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Tony Jay: Monsieur D'Arque



  • Monsieur D'Arque : I don't usually leave the asylum in the middle of the night, but he said you'd make it worth my while.

    [Gaston presents him with a bag of money] 

    Monsieur D'Arque : Ah, I'm listening.

    Gaston : It's like this: I've got my heart set on marrying Belle, but she needs a little persuasion.

    Lefou : [chuckles]  Turned him down flat.

    [Gaston hits him] 

    Gaston : Everyone knows her father's a lunatic. He was in here tonight, raving about a beast in a castle.

    Monsieur D'Arque : Maurice is harmless.

    Gaston : The point is, Belle would do anything to keep him from being locked up.

    Lefou : Yeah, even marry him.

    [points at Gaston; ducks when Gaston tries to hit him again] 

    Monsieur D'Arque : So you want me to throw her father into the asylum unless she agrees to marry you?

    [Lefou nods eagerly] 

    Monsieur D'Arque : Oh, that is despicable.

    [Chuckling evilly] 

    Monsieur D'Arque : I love it!

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