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The Blu-ray release from 2009 is the first home media release to include the 110 minute theatrical version instead of the 113 minute special edition seen on all previous DVD, laserdisc, and VHS releases. The Blu-ray is also the first release to present the movie in its proper 2.40:1 aspect ratio instead of the opened up 2.00:1 ratio seen on previous releases.
The network television version (for NBC) did not include the extra scenes found on the home video versions. It also excluded the theatrical scenes where Lt. Valeris mentions that "You men have work" and the entire scene where Kirk fights an alien prisoner.
The original theatrical release (U.S.) did not include the portion of the scene in the Federation President's office where Colonel West outlined his plan to rescue Kirk and McCoy. Also at the climax of the film, the bit where the Klingon assassin is revealed to be none other than Colonel West was not included.
The original ending credits, after the sign-off, has a blue/white background with the Starfleet Logo as a watermark. The left side was blue with white lettering, and the right side was white with blue lettering.
For home video, a scene in which Scotty verifies the torpedo inventory has been added. In this scene, Valeris mentions the Chancellor's daughter has succeeded her dead father (she heard this on "the news") and Scotty mentions that the daughter never cried over the death of her father. Spock also mentions that Klingons have no tear ducts.
The DVD Special Edition includes all the new scenes from the home video releases, and a few new minor changes to certain scenes and effects exclusive to this DVD.
  • There is a new wide shot of Scotty reading the blueprints of the USS Enterprise-A in the dining hall.
  • Valeris' interrogation scene has been entirely reedited. There are now close up shots of Kirk and McCoy when they speak their lines instead of being in wide shots. When Spock and Valeris name a particular conspirator, the face of that person briefly appears in a flashback like style.
For all widescreen home video releases (up until the Blu-ray release), the image was opened up, resulting in an aspect ratio of 2.00:1 instead of 2.39:1 (its theatrical ratio). The difference is evident when the home video releases are compared against the Blu-ray, or the deleted scenes that feature on the 2004 DVD.

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