Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) Poster

Sarah Jessica Parker: Betsy, Donna



  • Jack Singer : Do you know what a straight flush is? It's like... unbeatable.

    Betsy : "Like unbeatable" is not unbeatable.

    Jack Singer : Hey, I know that now, okay.

  • Jack Singer : I dreamt about my mother again last night.

    Betsy : Was she vacuuming naked?

    Jack Singer : No. She opened her eyes and I said, 'Mom, I'm gonna marry that girl,' and she smiled.

    Betsy : Really?

    Jack Singer : Yeah. Of course she was naked.

  • Jack Singer : Betsy, hi, so what's the story?

    Betsy : I have to pack.

    Jack Singer : We can leave! What did you work out?

    Betsy : Um, he's taking me to Hawaii. It's only for a few days.

    Jack Singer : Come on. You're so like blithe about this all of a sudden, like you don't give a damn.

    Betsy : Of course I give a damn but this was not my idea okay, Jack. Poker was not my idea.

    Jack Singer : Would you please stop crucifying me with this?

    Betsy : Where's my bag?

    Jack Singer : He's going to jump all over you the second he gets there.

    Betsy : I won't let him. Oh please, Jack, give me a little credit.

    Jack Singer : He'll overcome you. What happens if you start screaming? It's like a jungle over there. He probably has servants and bodyguards and believe me they will drug you.

    Betsy : His son is going to be there, Jack. His grandaughter Tiffany will be there.

    Jack Singer : She knows the kid's name already. Listen, you'll be back Monday?

    Betsy : I don't know. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Jack Singer : Tuesday or Wednesday? That's almost a week!

    Betsy : What, you expect us to fly back and forth to Hawaii in 2 days?

    Jack Singer : Us? Already it's us.

    Betsy : Oh don't be infantile. I'm trying to make the best of this.

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