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Season 4

11 Sep. 1995
Sawed-Off Shotgun Wedding
A foreign ambassador is running a lucrative drug smuggling operation, hiding behind the cover of diplomatic immunity. His legal representation is a very attractive woman, who Reno falls in love with. The two plan to get married, as well as bring down the drug dealer. In the mean time, Dutch Dixon gets promoted to a US Marshal, giving him more power and resources than ever before. This seriously complicates their wedding plans.
18 Sep. 1995
Honeymoon in Mexico
Bobby and Reno take a much needed vacation to Mexico. The two agree not to discuss any business on the trip, but that pact is short-lived. They soon find themselves mixed up in the aftermath of a multi-million dollar casino heist caper, involving kidnapping, counterfeiting, and police corruption.
25 Sep. 1995
The Ballad of D.B. Cooper
After winning a poker game, Bobby gets a hot tip on a legendary fugitive. He tracks the man to a small remote village, and finds the whole town has been going to great lengths to keep the man's identity a secret. While Bobby and Reno have been on their own quest to uncover the identity of the fugitive, they must contend with a rival bounty hunter who is after the same thing.
2 Oct. 1995
Most Wanted
Cheyenne places a "most eligible bachelor" personals ad for Bobby in a magazine, and they get flooded with responses. However, Bobby finds romance in the strangest of all places, as he falls in love with the victim of a recent automobile accident he was involved in. While all of this is happening, Reno is on the trail of a fugitive, but a strange series of coincidences leads him to believe there may be an ulterior motive to her seduction of Bobby.
9 Oct. 1995
Liar's Poker
A woman escapes from a correctional facility and goes on the run. Reno and Bobby take on the case, and enlist the help of a local Sheriff. After doing some investigating of their own, they discover the Sheriff hasn't been playing it straight with them, as he has a history of extra-marital affairs with the woman. The more deeply Bobby and Reno get involved in the case, the thicker the lying, deception, scandal, and betrayal gets. They must decide if the case is even worth pursuing or not.
23 Oct. 1995
Dead Heat
Reno poses as a ranch hand once again, and uncovers a plot where con artists are selling illegitimate horses as supposed top thoroughbreds. What makes things worse is that once the sale is made and the money is collected, the animals are killed. This is done to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing before the buyers suspect anything. Reno has to determine who is in on the scam and who is just an innocent bystander before exposing the operation.
30 Oct. 1995
An Uncle in the Business
Reno goes to see Lisa, the daughter of the hit man who was sent to kill him but ended up asking Reno to look after her. While there, someone breaks into the house. Reno thinks it might have something to do with her father's profession which she knows nothing about.
6 Nov. 1995
Offshore Thunder
A well publicized death at a regatta gets Reno's attention when he sees his dead fiancée's sister on television. The death is ruled accidental but Reno investigates first hand, both to protect his friend, and because he suspects foul play. He finds that the death was no accident, and that the boat races are really a front to smuggle illegal weapons out of the country to supply a revolution.
13 Nov. 1995
A woman from Bobby's past gets victimized by an upscale male escort service that sets up robberies on its wealthy clients. They are blackmailing her with revealing photographs of her recent rendez-vous, preventing her from going to the cops. Bobby and Reno decide to help out, against her wishes. Reno poses as an escort himself to get to the heart of the operation.
20 Nov. 1995
Another Place and Time
A mafia prince is murdered in broad daylight. The assassin is so well connected that he is virtually untouchable. Reno and Cheyenne pose as a couple on honeymoon, since they feel that Cheyenne is the only way to lower his guard and get close to him. They must catch him before he leaves the country. While trying to catch the killer, Reno and Cheyenne get dangerously close, and begin falling in love.
27 Nov. 1995
Sins of the Father
Dutch Dixon's son Donnie gets out of prison. He decides that he will sell his father up the river for the right price. Although he contacts Sixkiller first, he cuts a more profitable deal with a former police officer that Dutch screwed over to get ahead. Even after all of this, Reno still insists on being involved, feeling that he can't pass up the opportunity to bring down Dixon. In a strange twist of fate he finds himself saving Dutch Dixon rather than persecuting him.
1 Jan. 1996
No Place Like Home
Bobby and Cheyenne get commissioned to escort a convicted sex offender to a new location. Although they are not crazy about the job, they feel it is an easy payday at first. This theory is short lived, as they run into trouble everywhere they go, especially when a new series of rapes starts. This case is of particular interest to Reno, as he sympathizes with the man's outcast treatment. He even goes so far as to start believing the man is innocent. Reno does his own investigation to find the truth, as well as get the current rapist off the streets.
8 Jan. 1996
Baby Makes Three
An abandoned baby is left on the doorstep of Sixkiller Enterprises. The mother of the baby turns out to be the wife of an escaped fugitive who is trying to kill her, since it was her testimony that put him behind bars in the first place. Bobby and Reno must take care of the baby while protecting the mother, as well as get the fugitive back behind bars.
15 Jan. 1996
Hound Downtown
Bobby and Reno track Hound Adams to New York City, where he is running a shady finance company. The operation is really a front for laundering his stolen and embezzled money. Reno goes great lengths to unravel the Hound's elaborate financial scheme, while still trying to get the evidence tapes he needs to clear his name.
22 Jan. 1996
Stationary Target
Reno has a horrible motorcycle accident while chasing a bounty. He ends up in the hospital for an extended stay, and severe head trauma is causing him to have amnesia. To make matters worse, Dutch Dixon gets word of his plight, and has plans to execute him in the hospital. Fortunately for Reno, a female nurse develops a crush on him, and helps him stay alive. Reno must regain his memory and stop Dixon before it's too late.
29 Jan. 1996
Rio Reno
Reno has a dream and travels back in time to the wild west. He finds that once again he is wanted by the law, with "Swede Mason"(Dutch Dixon) on his trail. Most of the town is unwilling to help him in his plight with Mason out of fear for their own safety, but he enlists help from his new friends "Bobby Fourkiller"(Sixkiller), "Apache Jane"(Cheyenne), and "Duke Nathan"(Nathan Wayne).
5 Feb. 1996
Paradise Lost
While evading the law, Reno gets help from some mysterious strangers who live in an isolated commune. He soon identifies them as an anarchist group. When a series of terrorist bombings occurs in town, he quickly draws a link between the two. He befriends a woman and her son who live in the commune, but feels they are innocent and unaware of the terrorist activity of the others. Reno declares himself to be an anarchist to infiltrate their terrorist group and expose their operation, as well as stop another bombing from occurring.
12 Feb. 1996
Love Hurts
Bobby deals with one dangerous situation after another when his mother and cousin show up unexpectedly.
19 Feb. 1996
Hard Evidence
Peter Flood shows pictures of what he thinks are UFO's to Bobby Sixkiller and Reno Raines. He wants them to check it out . They think government cover up. They check it out.
15 Apr. 1996
The Dollhouse
The ever helpful office girl Twink Boring is back; and this time it is to help Bobby and bounty hunting legend Nathan Wayne track down a missing Reno. A reporter from the U.S. Examiner, Jill Tanner, approaches Bobby and wants to do an in depth expose on Reno and his story. But Bobby, cautious and guarded as ever,, urges Reno not to meet with her. Reno, however, wants to hear this reporter out and see just why it is she believes so strongly in his innocence. But this turns out to be a trick, and Reno is kidnapped and taken to the woman's home in New Mexico where he ...
22 Apr. 1996
Hog Calls
Reno searches Arizona for the lawyer who has the tapes proving his innocence and manages to land a job as her bodyguard.
29 Apr. 1996
The Road Not Taken
While tracking down his latest bounty, Henry Travis (Johnny Cash), both Reno and his bounty are arrested and held in a local jail. In an interesting twist reminiscent of "It's A Wonderful Life," Travis shows Reno how things would have been in the lives of those Reno is closest to had he taken the bullet four years earlier instead of Val. Dixon is well on his way to becoming Governor of California; Bobby is a hired thug working for Dixon; Cheyenne, not approving of Bobby's actions and association with Dixon and others like him is missing and rumored to have been hurt ...

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