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Season 3

5 Jan. 1995
Jurassic Shark
Jab and Streex are sent back in time in two different eras by Dr. Paradigm's time machine called the Time Slammer. Back in the present, Slammu, Ripster, and Bends have to deal with Dr. Piranoid's Seaviates who are now joined by Shrimp Louie. With the help of some Atlanteans, Jab is able to travel in time to save his brother Streex.
12 Jan. 1995
Sir Shark-a-Lot
Dr. Paradigm creates Tentakill as part of his time-traveling plot to have Killamari go back to the medieval times and kill the Street Shark's ancestor Sir Thomas Bolton. Ripster and Big Slammu hijack Dr. Paradigm's Time Slammer to prevent Sir Thomas Bolton from being killed.
19 Jan. 1995
Shark to the Future
The Street Sharks are sent to a future where Dr. Piranoid controls everything. They meet up with Bends' great-great-grandson General Bendsini and join the rebel forces.
26 Jan. 1995
First Shark
The Street Sharks go to Washington D.C. to save President David Horne from being "gene washed" by Dr. Piranoid as part of his plot to control President Horne after he had successfully gene-washed Vice President Russell.
5 Feb. 1995
Rebel Sharks
The Street Sharks and Bends travel to the country of Chernosium to help a child named Ilya (who had sent them a fan letter), rescue his father President Andre Knezevic, and overthrow a dictator named Ekerson Nozum.
12 Feb. 1995
Space Sharks
After extracting alien DNA from a sample found on an asteroid, Dr. Piranoid tries to gene-slam the entire planet with this alien DNA mixed with manta ray DNA. The Street Sharks are sent up to space, per the president's request and help, to not only stop Dr. Piranoid's gene slamming plan, but also defeat the alien monster that was released from the sample. They end up getting help from Dr. Terrence Morton, who ends up becoming Mantaman in order to help fight the alien.
19 Feb. 1995
A Shark Among Us
Lena's brother Malik is among those who have been taking strength-enhancing pills. Ripster goes undercover to trace the source of the pills and discovers that a drug dealer named Jackal has been distributing the pills in order to get some recruits to help rob a bank.
26 Feb. 1995
To Shark or Not to Shark
The Street Sharks have suddenly become human again due to a formula made by Dr. Piranoid as part of a plot to keep the Street Sharks human permanently.
5 Mar. 1995
Eco Shark
While investigating the killer whale attacks, the Street Sharks and Moby Lick trace the attacks to Malcolm Medusa III's marine animal sanctuary called Medusa Cove which is being covered up by holograms to hide the pollution and trapped whales. They discover that businessman Malcolm Medusa III and Clammando have been using holograms to keep the town from knowing what is really happening.
12 Mar. 1995
Close Encounters of the Shark Kind
Mantaman returns to Earth to help the Street Sharks fight the energy-draining alien before it starts draining Earth's electricity.
19 Mar. 1995
Satellite Sharks
The Stromboli Circus is in town where El Swordo and his swordfish Spike are the main attraction. Spike is soon targeted by Dr. Piranoid so that he can mutate and control it with the Chromifier Ray so that he can gain control of a satellite and control every head of state in the universe.
8 Apr. 1995
Cave Sharks
Fission City has suffered a blackout as Dr. Paradigm unveils the Wolverinepedes (a wolverine/centipede hybrid) which will be a solution to Fission City's toxic waste problems. The Street Sharks are contacted by Paxel of the G.E.C.O.s (short for Genetic Engineered Cave Organism) on behalf of Robert Bolton where they learn that toxic waste is leaking into their underground home beneath the garbage dump. The Street Sharks discover that the Wolverinepedes are a cover for Dr. Piranoid's illegal toxic waste-dumping property where the Wolverinepedes have been getting bigger ...
15 Apr. 1995
Shark Wars
Dr. Paradigm is visited by his future counterpart in his Time-Slammer where they work on a plan to develop a mechanism to alter the world's genetic code by New Year's Eve. The Street Sharks are tipped off about the disturbance in the time-space continuum by Dr. Bolton and work with Mantaman and El Swordo to thwart the two Dr. Paradigms and the future Dr. Paradigm's Mechosharks.
The Sharkfather
An aged crime boss named Maximilian Greco discovers Ripster and Streex fighting Killamari and Repteel at a nearby zoo as part of Dr. Paradigm's plot to obtain animal specimens for his Genetic Engineering Chamber. Upon tracing Killamari and Repteel back to Dr. Paradigm, Maximilian Greco blackmails him into enhancing him with the strength of a rhinoceros and the longevity of a desert tortoise. Maximilian also has Dr. Paradigm have his chihuahuas Zeus and Apollo enhanced to fight the Street Sharks.
Shark Hunt
Malcolm Medusa III and Clammando are back and have been hunting Florida panthers in the Everglades as part of a plot to develop a chemical waste incinerator there. After Moby Lick has been caught by Malcolm when trying to rescue them, the President enlists the Street Sharks to investigate where the trace the Florida panthers and Moby Lick to a nearby island where Malcolm has used a petrifying laser to petrify Moby Lick, the Florida panthers, and other wildlife in the Everglades. Now Malcolm plans to have the Street Sharks provide a hunting challenge for him.
Card Sharks
Maximilian Greco is back and has established a casino called the Golden Greco while making its surrounding areas as part of Fission City's casino district. Dr. Paradigm sends Repteel and Shrimp Louie to raid the Golden Greco and steal all the money there. Yet Repteel and Shrimp Louie continue to rob other casinos causing Dr. Paradigm to send Killamari after them up to the point where the Seaviants are enlisted by Maximilian Greco to take over the casino district.
Dr. Piranoid has Killamari and Tentakill capture Mantaman's younger brother Ryan so that he can get Mantaman to hijack two jets with one of them carrying the Latonian president and the other one carrying the Coachnian president where both of them are to be meeting with President Horne the next day. While Mantaman does the hijacking, Bends and the Street Sharks work on playing along while finding out where Dr. Piranoid is keeping Ryan. During that time, Dr. Piranoid has created the Genesis Satellite to end the world's woes by detonating it so that the world can be ...
Turbo Sharks
At the time when Jab is going to compete in the Cross-Country Grand Prix, Dr. Paradigm creates the Gene-Slam Bomb and places it in the Turbo Jab vehicle so that it would detonate at the Cross-Country Grand Prix if Jab does not have his car running at 65 MPH. The plot thickens when the International Trade Conference that is signing the Big Trade Agreement is threatened by Dr. Paradigm's Gene-Washing Bomb within an ice sculpture of two dolphins.
20,000 Sharks Under the Sea
At the time when El Swordo is entertaining the USS Liberty, a four-headed sea monster (where some navy officers have compared it to Scylla) has been attacking ships and submarines at sea. To prevent an international incident, President Horne enlists the Street Sharks to look into this. The Street Sharks work with El Swordo in order to keep the four-headed sea monster from attacking ships.
Ancient Sharkonauts
A space capsule that landed on Earth 65,000,000 years ago has been unearthed by archaeologists. While Dr. Paradigm has taken interest in the space capsule, an incident involving the capsule's prisoner Bad Rap causes Mantaman to fall under his control (the alien whose DNA was used to create Mantaman was one of Bad Rap's many creations) as they plot to control the largest radio telescope in order to contact Bad Rap's fellow Raptors. Now the Street Sharks must work to free Mantaman before Bad Rap's transmission to his fellow Raptors gets through.
Sharkotic Reaction
President Horne contacts the Street Sharks informing them that a UFO has been sighted in the Solar System. Upon investigating, the Street Sharks meet the Dino Vengers T-Bone, Stegz, Bullzeye, and Spike. The Street Sharks learn from them that they are after Bad Rap and the Raptors. The Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers join forces when the Raptors steal different weapons from different countries in order to make the other countries think they are being attacked by the other.
Sand Sharks
While fighting the Raptors, the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers hear from President Horne that the military is testing their stealth Super Shadow chopper. As the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers work to protect the Super Shadow from the Raptors, Dr. Paradigm takes interest in the Raptors as he leads Shrimp Louie and Tentakill into finding them where he will steal the Super Shadow for them in exchange for Velociraptor DNA. After Dr. Paradigm obtains the Super Shadow, the Raptors trick Dr. Paradigm by giving him iguana DNA. The Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers ...
Shark Quake
During winter, the Raptors make plans to warm up Earth in order to make it more hospitable for the Raptors. They do this by making Mt. Cauldron (a dormant volcano near Fission City) erupt by firing a missile into it so that the heat from it can be trapped in Earth's atmosphere. After the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers thwart that plan, the Raptors do what they did on Calderas 3 by using their computer to activate every dormant volcanoes on Earth. Now the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers must prevent the Raptors from activating the dormant volcanoes on Earth.
Super Shark
At the time when Big Slammu prepares for Fission City's comic book convention at a local convention center to meet his favorite comic book writer Jake Langstrom, Bullzeye learns about comic books and follows Big Slammu to the convention center. At the same time, the Raptors head to the Munitions and Armaments section of the Convention Center in order to steal the latest weaponry there.
Jungle Sharks
When the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers stop the Raptors from stealing a submarine, Stegz, Spike, and Bullzeye come down with a virus with the same symptoms as the virus the Dino Vengers once contracted on the planet Zirus 10. The Street Sharks and T-Bone race against time and the Raptors to the Amazon Rainforest to get to a special pharmaceutical fungus that would help cure the sick Dino Vengers before its final symptom takes its toll on them in the next 24 hours.
Trojan Sharks
In order to track the Dino Vengers to their lair, the Raptors cause havoc at an amusement park and ambush the Dino Vengers where they managed to secretly place a tracking device on Stegz so that they can find the Dino Lair. When the Dino Vengers end up defeated and captured as part of Bad Rap's plot to launch them to the stars in a stolen missile, the Street Sharks must rescue the Dino Vengers before the Raptors can launch the missile they are on.
Shark-apolypse Now!
At the time when the World Leaders have come to an agreement not to use biological weapons, the Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers are enlisted to guard a top secret facility that the biological weapons are going to be safely destroyed. In order for the Raptors to prevent the biological weapons from being destroyed, Dr. Paradigm (who is now Dr. Iguanoid) puts the finishing touches on his mind-control chip which they plan to use on Bad Rap's alien creation after freeing it. This leads up to Dr. Iguanoid releasing the other alien in the facility as part of his plot to ...

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