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Strangely attractive
Moonwrack16 January 2006
Veronica Clare seems to have been written and produced with the objective of reflecting the Forties Film Noir genre, but not as a slavish copy; more as a deliberate application of 1990's film culture to the Film Noir idea. It achieved this with great subtlety. It also had atmosphere, pace and style - all reinforced by the quality of the acting of Laura Robinson and Robert Beltran. The whole package was strangely attractive and addictive; an example, perhaps, of an excellent series which inexplicably failed to achieve wide popularity. Nevertheless, it may achieve cult status in the future. One hopes that it will soon be available on DVD.
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A show that had promise .....
edwardjtracey27 April 2008
........for these three reasons:

(a) A Veronica-Lake lead character with a heart. (b) Cases were solved without violence or machine guns. (c) And ..... she owned a jazz club. Game-set-and-match.

The early episodes were uneven, I'll admit that. And one commentary elsewhere - that much of the detective work was done by secondary-role men - had some validity, yet if the show had caught on, few would have noticed. All-in-all, no flaws that could not have been fixed along the way. Indeed, the show would have changed organically, anyhow.

Lifetime heavily promoted this show for a very short time; seems strange that they cut the umbilical cord after so short a time. Sure wish that one of the major networks had picked up this ball and ran with it.

Well, we can hope that this will be released someday, can't we?
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