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5 Feb. 1993
The Merchant
When Nick releases a sadistic arms dealer who derives pleasure from inflicting pain . He poses as someone looking to buy biological weapons with Kelly as his companion. But when the man tests Nick and fails, he imprisons him and Kelly and tortures them.
26 Feb. 1993
Suitable for Framing
Nick is framed for murder. When all the evidence points to him, the team comes up with a plan. Gibs takes his place in prison, while he, Moon, and Kelly try to figure out what's going on.
23 Apr. 1993
Night Games
When the owner of the Dojo Gibbs works out is found dead, he tries to find out what happened. And the trail leads him to a man who made his friend fight in a to the death match because he made a bet with a Japanese Yakuza member. So Gibbs offers to fight not knowing what it is, so Nick and Kelly have to save him.
28 May 1993
Uncle Tony's Cabin
Horton is being pursued by two sadistic killers he convicted years ago. Nick tries to help him by having Kelly keep an eye on him. And Moon and Gibbs pretend to be a couple of hit men who claim that they are getting in their way to get Horton.

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