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Season 3

10 Aug. 1992
Runaway Blossom and her beau go to a hotel, meanwhile Nick is worried about her running off with Vinnie.
17 Aug. 1992
Dear Mom
In Blossom's letter to her mother, she documents how she discovered Anthony having a drink following two years of sobriety.
24 Aug. 1992
No Cure for Love
Nick is cleaning the house, Vinnie and Blossom want different things from their relationship. Joey fears it was his fault a girl he dumped got into an accident.
14 Sep. 1992
What Price Love?
Realizing that no one will be home for the night, Joey hires a call girl for his first sexual experience. However, when people start coming home unexpectedly, Joey must find a way to sneak her out of the house.
21 Sep. 1992
The Joey Chronicles
Joey struggles to come up with a short story for a class assignment.
28 Sep. 1992
After Vinnie gets in a bike accident, Blossom dreams about what would life be with and without him.
5 Oct. 1992
Only When I Laugh
Blossom and Six get fake IDs so that they can attend a friend's nightclub performance. Feeling bad for a comedian that dies in his ambulance, Anthony decides to use the family home to host his funeral.
12 Oct. 1992
I Killed Chico Barranca
Joey is offered $10,000 to play minor league baseball but is torn when he learns that he would have to skip his senior year. Blossom and Six's yard sale unexpectedly ends with them being sent to jail.
26 Oct. 1992
All Hallows Eve
On Halloween, Blossom and Six fight off a masked maniac: Joey, who is trying to sneak in after going to a party grounded. Meanwhile, Nick, Anthony and Buzz dress up as Wilson Phillips to win a cash prize, but get stranded at a bar.
9 Nov. 1992
The Making of the President
The family watches news-style clips of Blossom's campaign to be school president.
16 Nov. 1992
My Girl
Joey becomes worried after finding his birth certificate; Blossom conducts an family video interview.
23 Nov. 1992
The Frat Party
Blossom wakes up in a dorm after drinking spiked punch at a party.
7 Dec. 1992
Losing Your... Religion
As part of a Social Studies mid-term, Blossom becomes Jewish for a week. In the meantime, she becomes concerned when Six tells her she is planning to lose her virginity to a guy from school.
21 Dec. 1992
Realizing that her and Vinnie might be separated by distance when she leaves for college, Blossom asks Buzz for advice. Buzz then retells the story about how he met Blossom's grandmother.
4 Jan. 1993
The Last Laugh
Nick is not so thrilled when the comedian that he is dating uses him and the family for laughs in her routine. Blossom and Six make a video about safe sex that does not meet the approval of their principal.
11 Jan. 1993
Blossom and Six reflect on how quickly they have grown up.
18 Jan. 1993
Car Wrecks and Marriage
Nick leaves Buzz in charge of the house while he's away. Six wrecks Nick's car and Buzz gets married. Joey meets bikini models.
1 Feb. 1993
Mystery Train
Tony and Joey encounter a ghost train, an old friend visits Nick. Vinnie and Blossom sleep together.
8 Feb. 1993
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
When Nick gets a job at Disneyland as an Elvis impersonator, the rest of the family decides to take a trip to the Magic Kingdom. However, much of the magic is lost when Blossom catches Vinnie hugging another woman.
15 Feb. 1993
Student Films
The family gathers to watch student films that were made by the Russo children and are supposed to have deep meanings.
22 Feb. 1993
All Dressed Up
Prom time brings up the topic of sex and relationships for more than one couple.
1 Mar. 1993
The Thrill Is Gone
Blossom writes to her mother about the aftermath of her breakup with Vinnie. Nick flies out to Paris with the possibility of reconciling with Blossom's mother.
12 Apr. 1993
You Did What?
Blossom and Six's friendship takes a hit when Six goes behind Blossom's back to get the job that Blossom was initially interested in.
3 May 1993
One of Nick's friends sees the potential for an NBC sitcom based on his life. However, Blossom becomes upset when Six is chosen to play her.
10 May 1993
Blossom and Six have a new friend who is bulimic. Nick is nervous about his upcoming date with a new woman. Joey gets a pizza delivery and one of his first customers has a huge appetite but not for pizza.
17 May 1993
Blossom ponders leaving life in California behind and moving to Paris to live her mother for an extended period. She is not sure how to break the news to Nick, Vinnie, and Six.

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