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Kevin Anderson: Robert Kennedy



  • Jimmy Hoffa : [Cut to conversation with Robert Kennedy]  ... and fuck you, too! Guy need his brother elected fuckin' President of the United States to get a job. You're a joke. You woulda been a bond salesman somewheres. You're the brother-in-law they make jokes about.

    Robert Kennedy : I don't know what you're trying to prove, but you're proving it... you're proving it, Hoffa.

    Jimmy Hoffa : I'm provin' what? You got nothin' on me. You got a TV show.

    Robert Kennedy : The Justice Department has plenty on you, Mr. Hoffa.

    Jimmy Hoffa : You don't impress me, and your office don't impress me, and your family don't impress me. Bunch of rumrunners. And I don't need 300 million dollars and my brother elected President to whop your fuckin' ass, you slimy little prick! I beat your ass, that trumped-up charge down south, I'm gonna beat you again! There is no organized crime, the Teamsters...

    Robert Kennedy : [Interupting Hoffa]  I am gonna see you in jail, Mr. Hoffa! In jail!

    Jimmy Hoffa : For what? What did I fuckin' do?

    Government Attorney : Your loans, Mr. Hoffa. Your loans, for one thing.

    Jo Hoffa : The pension fund... the pension fund has the best record in the country on loans.

    Robert Kennedy : Aw, bullshit!

    Jimmy Hoffa : Best record in the country!

    Robert Kennedy : Bullshit!

    Jimmy Hoffa : For the working man! You ever heard of work? You know what work is?

    Robert Kennedy : [Speaks to government attorney, then back to Hoffa]  Look, I want this man in jail, and I'm not going to stop until I see you behind bars!

    Jimmy Hoffa : Who in the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? Fuck you, and fuck your threats, and fuck your brother!

    Robert Kennedy : [Leaps out of his chair]  What did you say?

    Jimmy Hoffa : [as he leaves room and slams door]  You heard me!

    Robert Kennedy : [Walks towards door]  What the fuck did you say?

    Robert Kennedy : [Yelling towards closed door]  I don't succumb to pressure, and I don't succumb to threats!

  • Robert Kennedy : If James R. Hoffa is acquitted, I will, uh, jump from the top of the Capital Dome.

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