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Season 6

5 Oct. 1997
Ahriman continues to torment Duncan by killing mortals. He re-animates his latest victim to serve him, threatening to kill her brother if she does not cooperate.
12 Oct. 1997
Duncan may have found the key to defeating the demon, but will he have the courage to use it?
19 Oct. 1997
Sins of the Father
Immortal Alex couldn't keep the Nazis from killing her Jewish love, so she aids his son in righting a wrong done to a group of murdered Jews from the Warsaw ghetto, killing one of Duncan's friends in the process.
26 Oct. 1997
Diplomatic Immunity
Duncan is torn when the wife of one friend is killed by another friend, ho happens to be the son of a foreign diplomat and beyond the reach of law.
2 Nov. 1997
Patient Number 7
Immortal Kyra develops hysterical amnesia after she fails to prevent the murder of a judge she was hired to protect and then fell in love with. Fortunately, she runs into old friend Duncan before her would-be killers find her.
9 Nov. 1997
Black Tower
Duncan's date is kidnapped to lure him into a deadly game: he must rescue her before any of Immortal Marek's hired killers can find and kill him.
16 Nov. 1997
Unusual Suspects
When Immortal Hugh Fitzcairn is "murdered," he challenges Duncan to identify his killer while he gets in the way.
23 Nov. 1997
Duncan has a new fencing partner who invites him out to lunch. Shortly thereafter Duncan foils an attempt by another Immortal, Katia, to kill his partner. Amid two different sides of the story Duncan struggles to find the truth.
31 Jan. 1998
Deadly Exposure
Immortal bounty hunter Reagan is trying to enjoy a vacation in Paris when she witnesses the murder of a photographer who accidentally took a picture of an elusive terrorist, and she needs Duncan's help to unravel the story.
2 Feb. 1998
Two of Hearts
Immortal Katherine's village was decimated 700 years ago at the orders of another Immortal. Now she and her mortal lover are finally in a position to take revenge.
3 May 1998
Adam Pierson aka Methos tries to avenge the sufferings inflicted by Immortal Morgan Walker on helpless victims over several hundred years.
10 May 1998
To Be
When Amanda and Joe are captured by Immortal Liam O'Rourke, Duncan surrenders himself to save their lives. But a gunfight leaves him in a netherworld where he never lived, with Fitz as his guide.
17 May 1998
Not to Be
Duncan's tour of the Duncan-less world continues with Tessa, who is living an empty married life, and other friends who are living equally sad lives.

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