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Season 3

12 Sep. 1994
Dutch on the Run
Reno goes after Dixon, who is wanted for the murder of his partner, Woody Bickford. But his plans go awry when he is lured into a trap.
19 Sep. 1994
The Trial of Reno Raines
While Bobby and Cheyenne search for Hound Adams to clear Reno's name, Reno stands trial for the murder of police officer Buzzy Burrell. NANCY EVERHARD ("Reasonable Doubts") stars as Reno's attorney.
26 Sep. 1994
Reno awaits his pending appeal for the murder of Burrell in a dangerous prison where Dixon has blackmailed Reno's cellmate to kill him.
3 Oct. 1994
The King and I
Outnumbered in a barroom brawl, Reno gets help from a mysterious stranger with an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley. His curiosity gets the better of him, and he investigates the matter further. With the help of Bobby and Cheyenne, Reno discovers that behind this illusion is a high stakes life insurance scandal. Further complicating matters is a nagging reporter who works for a trashy national tabloid magazine, and she is bent on punching her ticket to fame by exposing both Elvis and Reno.
10 Oct. 1994
Black Wind
Reno's former sensai calls on him to help track down and neutralize one of his karate students that has gone rogue. Now going under the alias "The Black Wind" the student has gone into business for himself as a contract hitman for a local Yakuza businessman. Reno must train and focus his martial arts talents in order to defeat The Black Wind in traditional hand to hand combat, as well as bringing him to justice for a recent murder.
17 Oct. 1994
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Reno travels to New Orleans, Louisiana on the trail of Jean Luc Leveaux, a notorious wanted fugitive. He discovers capturing this particular suspect is not as easy as he initially thought, as Leveaux turns out to be very influential and well-connected figure in the voodoo community, who has ties even with the local law enforcement. Reno forms an alliance with Leveaux's terrified girlfriend in order to get close to him.
24 Oct. 1994
Rustlers' Rodeo
A friend of Bobby Sixkiller suffers a severe beating when he discovers one of his prize bulls has been stolen, and tries to resolve the matter himself. Bobby and Reno are brought in to assist with the case, and uncover an entire large-scale livestock theft enterprise that uses a legitimate rodeo event as a cover. They go undercover into the event to setup a risky sting operation.
31 Oct. 1994
Muscle Beach
Two young kids end up dead after getting in way over their head in a drug dealing operation. Behind the murders is a drug kingpin that deals in a variety of poisons, including cocaine and anabolic steroids. Reno and Cheyenne go undercover into the local bodybuilding scene to expose the steroid distribution ring and bring down the dealers.
7 Nov. 1994
The Late Shift
A string of local rave parties becomes a problem when a young girl overdoses on ecstasy and ends up comatose. The organizer behind the parties is a mysterious man known as Ranger. Reno begins investigating the operation and soon discovers that Ranger is not who he thought he was. All the while, a local late night radio show host begins covering the Reno Raines story, gaining extra publicity for Reno and making it impossible to go anywhere without being recognized. This is exactly what he doesn't want. Reno must bring down Ranger's operation and shake Dutch Dixon off ...
14 Nov. 1994
Thrill Kill
Reno and Bobby get snaked on a bounty capture at the last minute by a rival bounty hunting group. In a bizarre turn of events, the bounty is found dead without ever being turned in. Reno investigates but moves too fast, and ends up getting captured by the same bounty hunters. It becomes clear that this outfit organizes hunting competitions on remote pieces of land, using fugitives as human targets. Reno finds himself fighting for his life against the hunters. This episode is similar to the movie "Surviving the Game" starring Ice-T.
21 Nov. 1994
Teen Angel
Reno must help a group of call girls flee their suave ring leader whom he suspects of murder.
2 Jan. 1995
Den of Thieves
An internal affairs officer that Reno was partners with when he was a cop feels her life is being threatened. The culprit is a former dirty police officer that she brought to justice, turned motorcycle gangster kingpin. After he makes several attempts on her life, she contacts Reno to assist. Reno assumes the identity of the gangster after he dies in a tragic accident, in order to more deeply investigate and expose the ongoing organized crime operation.
9 Jan. 1995
Rancho Escondido
Hot on the trail of a corrupt banker that embezzled millions of dollars, Reno and Bobby trace the bounty to a remote resort. However, this is no ordinary tourist paradise, as it serves as a front for a clinic that offers new identities to wealthy fugitives via expensive and risky plastic surgery operations. While still trying to collect the bounty, Reno actually contemplates getting the procedure done himself to shake his legal troubles.
16 Jan. 1995
Cop for a Day
A criminally insane man escapes and gets the better of a local police officer. Rather than elude law enforcement, he decides to have some fun first and go on a spree, impersonating an officer. It's up to Reno and Bobby to bring the bounty back into custody before he pulls off a planned heist, or before his anti-psychotic medication runs out and he does any serious damage. They also must contend with the police officer that let the criminal get the jump on him in the first place, who wants them off the case.
23 Jan. 1995
Stalker's Moon
A string of recent murders leaves a college campus paralyzed in fear. Bobby decides to handle this case solo, but is too ambitious and ends up getting captured by the stalker himself. He and a female victim get locked in a torture chamber for several days, and are beaten, starved, and subjected to mind games. Reno and Cheyenne must rescue them from the stalker, while also contending with bureaucratic local law enforcement that don't want any interference in the case.
30 Jan. 1995
Repo Raines
A man goes belly-up financially and is subsequently left by his wife and kids. This causes him to lose his mind, and embark on a killing spree, murdering collectors and repossession agents. Once he gains access to some high-tech weaponry, it can only mean bad news for everybody. Reno goes undercover as a repo agent to investigate the murders and catch the killer.
6 Feb. 1995
Ace in the Hole
When a real estate agent is killed, Reno must protect the man's wife and son from a gunman who had illegal business dealings with the agent.
13 Feb. 1995
Living Legend
Reno is in trouble when Bobby's teacher and mentor, a legendary bounty hunter, targets Reno as his next prey
20 Feb. 1995
Family Ties
Reno's patience is tested when he must protect a wealthy socialite who witnessed a murder but doesn't believe that she is the killer's next intended victim.
24 Apr. 1995
Broken on the Wheel of Love
After catching a bounty, Reno gets involved with a country music singer and falls in love with her. He goes on tour with her acting as her personal bodyguard. The tour gets messy when she gets pressured by her agent to sign a new contract, and it appears her life is in danger when she is unwilling to cooperate. A bizarre turn of events leads Reno to the truth behind the conflict.
1 May 1995
Split Decision
Bobby and Cheyenne move in too soon on a bust. The situation is too hot, and Cheyenne gets injured badly by a grenade. She survives the explosion, but spends several months recovering in intensive care. Reno and Bobby blame each other for the attack, and have a falling out. Reno tried to retire to the mountains and live the quiet life, but it is proven once again that he cannot shake Dutch Dixon off his tail no matter where he goes. Reno and Bobby must put their differences aside in order to catch the men who hurt Cheyenne.
8 May 1995
A high priced professional hitman sets his sights on Reno, although he is not interested in killing him, rather, he has different plans for him. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, he wants Reno to continue on with his business operations, as well as care for his disabled daughter after he passes on. In order to seal the deal, Reno must terminate Dutch Dixon. In exchange for his services, Reno is promised a new life and a clean record.

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