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Season 1

27 Sep. 1992
The series centered around the six survivors of a world nuclear holocaust. The six of them live together in an abandoned farm house while trying to survive and re-establish civilization.
4 Oct. 1992
It's a Dirty Job
The survivors decide that they should reproduce in order to increase the population, but Mark is suffering from impotence. Mark believes the survivors need to know each other better before they can introduce children to their community.
11 Oct. 1992
The Root of All Evil
The group creates their own makeshift currency.
18 Oct. 1992
Days of Berries and Roses
The survivors find hallucinogenic berries.
25 Oct. 1992
The Rise and Fall of Alice McConnell
A crystal causes Alice's bust-line to grow much larger.
1 Nov. 1992
The Election
Curtis and Mark square off in a campaign for the Leader of the Farm.
8 Nov. 1992
Curtis Unglued
Curtis becomes devastated after the loss of his necktie. When it is found again and he puts it on, he somehow believes he is in the year 1986, before the nuclear holocaust happened.
15 Nov. 1992
Dumb Love
The group finds out Suzanne is in love, and the men clamor among themselves to see who is the one she has fallen for.
22 Nov. 1992
The Thanksgiving Show
It's Thanksgiving. A turkey eats radioactive grain. Of course, it quickly grows to enormous size.
6 Dec. 1992
Say It Ain't So, Santa
Christmas is approaching. While cleaning out the chimney, the group find Santa Claus.
The Nuclear Family
The group finds a teenage delinquent has been living near the farm, and his attitude has been only worsened by the nuclear holocaust.

 Season 1 

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