to restrain himself from going for the kill when Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) surrenders, begging him to kill her so that she can return as the messiah. With a clear head, Eric drinks from Sarah’s neck and is healed; his Hep-v veins disappear.

Lettie Mae Lets Tara Go

In Bon Temps, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) and the Reverend (Gregg Daniel) take a trip on V and finally find closure with Tara (Rutina Wesley). Tara took them to her childhood home to show them a memory of her birthday, the day her father left them. The party is going well, with little Lafayette, Tara and Sookie playing peacefully, when suddenly Tara’s drunk father comes barging in. Lettie Mae
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'True Blood' postmortem: Inside the twists of 'Almost Home'

'True Blood' postmortem: Inside the twists of 'Almost Home'
This post contains plot details of “Almost Home,” the True Blood episode that aired on Aug. 10. Read our full recap here.

The writer of Sunday’s installment of True Blood, supervising producer Kate Barnow, took EW inside Violet’s torture dungeon, Bill’s life-or-death decision, Jason and Jessica’s sweet car conversation, and every other big moment.

Entertainment Weekly: Eric is finally healed.

Kate Barnow: This is where we find out that Eric Northman is not leaving us, and we’ve been teasing this since basically episode 10 of last season, so it is a big moment. The sequence got pared down a bit.
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True Blood Recap: “Almost Home”

The episode title "Almost Home" speaks to the marathon that True Blood has felt like in this final season. Even though many of these later episodes have featured good character moments (even going so far as to right many past wrongs), the balance between chaotic and boring can seesaw a little too violently. Still, though the path True Blood is on with some characters may feel well-worn, there's something -- like the eggs Big John made for Jason -- that is deliciously familiar. Hit the jump for why "even as the cure, you're still the fucking problem." Certain choices that took place earlier in the season now (almost) make sense after "Almost Home" (which is one of the things that makes weekly recapping a little unfair -- the story has to unfold to connect sometimes. But some shows are better at this than others …). Chaotic and sudden deaths like Tara's
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Jim Parrack on His True Blood Return, Hoyt’s Dream Girl, and Drinking Blood Irl

  • Vulture
Jim Parrack on His True Blood Return, Hoyt’s Dream Girl, and Drinking Blood Irl
Warning: This interview contains minor spoilers for “Almost Home,” the latest episode of True Blood.Earlier this season, when Jason Stackhouse called up his old friend Hoyt Fortenberry to let him know his mother died, you just knew we’d soon be seeing Hoyt back in Bon Temps, not only to bury his mother and take care of her possessions, but also, quite possibly, to bump into his ex Jessica. Hoyt and Jessica had too much history — from their meet-cute at Merlotte’s all the way up to her glamouring him so that he’d forget her — for them not to interact onscreen again. But to save her and Jason both in one fell swoop? That’s a final-season True Blood reunion done right. Jim Parrack, who plays Hoyt, called up Vulture while en route to the airport for his “first vacation in my adult life” to chat about drinking blood,
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'True Blood' Recap: Which Infected Vampire is Cured?

  • BuddyTV
'True Blood' Recap: Which Infected Vampire is Cured?
In last week's episode, Eric and his companions found Sarah Newlin, Sookie chose to have sex with Bill after everyone she knew told her that he was going to die, Hoyt returned to town and Jason tried not to fall for his hot girlfriend, and Violet attacked Adilyn to get to Jessica.

In this week's episode, "Almost Home," Sookie risks her life in a pointless effort to save Bill -- pointless because Bill apparently does not want to be saved -- and Hoyt comes to Jason and Jessica's rescue. Read on to find out if the eighth episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.
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