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6 Jan. 1997
The Accidental Doctor
Kyle unsuccessfully tries to get Peter and Amanda back together during his birthday party at his restaurant. Peter continues to sulk about his sagging medical career which drives a further riff between him and Amdanda. But later, Peter gets an emotional boost when he saves the life of an elderly woman from choking at a traffic accident. Meanwhile, Sydney visits Carter Galivan at his house again during a formal fund raiser where he gives her a new sports car that was given to him as a gift. Tensions arise between Jane and Sherri, in which Jane learns from Sherri's ...
13 Jan. 1997
Escape from L.A.
A rejuvenated Peter tries to reconcile with Amanda, who proves more difficult than he thought, while Dan tries to do the same for Matt. But Dan's further possessiveness results him injuring Matt again. After Jane's boutique shop is burglarized, she turns into a recluse which makes Sherri wonder if she has failed as a mother. Then a surprise visit from Jane's parents makes her realize that she wants to get a new start on life and she decides to move back to Chicago with them, and Sherri decides to start a relationship with Ed. Amanda learns from a drunken Craig his ...
20 Jan. 1997
The Eyes of the Storm
Michael runs to Kimberly's side after learning of her health condition, but she runs away. Meanwhile, Amanda plays her hand with Craig and his father and during a hostile confrontation, Field suffers a fatal heart attack. Sydney moves in with Samantha and takes over Jane's boutique shop after she moves away and learns that it's in financial straits. Sydney then goes to Kyle for a loan, but help comes from another mysterious source: Carter. Peter takes action after he learns about Dan's abusive nature which leads to a confrontation with Matt about his problems. Also, ...
27 Jan. 1997
Better Homes and Condos
When Samantha is threatened with eviction from Melrose, Billy suggests legal help, but regrets it when the lawyer, Kenny, turns out to be an old boyfriend of hers. Meanwhile, Taylor takes a dim view toward Kyle's short-tempered, former army service buddy, Nick, who shows up out the blue and asks to stay at their place. Amanda visits Peter's new home and makes a move to reconcile. Carter takes Sydney on a private getaway to a ranch near San Francisco to show her where he grew up, and she tries to break down his creative block. But later, Sydney learns the true reason ...
3 Feb. 1997
Great Sexpectations
In this two-hour episode, Kyle and Nick have a boys night out that ends in jail for both of them when they get into a barroom brawl at Shooters. Meanwhile, Taylor supplies Peter with valuable news about the hospital's new chief of staff's intimate involvement with his employer, Dr. Ilene Shulman, which enables Peter to seize the title for himself. Amanda uses Craig's lust after her to her own advantage to have him sign some papers so she can finally take control of his half of D&D. Alison and Jake set a date for their marriage, but at the last moment, she leaves him ...
10 Feb. 1997
Catch Her in the Lie
After taking a punch from Billy, a frustrated Jake hits the road and ends up in a small town visiting his former girlfriend Colleen and her eight-year-old son. Back in Los Angeles, Alison has Billy as company when she hears her unborn baby's heartbeat. Meanwhile, Carter, wanting to get away from his solitude life, moves in with Sydney and begins looking for a new job and finds one... in Kyle's restaurant. Michael's personal care for Kimberly works wonders for her when they learn that her brain tumor is shrinking, but it has Megan wondering if she and Michael are ...
17 Feb. 1997
Men Are from Melrose
Jake returns to Los Angeles where he seeks another chance to get Alison back. Meanwhile, Nick threatens both Taylor and Peter after snapping a few compromising photos of them together. Michael is forced by Kimberly to choose either her or Megan. Carter continues to enjoy his view of the real world. But when Carter learns that he's a part of a competition for Sydney, he realizes that the world is not for him and decides to go back to his reclusive business world. At the end, Megan gets an unpleasant surprise when she is visited by Josh Laughlin, her former pimp.
24 Feb. 1997
Frames 'R' Us
A nearly broke Craig moves into #8 apartment at Melrose to continue his pursuit and revenge against Amanda. Meanwhile, Josh introduces himself to Michael and threatens to expose Megan's past life at a hospital benefit, which all turns out to be Kimberly's plan to break up Michael and Megan. Peter and Taylor plot a dangerous scheme to steal Nick's incriminating photos of them together when Taylor drugs him long enough for Peter to sneak into his apartment to take the pictures. Undaunted, Nick and Craig switch to "Plan B" where Craig informs Amanda of Peter's liaison ...
3 Mar. 1997
Screams from a Marriage
Josh continues Kimberly's plan to break up Megan and Michael when he plays all three of them against each other and sets Megan up to be arrested for solicitation to make it complete. Meanwhile, Matt's angry and rebellious 16-year-old niece, Chelsea, arrives in town for the funeral of her father (Matt's older brother), and causes concern for Matt and his mother. After a torrid night with Craig, Amanda realizes her mistake and rejects him, but he becomes oblivious to it and still wants in on a relationship. Taylor's world comes crashing down around her after Nick gives ...
10 Mar. 1997
101 Damnations
Megan's life suffers more when she is evicted from her own house after word spreads of her arrest (and past life), not wanting to ruin his reputation at the hospital anymore. Meanwhile, Chelsea stays with Matt at his place where she proves too much for him to handle. An eccentric customer sues both Sydney and Samantha after injuring herself at the boutique shop when a display falls on her, courtesy of Sydney's carelessness. Word gets out about Taylor's affair and past history with Peter after Alison overhears an argument between her and Kyle. Kyle's brief affair with ...
17 Mar. 1997
From Here to Maternity
Against her doctor's orders to ease her work load, Alison goes to D&D to meet with a client. Meanwhile, Michael hires Megan as the new receptionist at Burns-Mancini practice despite Peter's wariness. Kimberly is hospitalized and is told of a new problem in her medical condition that could help her or kill her. With Samantha's help, Matt tries to find his runaway niece while he argues with his mother over who will take custody of Chelsea. Amanda invites Craig for a weekend drive up the coast where she tells him of a new turn in her life of vowing to be celibate for an ...
31 Mar. 1997
Last Exit to Ohio
Kimberly's mother arrives in town to persuade her to return home with her to Cleveland after learning of her health condition from Michael and Megan. Meanwhile, Sydney plays detective to prove that the woman suing her is a fraud, but once again gets bad luck when the conniving Hilda plays everyone against Sydney. Billy learns details about Samantha's father, Jim, about his criminal days and how Samantha turned him in after he moves in with them. Jake maintains a bedside vigil for Alison when she is hospitalized after developing serious problems with her pregnancy and ...
7 Apr. 1997
The Dead Wives Club
Jake takes Alison on a private getaway to get married, which turns less than pleasant when their car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a small town. Jim tries to get a job at Shooters while he continues to try to win Samantha's respect, but threatens Billy whom he doesn't approve of. After Kimberly's death, Megan has a strange dream where Kimberly gives her words of wisdom regarding Michael, who is determined to dethrone Peter as Whilshire Hospital's chief of staff to claim the title for himself. Sydney, now bankrupt after losing the lawsuit, comes back to work ...
14 Apr. 1997
Deja Vu, All Over Again
Michael's devious younger sister, Jennifer Mancini, arrives in town from New York to stay, and moves in with him and Megan at the beach house and soon shows her true arrogant colors when she meets with Amanda for a job at D&D. Meanwhile, Craig thinks romancing Sydney will solve D&D's legal problems after she follows Harry's advice to sue the agency. Alison has an uncomfortable meeting with Colleen, Jake's former girlfriend and mother of his son, who arrives for a visit and makes Alison vulnerable to fall off the wagon again. Matt tries to stop Chelsea from going to ...
21 Apr. 1997
All Beths Are Off
Amanda becomes Kyle's new silent partner to help him finance his dream of owning his own jazz club above his restaurant. Meanwhile, Jennifer becomes acquainted with some of the residents from Melrose which include Kyle and a very hostile Taylor when it's revealed that Jennifer was the young waitress from Boston that Kyle had an affair with years ago which almost broke up his marriage. Craig continues to romance Sydney who accepts his offer of pampering at a posh health spa in Palm Springs. Amanda blames Alison's mistake at work on her return to drinking and she and ...
28 Apr. 1997
Ultimatums and the Single Guy
Jennifer gets a job as a waitress/exotic dancer at a strip club which worries Megan fearing that Jennifer will follow down the path of prostitution as Megan did when she first started out that way. Meanwhile, an adoption agent interviews Jake and Alison about a possible adoption plan, which falls apart due to their increased drinking. Amanda demands a documentation on her investment with Kyle and later they both meet with Peter and Taylor to talk about divorce. Craig continues to woo Sydney and finally gets her to soften her stance on the lawsuit, but the greedy Harry...
5 May 1997
Going Places
At Megan's request, Kyle rescues Jennifer and lets her stay in his apartment at Melrose until she can find a more decent job. Shortly thereafter, Amanda takes Kyle for a vacation to the Caribbean where thoughts of romance fly between them as they prepare to proceed with their divorces. In Los Angeles, Taylor reluctantly approves Michael's plan against Peter to psychologically break him down by making him think he's a violent epileptic. Meanwhile, Jake and Alison plot to move from Los Angeles to start their lives over. Sydney's lawsuit against D&D is settled after ...
12 May 1997
Secrets and Lies and More Lies
Michael and Taylor's scheme to bring down Peter takes off when Taylor drugs Peter and fakes an attack she claims he made on her, claiming he was in an epileptic seizure at the time, and Megan mistakenly thinks that Michael and Taylor are having an affair after learning about time Michael is spending with Taylor. Meanwhile, Sydney is hired by Craig as the new efficiency consultant at D&D and together they immediately begin to challenge Amanda's authority. When Jake's ex-girlfriend, Colleen, comes to Los Angeles for a visit again with Jake's son, Alison gets drunk and ...
19 May 1997
Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward?: Part 1
In the two-hour season final, Samantha is arrested when her father slips away from a police dragnet. Billy makes a deal to get her out of jail so the police will lead her to Jim. After Jake sells Shooters, Alison plots a course to make his dream of owning his own restaurant in Ojai come true. Meanwhile, Craig and Sydney announce their engagement and also their plan to leave D&D to form their own advertising agency which prompts a mass exodus of clients and workers, unable to stand Amanda's tyranny at the company. Michael makes Megan an unwitting accomplice with him ...
19 May 1997
Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward?: Part 2
Alison begins her plan to push Jake away when she tells Colleen that Jake really loves her and she should not give up with him. Jake then settles in Ojai and opens his own restaurant, while Alison moves to Atlanta... alone, both leaving Melrose for good. Although Amanda has strong feelings for Kyle, she refuses to seek comfort with him when she sees him with Jennifer. As Craig and Sydney plan their wedding, Amanda suffers an emotional breakdown after she's unable to keep D&D clients from leaving for Craig's new company. After Michael forces Peter to give up his ...
8 Sep. 1997
A Brand New Day
Craig blames Samantha for the car accident that killed Sydney as well as Samantha's father. Meanwhile, Brett Cooper, a medical surgeon and someone from Kimberly Shaw's past, arrives in town from Ohio and joins Michael's staff at Whilshire Hospital. On a getaway, Peter proposes marriage to Taylor after she tells him that she's pregnant. After D&D goes out of business, Amanda turns down an offer for an advertising job in New York and arrives back in Los Angeles to be with Kyle. Megan moves in with Jennifer at Melrose after leaning that Michael used her in his plan ...
15 Sep. 1997
The Trojan Stork
Cooper moves into Matt's vacant apartment at Melrose and begins snooping into the place's history and the residents, including Michael's history with Kimberly. Meanwhile, Megan finds herself caught in the middle of the continuing conflict between Peter and Michael. After Taylor moves into Jake's vacant apartment, she sees an opportunity to get Kyle back when word of her "condition" spreads. Samantha makes a peace offering to Craig who rejects it and decides to murder her. At the end, Craig's continued poor professional performance at his new advertising agency, Sky ...
22 Sep. 1997
No Time for Sperm Banks
When Taylor's so-called "pregnancy" hits a snafu, she approaches Michael for a little favor to impregnate her to prove that she is pregnant, while an unsuspecting Megan tries to get Michael to go with her to a couples therapist. Cooper introduces himself to Peter as his and Michael's new partner in their practice and soon finds himself in the middle of their continuing cold war feud. Meanwhile, Craig gets wind of the new advertising agency planned by Amanda and Billy to topple him from Samantha, and Amanda rejects Peter's offer of financing the start of her agency and...
29 Sep. 1997
The Doctor Is In... Deep
Samantha confesses to Billy about inadvertently letting the slip about him and Amanda starting their own advertising agency, while Craig concedes defeat after pressure is applied by Eric Baines, Amanda's backer, for her new agency. Jennifer offers help and mental support to a reluctant Craig. Meanwhile, Michael travels to Santa Barbara for a medical conference and soon finds himself in a situation in which both Taylor and an unsuspecting Megan arrive wanting to spend time with him. Also, Cooper's young, mentally unbalanced, recently divorced ex-wife, Alexandria "Lexi"...
20 Oct. 1997
Desperately Seeking Samantha
Sydney's father arrives in Los Angeles to visit Craig, but finds him in a bad situation with Jennifer. Meanwhile, the new agency, Amanda Woodward Advertising, opens with Amanda as the CEO with an iron fist as usual, and Eric as the backer. Billy travels to Maryland to convince Samantha to come back to Los Angeles with him. But Samantha's angry, man-hating, overprotective mother, Kate, threatens Billy to leave them alone. While Peter and Lexi continue to keep their affair a secret, she tells Peter about her determination to take all assets that Cooper has to make his ...
27 Oct. 1997
The Light at the End of the Tumble
Peter learns from Lexi about Cooper's connection to the late Kimberly Shaw, for he happens to be the doctor who treated Kimberly while she was comatose from the car accident four years ago and Cooper personally holds Michael responsible, in which Peter decides to use this to his own advantage. Meanwhile, Jennifer objects to Craig's plans for his windfall when he decides to splurge the money on a ocean cruise. Michael, now in therapy, tries to tell Megan that he is a new man, but he still shows his greed for power after he steals an idea from Cooper for a new surgical ...
3 Nov. 1997
Secrets and Wives
After Lexi seizes all of Cooper's financial accounts, he mistakenly blames Michael for telling her about his hidden assets and finds an kindred spirit in wanting revenge by teaming with Kimberly's mother. But the guilty party is Peter who also tries to persuade Lexi to stay in town after helping her. Meanwhile, Craig disagrees with Michael on how to market their new surgical product when Michael wants to sell it to a pharmaceutical company. But a little deviousness by Jennifer again forces Michael to call off his plans. After quitting her job at Burns-Mancini, Megan ...
10 Nov. 1997
A Shot in the Dark
After Peter publicly declares his love for Lexi, she moves in with him at his house. Meanwhile, Jennifer helps out Craig sell the 'Mancini Glove', hoping she will get a share of the profits. After Amanda again rejects Eric's advances, he shows his true obsessive colors when he strikes back with a vengeance by forcing the Jazz Club, as well as Kyle's restaurant, out of business, seizes all of Amanda's assets and even threatens her agency, until he offers a way out. Meanwhile, Michael is plagued by strange going-ons by an unseen stalker who's pretending to be Kimberly, ...
17 Nov. 1997
Attack of the Scalpel Woman
After Cooper is released from jail, Megan follows him around and discovers that Kimberly's mother is the one responsible for trying to kill Michael, who eventually makes another attempt in the hospital O.R., but stabs Megan instead. Meanwhile, Kyle's outburst at Eric prompts him to extend his deadline at closing down the Jazz Club by giving an indecent proposal to Amanda. Connie, an old friend of Samantha's, arrives in town from New York to be the maid of honor at her wedding, and who brings a secret agenda. Also, Craig throws Billy a bachelor party and makes the ...
24 Nov. 1997
My Little Coma Girl
While Megan is in a coma after the stabbing, Cooper maintains a bedside vigil for her, and a jealous Michael tries to bring a halt to the visits after sensing deja vu with him over Kimberly. Meanwhile, Kyle once again rejects Taylor's effort to reconcile, and returns Eric's parting shot with another one in the face. Amanda discovers that clients are returning to her agency, while she tries to repair her damaged relationship with Kyle. Peter begins to suspect something about Lexi due to her erratic behavior. On the day of Samantha and Billy's wedding, she unwittingly ...
1 Dec. 1997
Everybody Comes to Kyle's
Billy and Samantha go on their honeymoon to Hawaii, while Connie lands a temp job at Amanda Woodward Advertising and decides to stay in Los Angeles for a while. Lexi decides to pursue a career as an interior designer, and Peter eventually confronts her about her painkiller use which she refuses to admit she has a drug addiction. Michael takes Megan out of the hospital to his beach house to care for her. Meanwhile, Taylor successfully schemes for Amanda to give up her share of the Jazz Club to Kyle, who begins to drown his sorrows after his one-night stand with Taylor....
15 Dec. 1997
A Bump in the Night
After rescuing Lexi, Peter returns to the scene of an accident and discovers a vagrant that Lexi unknowingly hit while driving Peter's car. Peter then takes the vagrant, Bob, to the hospital and decides to protect Lexi. Meanwhile, Cooper proves to Craig that Michael stole his idea for the surgical glove by showing him old sketches of the glove. Jennifer (still loyal to Michael) bugs her apartment with a surveillance camera to find out what Cooper knows while he is courting Megan, and to know the location of the sketches so Jennifer can steal them. Also, Connie gets a ...
22 Dec. 1997
A Tree Talks in Melrose
Cooper secretly intervenes when Michael's wooing of Megan with expensive gifts makes her hesitant about a divorce. Jennifer also gets Cooper to drop his lawsuit against Michael while she blackmails Lexi about the hit-and-run cover up for some of Cooper's alimony. But this forces Lexi over the deep end when she nearly overdoses on pills. Singer Jon Secada arrives in town and agrees to help his old friends Kyle and Taylor save the Jazz Club with a Christmas Eve concert. Meanwhile, Connie stirs up more trouble between Samantha and Billy when Samantha refuses to believe ...

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