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Caroline Goodall: Moira Banning



  • Moira Banning : [after throwing Peter's cell phone out the window]  I'm sorry about your deal.

    Peter Banning : You hated the deal.

    Moira Banning : I hated the deal, but I'm sorry you feel so badly about it. Your children love you, they want to play with you. How long do you think that lasts? Soon Jack may not even want you to come to his games. We have a few special years with our children, when they're the ones that want us around. After that you're going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It's so fast Peter. It's a few years, and it's over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it.

  • Peter Banning : [flying to England on a plane in turbulence]  I'm not gonna make it to my next birthday.

    Moira Banning : You're not gonna die without a phone and fax machine.

    Peter Banning : I'm halfway there. I got the phone in my briefcase.

  • [Peter and Moira are in an argument when Peter's cell phone rings] 

    Peter Banning : It's Brad, Moira. I gotta take this call. I've gotta fix this.

    Moira Banning : No, you've got to fix your family first.

  • Peter Banning : [while the children are running around making a noise, shouting into the phone]  Wait a minute. You're telling me a 10-inch owl has a 50-mile mating radius? Why don't they just fornicate someplace else? What, a five billion dollar deal falling apart because of this? Why doesn't somebody just shoot me in the head?

    Jack : [making a gun gesture with his hands]  Bang, bang!

    Peter Banning : [abandoning call, shouts]  Will everybody just shut up!

    Jack : [backing away in fright]  I'm sorry.

    Peter Banning : And leave me alone for one moment! Moira, get 'em outta here, will you? I'm on the phone call of my life!

    Moira Banning : [exits Maggie and Jack]  Come on, Jack, come on. Out, out out.

  • Moira Banning : [when Peter sees Wendy after ten years]  I told you, gran, I'd get him here, by hook or by crook.

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