Tremors (1990) Poster


Robert Jayne: Melvin Plug



  • Rhonda LeBeck : They only respond to vibration, right? Couldn't we... distract them somehow?

    Valentine McKee : Yeah, something to keep 'em busy, like a... like a decoy!

    Miguel : Hey Melvin... wanna make a buck?

    Melvin Plug : [Flips him the bird]  Eh, eat it!

  • [Melvin has a Graboid snake tongue wrapped around his neck] 

    Melvin Plug : [screams]  It's got me! It's got me!

    [Melvin bursts into laughter. Everyone realizes he was playing a joke] 

    Walter Chang : Melvin!

    Burt Gummer : Damn it, Melvin!

    [gets in Melvin's face and Melvin stops laughing] 

    Burt Gummer : You came that close, too close. No more games.

    Earl Bassett : Melvin, one of these days, somebody's gonna kick your ass.

  • Melvin Plug : Burt, you asshole! There's no bullets in this gun!

    Burt Gummer : Got you moving, didn't it?

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