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Season 4

11 Sep. 1995
Postmortem Madness
The morning after Kimberly blows up the Melrose apartment complex, everyone is in the hospital suffering from some form of injury. Alison is temporarily flash-blinded and Billy postpones his honeymoon with Brooke to move back into his ruined apartment to support Alison. Richard Hart, who's wife was killed in the blast (and the only fatality), is comforted by an unusually callous Jane who proposes to continue business at the company as usual. Meanwhile, Kimberly is arrested and is so bewildered that she can't remember anything about the bombing the night before, while ...
18 Sep. 1995
Melrose Is Like a Box of Chocolates
The bomb damage spawns strange new living arrangements: Amanda moving in with Sydney, Matt with Jo, and Alison with Jane. Alison then starts using her condition to manipulate Billy to care for her, while Jane plays office power games with Richard. Meanwhile, Peter lobbies on behalf of Kimberly, who must be declared mentally competent to stand trial for the bombing. Alison demands her job back at D&D and an unusually sympathetic Amanda agrees with her. Brooke freaks out when she finds out that Alison is coming back to work, and an inheritance from her deceased mother ...
20 Sep. 1995
Blind Ambition
Alison continues to deceive Billy by exaggerating her state of health, even after she regains her eye-sight, in which his attention to her sends Brooke to threaten Alison. Peter calls a second psychiatrist to evaluate Kimberly before her court hearing about her mental condition. Meanwhile, Matt gets in mortal danger when, against the warnings from his lawyer Alycia, he decides to set up a sting operation by himself for Paul to admit that he framed him. While Jake and Jo rekindle, Jane fears she may have overstepped her bounds with Richard after she hires Jo as the new...
25 Sep. 1995
Simply Shocking
Brooke travels to Miami, Florida on a secret mission to dig up information on Amanda's past and she finds Jack Parezi, Amanda's shady mobster ex-husband who believes her to be long dead. Brooke then returns to Los Angeles and uses what she found to blackmail Amanda for a promotion at D&D. Kimberly is committed to a maximum security asylum and receives electro shock therapy under Peter's supervision, while she is haunted by the mysterious Henry again. Michael romances Sydney to get her help to keep Kimberly in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jess' ex-wife, Shelly, arrives in ...
2 Oct. 1995
Drawing Henry
Anxious to get to the bottom of Kimberly's mental problems, Peter contacts her mother who arrives in Los Angeles to visit her in the asylum where Mrs. Shaw finally reveals the origins about the mysterious Henry. Brooke's father, Hayley, approaches Alison and asks for her help in breaking up Brooke and Billy and a mutual attraction between the two of them develops. Meanwhile, Dr. Hobbs tries to settle Matt's lawsuit privately with $30,000 and a better job, but Matt refuses. Jack Parezi arrives in Los Angeles to find Amanda, while Brooke tries to keep his presence under...
9 Oct. 1995
The Jane Mutiny
Despite the support of Tom and his Gay Rights group, Matt still becomes unsure about suing Hobbs. But during a deposition, when Hobbs blurts out his hatred of gays, it all turns out well for Matt. Kimberly is released from the mental hospital and Peter takes her home to his house and keep her in his custody, but Michael and Sydney are not pleased with the news. At Jane and Richard's engagement party, a drunken Jo confronts him about Jane not being in love with him. Meanwhile, Brooke is upset when she discovers that her father is dating Alison, while she has problems ...
16 Oct. 1995
Let the Games Begin
Sydney and Michael hire an actor to play Henry to Kimberly, hoping she will go off the deep end again. Jane confession to Richard of not loving him only makes their relationship suffer and as a result, Jane terminates her friendship with Jo. Meanwhile, Jack hires D&D for an ad campaign while Amanda still fears for her life and Billy too after she tells him all about Jack. Alison changes her mind about being involved with Hayley and lets him go further, and an unhappy Brooke tries to intervene. After Matt and his father have an argument over what Matt wants to do with ...
23 Oct. 1995
Dial M for Melrose
After Jack tries to kill Amanda at his mansion, he falls off a balcony and lands in a coma. Amanda goes to Peter for help who promises to help her avoid attempted murder charges, and get rid of Jack's mafia lawyer, Nick Diamond, who begins tailing her. But Michael sees a chance to find some dirt on Peter to use against him and cuts in, making Jack his patient. Meanwhile, Kimberly fills her boredom by calling Dr. Joyce Brothers' radio call-in show to talk of her problems and when she learns from Sydney about Peter spending time with Amanda, she violates her parole. ...
30 Oct. 1995
Amanda Unplugged
When Billy find's Brooke's birth control unused, she declares her omission had the usual consequence. Alison moves into Hayley's mansion where she discovers a locked room belonging to his late wife that she cannot enter. Meanwhile, Matt asks help from Michael for his entrance test to medical school. Richard asks Jo to come with him to Hawaii to do a photo shoot, while he sends Jane to New York. Jake becomes furious when he learns about Jo wanting to go to Hawaii and he seeks comfort with Shelly. When Amanda expresses her feelings to Peter, hoping that the comatose ...
6 Nov. 1995
El Syd
After the comatose Jack dies, Sydney starts blackmailing Amanda with the tape she said about him for half of his estate. Meanwhile, Jo joins Richard in Hawaii and they immediately begin an impassioned affair. During a business trip, Alison and Billy are stranded at a small airstrip in the hills where they swap stories about her coming marriage to Hayley and Brooke's unexpected pregnancy. Matt is excited when he learns that he has been accepted to medical school, but not after finding out that Michael did some altering of his entrance test score. Also, Kimberly tells ...
13 Nov. 1995
Free Kimmy
Kimberly tries to get Peter to remove her monitoring bracelet so she can begin a new life for herself while he continues to try to win back Amanda. Meanwhile, Jane becomes angry after learning that Richard and Jo are now a couple, so she begins to temp Michael for her needs hoping to make Richard jealous. Matt gets a job at Shooters and uses Jake's computer for information on his accounts and discovers some suspicious transactions made by Shelly. Sydney throws a surprise 30th birthday party at the beach house for Michael, who tries to get the blackmail tape away from ...
20 Nov. 1995
Kimberly Does L.A.
Kimberly becomes the new host for her own radio call-in show, K-CHAT in L.A., and gets a strange frequent caller, named Vic, who harasses her about his troubles. Jake refuses to believe Matt's suspicions that Shelly is embezzling money from Shooters, until he catches her after learning first-hand about his low bank account level. Meanwhile, Alison suspects something's wrong with Hayley's finances when he puts his mansion up for sale. Bobby Parezi arrives in Los Angeles under orders to kill Amanda, but he doesn't have the heart to carry it out. Peter also begins to ...
27 Nov. 1995
Hook, Line and Hayley
Bobby meets with Amanda and reveals that he has a crush on her since his childhood. But she wants nothing to do with him or his mafioso family, while Peter becomes jealous over Bobby's presence. Meanwhile, Kimberly is held captive by the psychotic Vic in a condemned building where he threatens to kill her since he is revealed to be a serial killer. Hayley takes Alison for a cruise on his yacht to Mexico where he tells her that he is now on the run from bill collectors after a number of failed business deals. Jane continues dating Michael, while Richard tells Jo about ...
4 Dec. 1995
Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Matt meets Alan Ross, a gay film actor in the hospital recovering from a broken hand, whom he spends some time with. Meanwhile, Kimberly comes back to work at the hospital in the psychiatric ward and Sydney reluctantly hires her as her therapist over her problems with Michael and Jane back together. Richard continues his romance with Jo, despite the fact that he still have romantic feelings for Jane what will not go away. Bobby befriends Peter and tries to use him for his own needs. Alison has a hard time getting over Hayley's drowning and relapses into alcoholism ...
11 Dec. 1995
Oy! to the World
Billy reluctantly helps Alison salvage her business accounts, while Brooke discovers that she isn't pregnant and hesitates on telling Billy. Jane finds out about Richard and Jo planning to oust her from Hart-Mancini. Meanwhile, Amanda and Bobby get together to do business with the family TV cable company, but FBI agents approach Amanda and warn her to stay away from him. Matt spends more time with Alan who discover that they have lots of things in common. Also, Sydney helps prepare the annual hospital Christmas fund raiser at Bobby's house where she becomes insanely ...
1 Jan. 1996
Holy Strokes
Jane is paralyzed on her right side after suffering from a stroke caused by drinking too much drugged champagne at the Christmas party, while Kimberly helps a guilt-ridden Sydney cover her tracks in the incident. Brooke tells Billy that she had a miscarriage, but when he learns the truth that Brooke was never pregnant, he threatens her with divorce. Meanwhile, Peter gets cranky when he is faced with a malpractice suit, so Bobby invites him, Amanda and Alison over as his house in Palm Springs where he professes his love to Amanda. Also, Matt asks Alan to spend New ...
8 Jan. 1996
The Brooke Stops Here
Billy finds Brooke after she tries to kill herself by slashing her wrists. Brooks survives and Billy decides to stay with her then be with Alison. Alan moves in with Matt where Kimberly fills him on Matt's past history. Meanwhile, Sydney plants the tranquilizers she used to drug Jane in Richard's office, and Jo hesitates on what to do when she finds them. Amanda is caught in the middle of Peter and Bobby's personal conflict for her attention. Jake sinks more and more into debt when he's asked by his loan-shark, Monty, to collect money from one of his deadbeat clients ...
15 Jan. 1996
Sydney, Bothered & Bewildered
When caring for disabled Jane becomes too much of a burden on Sydney, she plans to re-locate Jane in a convalescent home. Amanda tells Peter that it's over between them for she is back together with Bobby, who privately threatens Peter to stay away from them. Meanwhile, Brooke becomes more insanely jealous after she discovers Alison getting friendly with Billy. Jo learns from Matt that the pills she found have the same substance found in Jane's bloodstream, but she loves Richard too much to report him to the police. Elsewhere, Peter reluctantly lets a homeless Michael...
22 Jan. 1996
The Bobby Trap
Alycia Barnett returns as Bobby's lawyer where Peter flirts with her wanting to invest in Bobby's TV cable company. Jake looks after Jane and a renewed attraction between them develops. Jo and Richard ask Jane to return to Hart-Mancini after she saves a major client from leaving, but she refuses and decides to start her own design business. Meanwhile, Billy has had enough of Brooke's hysterics both at home and at work, in which he throws her out of his apartment and files for divorce. Anxious to find out what Kimberly is up to, Michael gives her a shot of truth serum ...
5 Feb. 1996
No Lifeguard on Duty
In this two-hour episode, Alycia tells Bobby that he owes $2 million to operate his TV cable company. Amanda offers to help Bobby while Peter hires Sydney as his date at a hospital fund raiser to break up Bobby and Amanda, but it doesn't work, and Sydney just ends up with a wine-splattered dress. Meanwhile, Jake offers Jane his garage to start her new business, much to Jo's dismay. Determined to sink Jane, Richard makes his employees, including Jo, work overtime to put out a new line. The serial killer/rapist Vic, released from jail by a computer error, kidnaps ...
12 Feb. 1996
Devil in a Wet Dress
Alison and Billy find Brooke dead in the Melrose swimming pool after she accidentally fell in while drunk. Billy has a hard time getting over Brooke's death in which he becomes haunted by her songfully ghost. Matt becomes jealous when Alan is rehearsing a romance scene with an actress named Valerie. Meanwhile, Jane asks Alison to help her start her new design company, and in the process, lands a big account that Richard was after. In an effort to ease tensions between Peter and Bobby, Amanda arranges a double-date with her and Bobby, Peter and Alycia. Elsewhere, ...
19 Feb. 1996
The Circle of Strife
Michael proposes to Kimberly again and she gets him to fire Sydney from their practice. But Sydney decides to even the score by filing a lawsuit against both Peter and Michael for sexual harassment. Peter convinces Alycia that he loves her and asks for her help to entrap Bobby in a monetary incident with a U.S. Senator. Meanwhile, Jane becomes peeved when Jo accidentally takes her sketch book of her latest designs and leaves it in Richard's office where he takes advantage of the incident and steals the ideas for himself. Billy starts acting more aggressive at work ...
26 Feb. 1996
Run, Billy, Run
The increasingly reckless Billy bribes Amanda into doubling his salary if he gets another major account, which he does by stealing a campaign idea after seducing the female executive from a rival advertising company. Peter sends the photos Alycia took of Bobby and the senator to a TV station to air them with a fabricated story about Bobby bribing the senator for TV license permits. But Peter discovers too late that Amanda was also part of Bobby's TV cable company and she is soon the target of the press as well. Peter has an inside contact, named Lou Chandler, to ...
4 Mar. 1996
Ruthless People
Alison refuses to stoop to Billy's hardball level to gain a new winery client, but she jumps in mud, literally at a strip club, to help land it anyway. Kimberly starts having strange episodes of a multiple personality and thinks she's a free-spirited 1950's housewife named Betsy Jones. Meanwhile, Richard blames Jo for his fashion show mishap, until she finds out that it was Jane. Matt becomes troubled by Alan's wedding plans to Valerie and seeks comfort with David. Also, Peter and Alycia ask Amanda to sign over her share of Bobby's cable company to them.
11 Mar. 1996
The Burning Couch
Kimberly continues to have bizarre delusions as Betsy when she torches the beach house sofa, and eventually goes to Peter for help. Sydney tries to help Bobby who's facing battery charges against Peter and they learn that Alycia now owns 100% of his cable company. Meanwhile, Peter tries to get the $2 million for Alycia to run Bobby's cable company in order to escape from her control, and meets with Billy's winery client for the money. Jake becomes angry at Jane when Jo tells him that she was responsible for causing the disaster at Richard's fashion show in which he ...
18 Mar. 1996
Triumph of the Bill
During a business convention, Billy again resorts to hardball tactics when he steals some compromising photos of actress Julie Newmar, so he can get her as a client and get Amanda to give him the power of working with other clients than to Alison. Meanwhile, Richard schemes to break up Jake and Jane by paying Clare to tell Jane about her and Jake's night together and Jo breaks up with Richard after learning of his plans for Jane. Peter discovers that Kimberly has developed yet another personality: a biker girl named Rita. Also, Sydney finds a bankrupt Bobby, now ...
25 Mar. 1996
What Comes Up, Must Come Down
At Kimberly's request, Peter takes Michael on a getaway to San Diego, where both of them are pursued by a conniving woman named Teri Carson who wants them to vote first place for her teenage daughter, Brandi, in a beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Jo babysits Tyler, the abused 5-year-old son of Sydney's old college friend Lori. When Amanda's power at D&D is threatened, Billy offers to help her, but he is hurt when she rebuffs his advances. Alison, having enough of the unethical business attitudes at D&D, resigns from the agency for good and gets a new job as a waitress at ...
15 Apr. 1996
True Fibs
Teri Carson arrives in Los Angeles determined to get revenge against Michael and Peter for her daughter's loss in the pageant when she blackmails Michael by threatening to tell Kimberly that he slept with Brandi and has Peter arrested for statutory rape after he refuses to give into Teri's demands for blackmail money. Meanwhile, Richard and Jane take a business trip to New York where he forces himself upon her. Jo meets with Dr. Dominick O'Malley, an expert doctor on child abuse, regarding Tyler's condition. Bobby doesn't want to invest in an old friend's movie offer ...
29 Apr. 1996
Melrose Unglued
Amanda and Peter finally reconcile after she intervenes and solves his legal problems with Teri. Michael, still unaware of Kimberly's multi-personality disorder, confesses his infidelity to her about Brandi. Kimberly responds by throwing Michael out of the beach house, not for his unfaithfulness, but because she fears for his life. Meanwhile, Jane tells Alison that Richard raped her in New York, but does not want to report the incident. Dr. O'Malley requests a date with Jo in exchange for him to find out more about Tyler's condition. Elsewhere, Sydney learns that ...
6 May 1996
Peter's Excellent Adventure
Peter finds himself in a living hell when he is charged with Bobby's murder and shortly after, he's taken captive by the schizophrenic Kimberly who places him in a remote insane asylum and subjects him to electro-shock treatment headed by the Nurse Benson, the head clinic nurse, and her brutal orderlies. Meanwhile, Amanda and Michael search for Peter after he misses his appointment with the police to turn himself in. At Jake's urging, Jane sees a prosecutor regarding Richard's assault on her, but she backs out and plans something else, involving a gun. Dr. O'Malley's ...
13 May 1996
Full Metal Betsy
In the asylum, Peter charms Nurse Benson to plan an escape before Kimberly/Betsy has surgery to be performed on him, while Amanda and Michael continue their search for Kimberly and Peter. Meanwhile, Jo and Dr. O'Malley become more close, but Matt's sudden collapse due to meningitis from the tainted needle drives a wedge between them. Billy fails in another attempt to get Alison back. After accidentally learning from Michael that it was Sydney who poisoned her during the Christmas Eve party, Jane blackmails her to get her help to murder Richard.
20 May 1996
Dead Sisters Walking
In the two-hour season final, Michael and Amanda put themselves in danger when they break into the Willowbridge asylum in an attempt to rescue Peter from Kimberly/Betsy, only to end up as captives themselves. Then, during a struggle to escape with Nurse Benson's help, Kimberly falls from a balcony and is once again put in a coma. Back in Los Angeles, Alison becomes attracted to Jake when he attempts to get her and Billy back together. Dr. O'Malley proposes marriage to Jo and wants her to leave Melrose and come with him to Bosnia for a medical/photo tour. Matt gets ...

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