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Is You, Me and the Apocalypse Just the Jolt NBC Needs?

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Is You, Me and the Apocalypse Just the Jolt NBC Needs?
How dry is the NBC comedy well? Dry enough that it's taking straight-up imports. It's not unheard of for ABC to air Canadian cop shows in the summertime, say, but not so long ago, the eight o'clock Thursday slot on NBC was as primo as primo got, which is where the network has placed Sky 1's You, Me and the Apocalypse. Here is a brief history of what has aired in that time slot over the last 30-odd years:The 1984–85 TV season until the 1991–92 TV season: The Cosby Show 1992–93 TV season: A Different World, Out All Night (that was a one-season Patti Labelle show), Mad About You 1993–94 and 1994–95: Mad About You 1995–96 through 2003–04: Friends 2004–05: Joey 2005–06: Joey, Will and Grace 2006–07 through 2008–09: My Name Is Earl 2009–10 and 10–11: Community 2011–12: Community, 30 Rock 2012–13: 30 Rock, Community 2013–14: Parks and Recreation, Community 2014–16:
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