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Edward Furlong: Nick Kelson



  • Nick Kelson : My crib's upstairs.

    Molly : You sleep in a crib?

  • Jack Kelson : What ya got there Nick?

    Nick Kelson : Nothin'.

    [Finds a pair of women's pumps in Nick's suitcase] 

    Nick Kelson : Gimme those, they're mine.

    Jack Kelson : What the hell? You a fruiter?

    Nick Kelson : No, they're not mine, they're for somebody else.

    Jack Kelson : Where'd you get the money for these? You steal em?

    Nick Kelson : No, I didn't...

    Jack Kelson : Yeah, you did too, for her right? Huh?

    [Jack lifts the women's pumps and Marijuana drops out of them] 

    Jack Kelson : You can put me back in the joint for this.

    Nick Kelson : I'll get rid of them.

    Jack Kelson : No, *I'll* rid of them.

    [Jack throws the women's pumps] 

    Jack Kelson : [Jack goes over and drops his cigarette in the toilet and puts the Marijuana in his pocket]  What are ya messing' with that Weed for?

    [Nick doesn't look at Jack] 

    Jack Kelson : Look at me when I'm talkin' to you!

    Nick Kelson : Marijuana has medicinal purposes.

    Jack Kelson : Well, how do you know?

    [Jack smacks Nick across the head] 

    Nick Kelson : I read it in a book.

    Jack Kelson : That's the biggest bunch of bullshit I ever heard. What else are ya doin'? Let me see your arms.

    Nick Kelson : Get off my back I stole them cause I'm saving my money for Alaska.

    Jack Kelson : Oh, I see. That's real smart. You land in Juvie., I'll go north myself back to Plan A.

    [Nick pulls some money out of his boot] 

    Jack Kelson : Where'd you get this?

    Nick Kelson : I didn't steal it. I earned it. For our tickets.

  • Jack Kelson : Evicted... huh... well... that's it... flat broke... 3 days we'll be hugging the pavement... eh it's all fucked.

    Nick Kelson : We can't give up Jack, We'll get there.

    Jack Kelson : Yeah, after 8,000 more fuckin' windows.

    Nick Kelson : What are ya talkin' about?

    Jack Kelson : My job, boy. Washin' windows

    Nick Kelson : Washing windows? You said you had a job in construction, you're a building supervisor.

    Jack Kelson : So I lied! Ain't the first time.

    Nick Kelson : All you've been doing to me is lying to me since the day you left me there back at the bus station.

    Jack Kelson : Put your mouth in park, leave and get in your room.

    Nick Kelson : [Yelling]  I don't have a room!

    Jack Kelson : [Screaming]  Well, then get out!


    Jack Kelson : Your cramping my style.

    [Nick runs towards his suit case and frantically starts to put tings in it] 

    Jack Kelson : Where you goin'? I'm talkin' to you!

    Nick Kelson : You're a fuck up and you're gonna fuck me up too!

    [Jack punches at Nick but misses] 

    Nick Kelson : [Nick lunges at Jack] 

    [Nick tries to save the picture of his mother, but Jack throws the picture and it breaks] 

    Jack Kelson : Don't bother with that! It only looks like your mother. See what she was... a whore. A $5.00 street whore.

    [Nick takes Jack's ukelele and smashes it against the bed] 

    Jack Kelson : [Nick then leaves and Jack starts crying] 

  • Jack Kelson : [Jack is coughing because of the smoke from the hot dogs on the grill]  Oh!

    Charlotte : Am I the only one in here who can't breathe?

    Jack Kelson : Alright Nick, we're getting fixicated in here. Open that window.

    Nick Kelson : Oh.

    Jack Kelson : Here.

    [Jack hands one of them a hot dog on a bun] 

    Nick Kelson : Is there any Ketchup?

    Charlotte : Oh. Uh- ooh.

    [Charlotte gets out of the car to get the Ketchup] 

    Jack Kelson : [to Nick]  You were staring at her like a Goddamn yard bull. That's one fine lady, what do you got to say for yourself?

    Nick Kelson : She going to Alaska with you?

    Jack Kelson : Nobody's going with me. Start acting like a stand up kid. Don't aggravate me.

    Charlotte : [Charlotte gets back into the car]  Whoa.

    Jack Kelson : Here.

    [Jack hand the Ketchup to Nick] 

    Jack Kelson : .

    Nick Kelson : [Mumbles]  Thanks lady.

    [Jack smacks Nick in the back of the head] 

    Nick Kelson : Charlotte.

    Charlotte : That's me. Lady Charlotte.

    Jack Kelson : Well.

    [Jack takes a bite of the hot dog] 

    Jack Kelson : Best damn hot dog I ever had. Excuse me for eating with food in my mouth.

    Charlotte : Pulley Fuss. It's a funny name.

    Jack Kelson : It's French. Pouilly-Fuissé.

    Charlotte : How much this cost?

    Nick Kelson : $30.

    Nick Kelson : 30 bucks?

    Jack Kelson : [to Charlotte]  Here's to you.

    Charlotte : Here's to me.

    Jack Kelson : You like your dogs? Hey. I'm talkin' to you.

    Nick Kelson : Yeah. cool. I like it.

  • Jack Kelson : I- I can explain this, Normandy. What, do you think I am, a pervert?

    Normandy : Dating 16-year old's is one thing, but she's 12 and a day!

    Molly : I'm 15!

    Normandy : 15 will get him 20! Stay put.

    Jack Kelson : Normandy, I- I wasn't in the rack with her and I never even seen her before.

    Normandy : What'd you do? Black out, Jack?

    Jack Kelson : It-it, see, it's my kid.

    Normandy : I thought you had a son? Turn around, Jack.

    Jack Kelson : Normandy, please.

    Normandy : Get em' up.

    Jack Kelson : Shit. Man, don't bust me.

    Normandy : What do you expect, man? You missed your appointment yesterday.

    [Nick enters the room] 

    Normandy : You don't show up at work today, And I come to your place and you drunk. With a minor in the middle of the day.

    Nick Kelson : Dad? This is Molly.

    Jack Kelson : Nick, this is my parole officer.

    Normandy : Somebody tell me what the hell is going on here?

    Nick Kelson : She lives downstairs and needed a place to sleep last night.

    Molly : I'm ballin'. Creama, c'mon.

    Normandy : Hey!

    [to Jack] 

    Normandy : I thought your son was staying at your sisters.

    Jack Kelson : We're working on a relationship kinda thing, i figured, why prognosticate?

    Nick Kelson : Procrastinate.

    Normandy : So why'd you miss the appointment?

    [Jack sits there with his mouth hanging open] 

    Nick Kelson : He was helping me register for school.

    Jack Kelson : I- that's right, this kid's gotta get an education.

  • Normandy : What high school you put him in?

    Nick Kelson : Garfield.

    Jack Kelson : That's right.

    Nick Kelson : You're not gonna arrest him sir? Are ya? We're jst starting out, he's a real good guy.

    Normandy : I need to know you can handle this.

    Jack Kelson : I can handle this.

    Normandy : You sure you can handle this?

    Jack Kelson : Yes, sir.

    [Normandy takes the handcuffs off Jack and gives him a urine test cup] 

    Jack Kelson : [to Nick]  Outta the way.

    [Normandy puts on a latex glove and Jack gives Normandy the cup] 

    Normandy : Jack, you'd better mind how you go.

    Jack Kelson : Yes, sir.

    Normandy : See you in my office in a week.

    Normandy : [to Nick]  And you take care, lil' brother.

    [Normandy leaves] 

    Nick Kelson : We got outta that jam, huh?

    Jack Kelson : I wouldn't have been it in the first place if it wasn't for you.

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