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A good Christopher Lambert movie
osprezotos15 March 2001
Max et Jérémie is a very good movie, has a good script and is well produced. The cast is good too, Lambert (my favorite actor) and Philip Noiret are great actors. The movie is a little boring, but the action scenes are great. If you are a Lambert fan you will like this movie.
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the master and the pupil
dbdumonteil28 December 2003
In the French humorous show, "les guignols de l'info", Christophe Lambert often says in a weary tone: "Yeah, I know. All my movies are rotten." Well, he should think twice before telling silly things. Indeed, "Max et Jérémie" (1992) is his best movie since "Greystoke" (1984). And this terrific movie is perfectly mastered by Claire Devers. This woman's got plenty of nerve to film violence and blood.

As it was the case with another French movie "the little criminal" (1990, dialogs constitute the vividness of the movie. They contain a lot of humor that enables to keep the spectator in suspense. It also enables to reduce the seriousness of the dramatic side of the story. But especially, Claire Devers emphasized on the dialogs for a better focus on the relationships between the two men: on one hand, Jérémie (Christophe Lambert): a lost young man who wishes to gain Philippe Noiret's friendship and on the other hand, Max (Philippe Noiret), an elderly man who'll gradually become attached to Max. Little by little, a (a bit confused but strong) friendship will link the two men. Obviously, this friendship will have its ups and downs.

Apart from this, the action sequences aren't neglected for all that and they turn out to be thrilling. At the end, the whole gives a stable movie and remarkably well constructed. In spite of a few weaknesses (Claire Devers dressed a caricatured portrait of Jean-Pierre Marielle's assistant and the last twenty minutes tend to run out of steam), it's useless to be fussy for this brilliant success. This is arguably one of the best French detective movies of the nineties. At last, one thing I don't understand: how can such a good movie have a rather low mark on IMDB? It's not fair, it deserves much more recognition.
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Noiret shines again
alexander.stroeck21 March 2001
This is for you, If you like the elegant french-style assassin. The very fine Philippe Noiret shows us again a great performance spiced with his typical humour. The film shows interesting aspects of the relations between an old policeman (Marielle) and Noiret as the more or less souvereign retired killer. If you look only for the usual Lambert-Action movie then you are served better with his other movies. This one is - well- calm and slower paced. Lambert is good here as the foolish young man. The character development very believable although they keep a surprise until the end. I liked it (7/10).
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editor-4119 October 2001
Very decent film for all to watch, provided that you are not a minor. I've always enjoyed watching this picture with a close loved one. Bjorn gives a spectacular performance.
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