Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) Poster

Mark Lenard: Sarek


  • Klingon Ambassador : The Chancellor of the High Council is dead - the result of an unprovoked attack while he traveled to see you under a flag of truce on a mission of peace. Captain Kirk was legally arrested for the crime. May I remind you that he and Dr. McCoy boarded Kronos One on their own free will? No of these facts are in dispute, Mr. President.

    Federation President : I have ordered a full-scale investigation. In the meantime...

    Klingon Ambassador : In the meantime, we expect the Federation to abide by the articles of Interstellar Law, which you claim to cherish. Kirk and Dr. McCoy will stand trial for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon.

    Federation President : Out of the question.

    [to Sarek] 

    Federation President : Ambassador Sarek, there must be some way to extradite these men.

    Ambassador Sarek : Mr. President, I share a measure of personally responsibility in this matter, but I am obliged to confirm my esteemed colleague's legal interpretation.

    Federation President : What is the position of the Romulan government, Ambassador Nanclus?

    Ambassador Nanclus : I must concur with my colleagues.

    Federation President : But you can't possibly believe that James Kirk assassinated the Chancellor of the High Council.

    Ambassador Nanclus : Mr. President, I don't know what to believe.

    Klingon Ambassador : I'm waiting for your answer, sir.

    Federation President : This president is not above the law.

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