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5 Jan. 1994
Reunion Blues
Jo goes to her 10-year high school reunion in San Francisco and meets Reed Carter, a former boyfriend, who tells her that he was imprisoned for drug trafficking. He tells her that he was only taking the fall for someone else, and she believes him. Meanwhile, while waiting tables at Shooter's, a man offers Sydney a large amount of money to sleep with him. Even though she had vowed to quit prostitution, Sydney accepts. The man turns out to be an undercover police officer and Sydney is arrested. Michael bails her out of jail and demands her help in breaking up Jane and ...
12 Jan. 1994
Michael's Game
Evil once again triumphs over good when Sydney hires a prostitute to seduce Robert during a vacation in San Diego and videotape it. Michael then mails the videotape to Jane. She is shocked and throws Robert out of her apartment. Reed suddenly shows up out of the blue at Melrose and invites Jo to a romantic dinner to rekindle their long ago affair. Meanwhile, Amanda and Jake reunite and go on a Hawaiian vacation together. While Amanda is gone, Alison takes over an account of hers and proves to their boss, D&D President Bruce Teller, she can do it better. When Amanda ...
26 Jan. 1994
Arousing Suspicions
When Michael, who is now walking with a cane, rejects Sydney, she tells Jane that he blackmailed her into setting Robert up. Sydney also tells Jane about the prostitution charges she's facing. Jane promises to stand by her. Michael moves back to the beach house and becomes dependent on pills to help with his back pain. Matt goes on a date with Jeffrey Lindley, who later tells him that he's a Navy Lieutenant and has not come out of the closet yet. Meanwhile, Jo becomes jealous when Reed asks Amanda to help him buy a yacht for his fishing charter business. Billy's ...
2 Feb. 1994
The Young Men and the Sea
Michael tries to make up with Jane, but he gets a restraining order against his phone calls to her and he starts becoming addicted to his painkiller pills. Eventually, Sydney finds him unconscious on the floor of his house after taking an overdose of pills. Meanwhile, Reed finally buys his boat with financial help from Amanda, with Jake as a mechanic, while Jo suspects something wrong about Reed. After wining the editing contest, Billy gets a big promotion for a editing job in New York City and wants Alison to come with him, but she wants to stay in Los Angeles. Also,...
9 Feb. 1994
Parting Glances
Matt helps Jeffrey in coming out which results in Jeffrey getting a transfer to the East Coast and they must bid each other a proper farewell. Sydney learns the secret about Matt changing Michael's blood-alcohol test after an investigation when Michael inadvertently blurts it out while he is in delirium. Meanwhile, Jo again gets curious about Reed and discovers the drug contents under the trap door in his boat. When Reed sees this, he ties her up and sets sail. Billy and Alison practice their long distance relationship over the phone, but when she arrives in New York ...
16 Feb. 1994
Swept Away
Sydney starts blackmailing Michael with the blood-alcohol-changing scam by moving in with him and announcing herself as his new girlfriend to his colleagues at the hospital. Billy and Alison break up over her not wanting to live in New York, but he buys a ring and returns to L.A. to propose to her. Meanwhile, Reed takes Jo, against her will, on a cruise for his drug smuggling operations, where she eventually breaks free and shoots him after a brutal fistfight.
23 Feb. 1994
With This Ball and Chain
Jo is arrested for Reed's murder and tries to tell the skeptical police and prosecutor that she was not involved in Reed's drug dealing while Amanda hires a professional lawyer for Jo to have the charges dropped. Alison accepts Billy's marriage proposal, but a jealous Amanda tells Alison and Jake about her Christmas Eve night with Billy in which Jake beats Billy up, were as Alison takes the news much cooler. Meanwhile, Sydney continues to make Michael's life miserable and even spends a lot of his money to redecorate the beach house.
2 Mar. 1994
Otherwise Engaged
After Amanda points out to Alison that her engagement ring is quite cheap, she and Billy go shopping for a real diamond ring. Jo realizes that she's pregnant with Reed's baby and considers whether or not to have an abortion, while Jake cancels out on a dinner date with Amanda to be with Jo. Meanwhile, Sydney plans hers and Michael's wedding by mailing invitations, gets into a fistfight with Jane over wearing her old wedding dress and scorns her mother who tries to talk her out of it. At the ceremony on the beach, Matt is the best man (and the only one in attendance) ...
16 Mar. 1994
Love, Mancini Style
A suspicious Matt sets out to find Michael, who is on his honeymoon camping trip with Sydney, waiting for the perfect time to murder her. But Michael changes his mind of pushing Sydney off a cliff when he discovers that he really loves her. When Matt tells Jane the secret about changing Michael's blood alcohol test results the night of the car accident, she uses this to blackmail Sydney and Michael to stay together. Meanwhile, Jo keeps seeing Reed in her mind, so she visits his grave and makes up with his ghost when he appears to her. Jake finally makes up with Amanda...
23 Mar. 1994
The Two Mrs. Mancinis
Jane learns that her grandmother has died and goes to her home town in Chicago for the funeral to receive $100,000 in inheritance to start her own clothing business. But when Michael finds out about the money, he and Sydney go after it. Jo meets a model named Gregory, but he leaves her when he finds out that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Alison and Billy travel to her home town in Wisconsin to visit her parents and to plan her father's surprise 50th birthday party, where Billy discovers that she has not told her parents about their engagement.
6 Apr. 1994
In Bed with the Enemy
Amanda hires Ted Ramsey, a charming young man as the building maintenance person. But when Amanda discovers Ted snooping around her bedroom, she fires him. Meanwhile, Alison starts having nightmares of being abused as a child and starts seeing a psychologist without telling Billy. Amanda intervenes in Jane and Michael's fight over her inheritance money and makes a deal with them: Michael will be an investor in Jane's newly opened clothing business in order for her to keep her grandmother's money. Also, Sydney hears that Lauren Etheridge got arrested and arranges to ...
20 Apr. 1994
Alison starts going out with her psychologist, Dr. Miller, and Billy believes that he's trying to come onto her. Meanwhile, the voyeur Ted, continues hiding out in the crawlspaces of the Melrose complex and spying on Amanda. When Amanda and Jo discover Ted, they tie him up and menace him with knives. While Sydney continues running her own call girl business, Michael finds the name of his supervisor, Dr. Levin, in Sydney's client book and uses this information to blackmail Levin to appoint himself as the new chief resident and gets Matt a promotion.
27 Apr. 1994
The Bitch Is Back
Kimberly Shaw returns, practically from the dead, after spending months in a coma from the car accident and moves back into the beach house, prompting Michael to throw Sydney out. But it becomes apparent that Kimberly is not the same person as Michael knew for she hide a gruesome scar on her head from the car accident. Meanwhile, Alison's parents hire a wedding consultant, but Alison and Billy fire her when she doesn't respect the pair's wishes at all. During a D&D photo shoot, Amanda forces Jo to fire a model, named Sarah Owens. Bruce Teller investigates and ...
4 May 1994
Imperfect Strangers
At her mother's request, Amanda reluctantly hires Chas Russell, Hillary's young fiancé, as a junior executive, in which he starts wooing Amanda and slacks off, leaving all his work with Alison. After being shunned by everyone, Sydney moves back into her old apartment at Melrose and continues operating her call-girl business. But Sydney's problems only get worse when Lauren is released from jail and goes back on their business arrangement when she demands a profit margin of $15,000 from Sydney as payback for running her business. Meanwhile, Sarah Owens goes on another ...
11 May 1994
Devil with the G-String On
Sydney gets a job as a stripper to get the remaining $5,000 that Lauren wants, but then when Michael takes Billy, Jake and some other friends to the strip club for Billy's bachelor party, they meet Sydney in one of her on-stage appearances and feeling totally humiliated, she quits. Jake comforts Jo and Sarah while tracking down Hank, much to Amanda's increasing jealousy. Meanwhile, Kimberly (who is revealed to be a homicidal psychopath) lashes out at Jane when she thinks she is cheating Michael out her design company profits, and begins a secret plan of revenge ...
18 May 1994
Till Death Do Us Part
In the two-hour cliff-hanging season final, Chas sues Amanda and D&D for sexual harassment and all seems bad for her in court especially when no one, not even her mother or Alison, believes Amanda's innocent pleads, until Hillary learns the truth about Chas and his intentions. Jake is torn between his feelings for Jo and Amanda. Meanwhile, Matt hits on Rob, Billy's best friend and best man of his wedding who's also gay, much to Billy's shock. When Alison finally realizes that her nightmares were about her father sexually molesting her, she flees from the wedding (and ...
12 Sep. 1994
I Am Curious, Melrose
In San Francisco, Alison encourages Meredith to press charges against their father who is stalking them. Billy learns where Alison is after a talk with her mother and arrives at Meredith's apartment and fights off the sinister Mr. Parker who threatens both of his daughters. When Alison returns to LA and tells Billy of her intention to sue her father for emotional damages, Billy leaves her for good. Meanwhile, Michael wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and can't tell who ran him over, while Jane gets arrested as a suspect and tries to secure her release by placing ...
19 Sep. 1994
It's a Bad World After All
After Sydney gets arrested for the attempted murder of Michael, Jane calls on their father who hires a lawyer for Sydney's defense. But Sydney soon learns that they want her to plead guilty to accept a plea bargain and nobody, not even the skeptical Jane or Mr. Andrews, believes her true claims that it was Kimberly who tried to kill Michael and framed her. Jane eventually asks their father to have Sydney committed to an insane asylum after mistakenly thinking that Sydney is murderously crazy and out of control. Meanwhile, Kimberly brings the amnesiac Michael home at ...
26 Sep. 1994
In-Laws and Outlaws
After a slow start, Jake begins a torrid affair with Brittany, who is finally revealed to be a contract killer hired by Amanda's revenge-seeking father to murder Jake in revenge for losing his business. Meanwhile, Sydney is committed to a lunatic asylum and suffers abuse there. When Jane offers Sydney a conditional parole only if she confesses to attempting to kill Michael, Sydney, desperate to get out of the place, accepts. Kimberly's attempts to isolate Michael (so that he won't regain his memory) fail when Jane and Matt visit him to get him to sign some papers, ...
3 Oct. 1994
Grand Delusions
Sydney moves in with Jane and gets a job as her personal assistant and more than expected attention from Jane's new Australian beau and business partner, Chris Marchette. When Sydney gets in contact with the amnesiac Michael, he regains his memory and confronts Kimberly about being the one that tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Palmer approaches Amanda and urges her to hide him while he gets his money from the bank so he can leave the country while Brittany rigs Jake's boat with explosives. Amanda starts making Alison's live miserable at work again when she fuels her ...
10 Oct. 1994
Non-Sexual Healing
Amanda sees the message left by her father and calls the FBI for help, while the Coast Guard finds a half-dead Jake floating at sea on some of the wreckage of his boat and he returns to Melrose to break the news to Amanda of her father's death. When Jake has hard time to accept this turn of events, he hits the road. Despite Matt's warning that Kimberly is dangerous, Michael decides to stay with her and divorce Sydney. Jane then asks Sydney to get Michael to give his share of Mancini Designs to her. But Michael tricks Sydney into accepting only $5,000 and leaving the ...
17 Oct. 1994
No Strings Attached
On the road, Jake stops in a certain town to visit his real father Vince Conners, a wealthy upper class businessman, who won't accept Jake as a son because he never told his current wife about him. Back in Los Angeles, Michael and Kimberly try to impress the hospital's new chief of staff Dr. Peter Burns, a ruthless, no-nonsense man who makes it clear that he will not accept any trouble from anybody in hospital procedures. Meanwhile, after Alison complains to Amanda about Elizabeth being unprofessional, Amanda outright fires Elizabeth instead of reprimanding her, which...
24 Oct. 1994
The Cook, the Creep, His Lover and Her Sister
Jake returns to Los Angeles where he receives a $50,000 reward by the FBI for helping them in the Palmer Woodward case after the arrest of Brittany, in which he uses the money to buys Shooters. Jane refuses to believe Sydney that Chris is harassing her, even when Jake confirms it after witnessing one of Chris' lurid comments he makes to Sydney. Jane (at Chris' urging), throws Sydney out of her apartment and fires her. Chris makes things worse when he tells Jane and Sydney's parole officer a fabricated story about Sydney harassing HIM, and then threatens Sydney by ...
31 Oct. 1994
Love Reeks
Chris proposes marriage to Jane and she accepts in which he urges her to drive to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. Sydney learns about this and knowing that the two-faced, sociopath Chris is just a gigolo after Jane's money, she tips off Michael and Kimberly about it in which they follow Jane and Chris to Vegas to break it up. In Vegas, Kimberly persuades Michael to get married themselves instead. Back in Los Angeles, Jake comforts Sydney after hearing about her terrifying run-in with Chris and gives her a job at Shooters at a waitress. Meanwhile, Susan cancels her ...
7 Nov. 1994
Dr. Jekyll Saves His Hide
After Michael gets fired by Peter for leaving his job at the hospital without notice to stop Jane and Chris' wedding in Vegas, he asks Amanda to put in a good word for him with Peter to get his job back, in exchange that he must turn over his half of Mancini Designs to D&D. But Michael yet again gets the last laugh again when he blackmails Amanda not to take over his share of Jane's business with an incriminating auto tape of Amanda bad-mouthing Peter's lifestyle. Sydney thinks her romantic night with Jake was a mistake, but he insists on a relationship. Meanwhile, ...
14 Nov. 1994
And Justice for None
Alison goes over the deep end when she realizes that Billy and Susan now live together and begins dating record producer and party king Zach Phillips. Jo's custody battle for her unborn baby begins where her lawyer, Mr. Waxman, believes he shouldn't discredit the Carters, but show that Jo's a fit mother. But all turns bad for Jo when she and her friends are raked over on the witness stand with incidents from their pasts. Meanwhile, Kimberly wants to get pregnant, but her gynecologist tells her that she can't bear children. Matt ponders if can make a commitment with ...
21 Nov. 1994
The Days of Wine and Vodka
Alison keeps hanging out with Zach while continuing to deny that she has a drinking problem. When Billy and Susan invite Alison over for Thanksgiving to reconcile, she shows up drunk in which Alison gets so insulting that they force her to leave. Jake is visited by an extortionist and gets beaten up when he refuses to pay. Sydney investigates and becomes horrified to discover who's behind it: a revenge-seeking Chris who once again threatens Sydney that if she will not have sex with him, he'll have his thugs murder not only Jake, but Jane as well. Sydney reluctantly ...
28 Nov. 1994
The Doctor Who Rocks the Cradle
Alison is arrested for drunk driving after hitting a boy. Alison then unsuccessfully tries to win back Billy, but she's more lucky in court. Jane gets $500,000 for a business expansion and give Chris (whom Jane still trusts) the job with handling the money. But Chris instead steals the money and kidnaps Sydney. Meanwhile, Amanda shatters Bruce's plan to merge D&D with a big advertising company when she publishes the information, so Bruce fires her. Kimberly's plan to be a mother takes off when she finds a stillborn baby at the hospital, so when Jo finally goes into ...
5 Dec. 1994
Just Say No
Jo desperately tries to get her baby back from Kimberly, but since it's officially dead, she can't prove that it's hers. Meanwhile, Sydney enjoys being Chris' captive in Las Vegas. But when Sydney finally learns that the money Chris's spending and gambling away is Jane's, she calls on Jake for help. Michael, Jane and Jake fly to Las Vegas to rescue Sydney. But Chris slips away with the rest of Jane's money, leaving behind Sydney who surprisingly gets lashed out by the paranoid Jane whom accuses her of being in league with Chris, and even Jake is skeptic to Sydney's ...
12 Dec. 1994
Sex, Drugs and Rockin' the Cradle
Jo persuades Michael to do a blood test on the baby Kimberly has which convinces him that it's Jo's child, but Michael wants to keep the baby anyway. Peter's attitude towards Amanda changes into possessive and manipulative, so she decides to cool down their relationship. Meanwhile, Alison checks herself into Twin Oaks rehab clinic in order to prevent Billy from firing her and meets Terry Parsons, an NFL player and recovering alcoholic/sex addict who persuades her to face her troubles when she continues to deny to herself and the others in group therapy that she's an ...
19 Dec. 1994
Holiday on Ice
Jo goes to Matt for help and he proves the baby theft to Peter with gathered hospital records and he forces Michael to give Jo her baby back. But Kimberly goes crazy about the event and makes a certain phone call to the Carters. In a warped-version of 'A Chirstmas Carol', Amanda insults Bruce's sister who asks for financial support. Later, Bruce's ghost appears before Amanda in her dreams and shows Amanda her lives of Christmas past, present and future if she continues living with her ruthless attitude. Bruce's ghost also tells Amanda to break up with Peter because he...

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