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Season 4

24 Sep. 1993
Blossom in Paris: Part 1
Blossom flies out to Paris to spend some time with her mother with the realization that her move might be permanent. Joey and Anthony also fly out to Paris but have the task of delivering a package in exchange for a free flight.
24 Sep. 1993
Blossom in Paris: Part 2
Blossom is wooed by a French waiter. Anthony and Joey find themselves in Paris with no money and being pursued over a valuable package. Vinnie decides to fly out to Paris to meet up with Blossom.
24 Sep. 1993
Blossom in Paris: Part 3
Vinnie arrives in Paris and catches Blossom in a compromising position with a French waiter. Joey and Anthony find out what is really in the package.
24 Sep. 1993
Blossom in Paris: Part 4
Blossom and Vinnie have a night out, with other dates. Joey and Anthony finally are forced to give up the package. Blossom's mother comes to the realization that she is uneasy with being a parental figure to Blossom.
27 Sep. 1993
Joey and Nick embark on a camping trip. Blossom becomes unnerved by Six's increasing dependence on alcohol. Anthony and Rhonda both admit to minor infidelities.
4 Oct. 1993
Kiss and Tell
Blossom's mom announces that she is moving back to California to be closer to the family. Blossom becomes confused when she catches her mom and dad in a compromising position. Anthony and Six share an ambulance with a crazy elderly former paramedic.
11 Oct. 1993
Six and Sonny
Six gets into a relationship with a married ex-convict who is ten years older than her. Meanwhile, Joey writes a letter to the president.
18 Oct. 1993
Blossom's Dilemma
When Six runs off with Sonny, Blossom is conflicted as to whether she should tell where they are.
25 Oct. 1993
38 Special
Blossom discovers that a schoolmate keeps a gun in his locker and Joey comes across an alcoholic clown.
1 Nov. 1993
The Fifty-Minute Hour
It's 10 years in the future and Nick finds himself in a psychiatrist's office. During his session, he looks back and talks about Joey's potentially career-threatening injury, Blossom's trouble getting into Stanford and Anthony's breakup with Rhonda.
8 Nov. 1993
True Romance
Joey is invited to the Playboy Mansion and asks Anthony to come along. Blossom considers writing romance novels to earn extra money.
15 Nov. 1993
Let's Talk About Sex
Blossom is worried Vinnie isn't interested in her anymore. Nick finds out Tony has a past with his date.
22 Nov. 1993
Big Doings: Part 1
Anthony goes to Las Vegas, falls off the wagon, and wakes up married to someone he just met. Nick fears the kids do not like his new girlfriend. Six is worried that she might be pregnant.
29 Nov. 1993
Big Doings: Part 2
Anthony and Shelley decide to have a formal wedding. Six takes a pregnancy test. Buzz returns after divorcing Genvieve.
13 Dec. 1993
Blossom has problems with a doppelgänger. Tony is an inspiration for a character in Shelly's children's book.
10 Jan. 1994
Getting Lucky
Blossom is having difficulties accepting Carol. Joey finally does it.
24 Jan. 1994
Blossom finds herself attracted to her supervisor at a homeless shelter which creates tension with Vinnie. Anthony experiences his first encounter of racism since marrying Shelley. Nick considers becoming a vegetarian.
31 Jan. 1994
Double Date
Blossom and Vinnie fix Six up with one of Vinnie's friend who seems to be more interested in Blossom. Joey is surprised to find out that his secret admirer is one of his teammates.
14 Feb. 1994
Beach Blanket Blossom: Part 1
Blossom falls asleep watching a 50's beach movie and dreams of starring in one.
21 Feb. 1994
Beach Blanket Blossom: Part 2
Blossom dreams about starring in a 50's beach movie.
28 Feb. 1994
A Little Help from My Friends
Joey's imaginary friend Mr T. helps him with a team mate who uses steroids. Blossom promises to babysit Kennedy, but receives a better offer.
14 Mar. 1994
Our Favorite Scenes
The cast discusses their favorite scenes.
19 Mar. 1994
Blue Blossom
Blossom turns 17 and doesn't take it well. Shelly's cousin who doesn't like white people comes to visit. Carol's ex-husband has a proposal for Nick.
2 Apr. 1994
Sex, Lies and Mrs. Peterson
Both Buzz and Mrs Peterson are lonely so Blossom and Tony try to fix them up. Joey learns to sing opera.
9 Apr. 1994
Seven Deadly Sins
UFO hovers over the Russo house aliens observing the Seven Deadly Sins.
2 May 1994
Night of Reckoning
Blossom goes to a drive-in movie with Nick and finds out some surprising information about him. Anthony and Shelly have a fight when he is visited by Rhonda. Joey has flashbacks about his mother's history of letting him down.
9 May 1994
Last Tango
At their prom, Blossom and Vinnie have a fight when she finds out that he has not told her that he has been accepted to Princeton.
23 May 1994
With graduation approaching, Joey is given the chance to play minor league baseball. Meanwhile, Blossom and Vinnie face a tough decision in their relationship.

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