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This movie is really underrated
jlivesay20109 March 2009
This movie I know people did not really enjoy. But in a way it is underrated. Because it does really get Mickey back in the show (which Rocky IV stayed away from). I got sad towards the beginning when Rocky goes back to the old neighborhood one night and goes to Mickey's gym and at the end when Rocky is thinking back to what Mickey was telling him in the first two. It also really does have a father son theme in it. I felt sorry for his son. Tommy Morrison did a good job in playing his character. All the Rocky movies to me are the same because they all have there specialties. So yea in a way this movie is underrated and actually really sad.
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Give it a chance.
jonnyabomb15 April 2006
For some reason or another, certain movies achieve a reputation as being worse than they actually are. Rocky V is one such film that is affected by the – as I call it – Phantom Menace syndrome. This refers to Movies that are interesting in their own way but fail to live up to the hype or expectation of previous instalments, or simply do not follow the formula that everyone derided for being too predictable anyway. For me, Rocky V is the best of the sequels to the 1976 original, as it does not follow in the Rocky tradition of simply having a bigger guy to fight than in the previous film. Rocky IV was a great spectacle but it was more comical than anything to think that an entire Russian government could be funding one over-sized boxer who could kill a man with one flurry of punches, not to mention turn a blind eye to illegal doping. The fifth instalment in the anthology goes back to the more personal story of the character, and deals much more realistically with the aftermath of loss and the twisted nature of professional prize fighting.

Stallone recruited his own son for the role of Robert (Rocky's son) and the result is one of the best father son relationships ever committed to celluloid. The scene where Rocky realises that he has been a negligent father and must make his peace with the boy is affectionate and heartfelt and could never been as realistic without the real life history behind these two people.

OK, there are some flaws and I am not too naive to suggest this movie is worthy of an Oscar. The casting of Tommy 'The Machine' Gunn could have been better as real life boxer Tommy Morrison sometimes appears wooden and is never really threatening enough to Rocky for the final fight to have any tangible tension. Similarly, aside from the final tune of Elton John's 'The measure of a man' the music does not measure up to the awesome and inspirational anthems that have accompanied previous instalments. Any Flick in the early nineties that used rap music as its primary soundtrack has ultimately dated for a modern audience.

My advice would be to watch this movie in full before you judge it. There are some sad moments in this fall from grace story as well as few goofs in terms of weak acting. But it's not as bad as people say and as the sixth instalment nears completion it's about time everyone got back into the Rocky spirit for one more round.

A good film. 7/10
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Unfairly overlooked in the Rocky Series.
sonofjorel3166 March 2013
Rocky V is deemed to be the worst film of the series and Stallone himself gave it a 1 rating in an interview here in the U.K with Jonathan Ross.

Whilst i understand Stallone's frustration with how the Rocky saga ended at the time. Rocky V is not a viewing experience without it's rewards.

Rocky's trip down memory lane to an empty Mickey's gym has to one of the standout scenes in the entire series and whilst the writing isn't on par with Rocky or even Rocky Balboa, you get the sense that Rocky V is back to basics and this is how it life would be if Rocky was a real everyday person and shows the struggles of how he and his family have to adjust everyday life, and how Rocky struggles to reclaim the life he once had, and the father/son relationship that deteriorates, due to Rocky spending all his time trying to live his life through his new protégé.

Whilst the eventual climatic final street fight between teacher and trainer might not be on a Drago or Creed level, you still find yourself rooting for Rocky and hoping he can fix what he has unknowingly broken.

Ignore all the reviews that it's poor continuation of the Rocky saga. It tries to get back to basics and for the most part succeeds.

My advice, give it a chance.
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Rocky V The measure of a man.
bluesman-2023 March 2008
Rocky V to me is the only Rocky movie that kept the promise and the original concept of Rocky. Rocky two three and four were great films but they moved Rocky too far away from who is was Rocky V fixes that problem. At the End of Rocky 4 we see Rocky is suffering from a Brain Truma inflicted from Drago's Blows Rocky is told he can never fight again and to do so would make him a vegetable. The Heavyweight Championship Title is stripped from him and Rocky announces his retirement. At the next moment he learns that his greedy lawyer has stolen Everything and Rocky is broke. He returns back to his old neighborhood and Rocky who was left Mickey's Gym reopens it and starts training a new generation of fighters Adrian goes back to work in the pet store and Rocky Junior must go to a public school where he must fight for his respect. Everything changes when Rocky is challenged by a dishonest promoter to fight the NEW Champion Union Kane Rocky refuses, At this time Rocky meets a fighter Tommy Gunn who wants him to train and manage him. Rocky begins to get his self respect back as his fighter wins fight after fight and attracts the new Champions attention. Rocky turns down the fight saying Tommy Gunn us not ready and Tommy turns on him. He becomes the Champion and the dishonest promoter becomes his mananger and he Confronts Rocky, A incredible Street Fight ensues and the movie winds down. This one is my favourite of all the Rocky films as it shows Rocky Down but not out. This movie has been unfairly knocked around by everyone from Stallone to the critics and yet it rings so true. Just try it you'll be surprised it's not your normal Rocky film it's better.
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Acceptable follow-up in which Balboa is willing to risk his life against ingrate boxer
ma-cortes30 January 2012
Interesting sequel that works every time and in which beloved Balboa , the one time champion , returns to take on an ingrate contender performed by Tommy Morrison . Officially a sequel is most a rehash but happens to be a nice fifth chapter about Rocky saga with intimate Stallone . Two-bit fighter Rocky is now retired and has hit rock bottom , he lives from records but our hero returns as coach and to face off a daring contender . Reluctantly retired from boxing and back from riches to rags , Rocky takes on a new protégé who betrays him . As the champ's son must adjust to his family's new life on bankruptcy and being ostracized . Although he is homaged as one of the greatest boxing champions in the history also is panned as a down-and-out fighter , being nicknamed as the Chicken Stallion . But ¨The Italian Stallion¨ comes out from retirement for fame and self-respect to combat strongest, youngest and faster contender , despite his own cerebral damage , through a rematch on the streets . While Rocky attempts to prove himself and his family , his wife (Talia Shire), brother-in-law (Burt Young) and his teenager son (Sage Stallone , real-life son plays Rocky Jr).

This enjoyable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'. The movie works at usual manner, fitting appropriately to franchise , even though we know the plot the film works . This soaper on the ring is developed in gentleness, dignity , feel-good style such as the initial outing . Great training montage and spectacular and climatic final bout . Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling . Usual and nostalgic musical score by Bill Conti and atmospheric cinematography by Steven Poster . The motion picture is lavishly financed by the producers of complete saga , Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler and well directed by John G Avildsen who along Stallone created the six Rocky saga.

While here the opponent is an invincible young fighter ,champ of the world, played by a real boxer named Tommy Morrison , in previous and subsequent entries the contenders were the following : ¨Rocky I and II¨ was Carl Weathers ; ¨Rocky III¨ after being dethroned by obnoxious , corpulent Mr T from A Team ; ¨Rocky IV¨ against a massive Russian boxer played by Dolph Lundgren ; and ¨Rocky Balboa¨ proving his estranged young son Milo Ventiglimia who still can fight . Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike , the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement . Although we've seen it all before , Sylvester manages to make it work one more time and it works every way even better than subsequents Rockys
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A wonderful movie about father and son
Margaux129 June 2003
Sometimes it gets annoying to me how critical people are of the Rocky series. It's like they feel like they have to say terrible things about it, probably because people can be so negative that they can't find it in themselves to believe that a 'less than intelligent' person with heart, drive and passion can move mountains and achieve success.

I personally thought this, and every other Rocky movie, was fabulous. I thought Sage Stallone was amazing in his debut as Rocky's son. Also, this movie showed a more real side of boxing, the business side, with exploitative agents and corrupt business tactics.

Some may think the Rocky series is an unrealistic saga, but Rocky IV proves it isn't. The person we saw struggle, fight, and grow rich is now back to square one...minus all the money but still with the heart.

I saw this movie and it brought tears to my eyes. It shows how wrapped up we can become when trying to achieve our goals through others and how it affects people around us.

I thought it was an interesting storyline and was a lot better than people give it credit for.
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Fans Of The Series Should Still Like This One, Too
ccthemovieman-115 November 2006
I think this was the only Rocky film I never saw at the theater. I guess I'd had enough by then. However, I did catch this on VHS and, despite all the negative opinions I had read concerning it, I was glad I saw it. It was typical Rocky entertainment: hokey but satisfying and generally enjoyable.

Richard Gant did a nice job impersonating Don King and Tommy Morrison, a real-life fighter, turned out to be a pretty good actor. Again, we see the familiar characters of Rocky, still sounding stupid; wife Adrian, older-looking but still faithful to her husband, and Paulie, still a slob and a low-life.

The final scene provides the usual over-done fight with.....well, if you've seen the others and enjoyed them - the fights and the stories - you should like this, too.
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Highly under rated
onehotmotherf25 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I felt the need to write something about this movie seeing the constant bashing it is taking, i'm a huge Stallone fan and an even bigger Rocky fan, People are rating this movie really bad, and i'm thinking are they getting the point? For me 3+4 were the most shallow movies if the series, don't get me wrong they are awesome films but they portray a more action oriented film, where as the first 2 were a good mix of drama and action, getting back to this movie, i feel this takes us back to roots of Rocky nice and dramatic with not so much commercialness in it as the previous 2, i love to see the old neighbourhood from the first 2 movies and how he fits back in with it, this film is about his struggle to deal with bankruptcy family issues and who he is. I think Stallone did a stellar job with this movie, the ending is superb and the soundtrack is nice and upbeat with the old classics in there too, Elton Johns "Measure of a Man" at the end for me really sums up Rocky's life and i love the captures playing through the end titles with it, as for the fight scene, classic in my eyes, through all the Rocky movies we here him coming from a street fighters background but we never see it until now.....the way he stares at Tommy and tells him to step outside really shows the animalistic streetfighter side of Rocky up until now we only heard about. I'm sorry if people don't agree with me but i think this film deserves much more praise than it receives, Hail Stallone Hail Rocky!
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He is going back to where it all began. When you're down and out, the best shot is, simply, to … Go for it!
Old Joe16 May 2002
When a doctor or a family member tells you that the only life you have ever know is over, that can be a pretty bitter pill too swallow. In Rocky V, Rocky Balboa is faced with such a scenario. This movie proves to me that you need to have more than one string to your arrow, as you never know when it might come in handy one day. Rocky V also points out that money and possession are not the important things in life, but family and (true) friends are!

Losing it all does not mean a thing unless you've got something to lose… And Rocky Balboa had it all. Times have changed, though, for former Heavyweight champion of the world. A lifetime of fighting has taken its toll, mentally and physically, and the maneuverings of an scrupulous accountant have left him financially strapped. But resiliency and the ability to come back have been trademarks of the Rocky legend. Just when it looks like the champ is down for the count, he discovers the raw talent of a young fighter named Tommy Gunn, who just might be Rocky's last chance for glory. In a world where achievement is marked by dollars and cents, and in a profession where success is measured in wins and losses, Rocky Balboa knows that, whatever the struggle, your only hope is to give it your best shot.

This film is probably the weakest of the five films in the Rocky series. Yet there are some very good parts to it. The way we see Rocky get over bankruptcy was very good, as is the way he eventually makes his family the most important thing in his life. Again I found this story to be good, though I guess it lacked that real Rocky feel to it, mainly because the champ was unwilling or unable to get into the ring. Stallone has done a grand job in being the writer of all the Rocky films.

The cast make a final appearance, that is reasonably good. Stallone is good as Rocky once again. His character is still trying to make a contribution to fighting, after being told that he can no longer professionally fight in the ring. So he helps out fresh talent, Tommy ‘Machine' Gunn, who is acted by real life boxer Tommy Morrison. I found this character to be just far to arrogant and stubborn, which in a way did not suit being a part of the Balboa corner. Tommy has had an interesting life, not only fighting wise, but in a personal way. He has been caught in drug rackets, drink driving and admitted to the world that he has contracted the fatal HIV virus. I am not so sure he is the greatest of actors though.

The normal cast members were good. Talia Shire's character Adrian, lets the world know that her husband is finished boxing and has nothing else to prove in the boxing ring. Making a special appearance was star from the first three films, that of Burgess Meredith. Just seeing him onscreen was really satisfying. Mickey was a favourite character of mine. I must mention that I liked seeing Stallone's very own son Sage, in Rocky as Rocky's son, Rocky Jnr. He was pretty good as the son that felt left out in the cold. He also has a mean punch like the old man as well.

I found that all the Rocky films had terrific soundtracks. This is due to the great work by composer, Bill Conti. Bill has done a wonderful job in organising the music to go with all the fighting scenes and the poignant scenes which require that tune to set them off just nicely. Rocky five had probably the best song on any of the soundtracks, that being the Elton John hit ‘Measure of a man'. I think it is a wonderful song, with some terrific lyrics. I have loved most of the music that the Rocky movies have given us.

Rocky V might not be the best movie ever made, but it certainly had some sort of impact on me. I believe if a movie only makes a slight impression on you, then it has achieved in a small way what it was meant to do. I heard that plans for Rocky VI were being made, with a script finished by Stallone just a few years ago. Personally, I feel that if it was to be made it would not be that great a film, because Balboa can no longer make a comeback in the ring, and if he does, he could well become as his wife said ‘disabled'. All things being said, these films are a terrific avenue of motivation and can help any person get the spark back to turn their luck around in any venture they pursue.

Rating 3 Stars or 6.5/10
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Surprisingly good.
Cocacolaguy912-227 December 2006
I thought Rocky V was supposed to be bad?! No no no! It is certainly different from the other 4 in that this time Rocky is retired and is working at Mickey's gym which he now owns...and looking after his son. Great, right? A father-son movie. But the wonderful thing is, it isn't drawn out with boring scenes of bonding and what not. This movie made me more angry than Rocky IV even. I won't say why for that would just ruin the fun part. This movie stays realistic to the character of Rocky, but this time it is more about his relationship not with himself but with the people around him. This movie is fun.

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My Rocky Review
davidwilliamrose3825 November 2015
I had a really hard time last night where my life fell apart just like Rocky's, I watched this movie again for probably the 15th time but i hadn't seen it in about 8 is a new day and watching this movie made the tears well up in my eyes...The story of a guy on top losing everything only to get back what's most important...his self worth and dignity and of course his honor...Great movie!! Great acting, remember folks this a Rocky movie, a boxing movie, an American Classic!! Thanks Sylvester Stallone your a true hero!! I could watch all his movies over and over, anytime. The cast members are all great actors and will always be remembered in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. I can't wait to see Creed as it looks to really rekindle the fire from previous installments of the series. I highly recommend these movies to anyone looking to be entertained.
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Rocky 5
hussein_78731 May 2005
After watching the final rocky series, I felt happy that it ended with this plot. Most of the reviews I have read for this movie before watching it are usually quite bad. But were they wrong, this movie was much better than i expected and I thought it was much better than rocky 4, the storyline in rocky 4 was dull, the acting was rubbish, the original rocky soundtrack wasn't there which changed the viewers motivational feeling during the training scenes. The victory speech was nonsense as well. but rocky 5 was more of a low budget style of movie, it was back to Rocky's roots and training and family issues were also considered.
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Most realistic Rocky since part 2
jj090825 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
You know why people don't like this movie? It's because it's gritty and depressing, it's real life! You take that many devastating blows to the head, you're gonna get brain damage. People were expecting another superhuman matchup when this movie came out, nope, just the consequence of his boxing career. Remember what the Russian did to Apollo? How on earth is Rocky supposed to come out unscathed?? Stallone was going for realism; irreversible brain damage. He got dumber than he was in part 1. But he still had heart, and that's what I loved about this movie. Part 6 of the Rocky series ignores this movie because of fan hate, that's sad. This was a great movie.
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A Must See For Any Rocky Fan
shanegerald10 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
By all means, I don't believe this is an Oscar movie, or even the best in the Rocky series. However if you are a true Rocky fan, you will really enjoy this movie. It shows a great side of Rocky that is more outside the ring, and we get to go back to the streets where the original Rocky started. The Flash backs of Mick in the Gym with young Rocky just might bring a tear to your eye. And then of course there is still Paulie who delivers one of his best lines in the entire series. "Hey Rock, what do you say we go wrap our teeth around a few cold ones." The final fight seen is a little drawn out, but this is Rocky who can get knocked down 20 times in a fight and still win. Plus the final fight is a good old fashioned street fight, which I thought was great. Any true Rocky fan will love this movie.
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Rocky V, terribly under-rated
ryanaustin-17 December 2006
I have rated this movie as a 10 which will make most readers think I don't have a clue what I'm talking about. To be honest, I don't believe this movie is a 10, but I feel I need to give it that bit extra due to the very low rating this movie has polled on this site. Even though it will make next to no difference to the overall rating of the movie, it will at least make me feel a little better. I have watched the rocky series probably 100 times each and if I had anything to do with making them, I would feel offended that Rocky V is rated lower than Rockys III and IV. I feel that, going on best to worst, the order should be The original on top, followed by the second, then the fifth, then the third, with number 4 coming in last. The original Rocky is one of the best movies ever made, no question. By the second film, Stallone took over directing duties and done a decent job with it, apart from one or two corny things thrown in to it. By the third one however, all common sense in the series went out the window right from the opening montage. The fourth Rocky should have been titled Rocky 80's. If anyone over the age of 12 truly loves that movie, you should be ashamed of yourself. The first movie wasn't a sports movie, it was a drama which happened to be about a journeyman boxer getting to live his dream by fighting for a heavyweight championship. Rocky IV is just a big stupid fight scene, with the rest of the movie just filling in time. Why would Rocky turn down his prize money for this fight? Yes, he was doing it to avenge his friends death, but why not avenge Apollo, and make 10 million at the same time which he could at least give to a charity? The training sequence is stupid, why would there be any gyms at all if running up a mountain was better than all the best equipment available, mixed with steroids. The fight scene itself, which was really all they had, was obscenely ridiculous. There isn't a referee in the world that wouldn't have stopped the contest 3 rounds in. Rocky gets dropped a good 10 times that fight but keeps getting up, yet when he drops Drago once, the show is over. He somehow gets an entire nation to change from spitting on him at the start, to loving him, all in under 30 minutes, and all by punching there national hero in the head. And don't get me started on the speech he gives in the middle of the ring at the end, I'm cringing just thinking about it. The reason Rocky 5 is not so popular, is that people were looking for a sequel to Rocky 4, not another sequel to Rocky 1. Number 5 breaks away from the 80's crap brought to us by the previous 2 sequels. It goes back to its roots of a real story, and they brought the original director back for it. This again has made a drama set in the world of boxing, rather than just a 'boxing movie'. And for people who are just after the action, it actually has more boxing scenes than the other movies, its just Tommy Gunn for most of it instead of the title character, who by the way, was played by Tommy Morrison, who went on to win the World Heavyweight title in real life. The script is solid, the characters have depth and it underlines the corruption that is ruining the sport of boxing. If you really are a fan of either film or boxing, rent the movie again and tell me i'm wrong
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Just like old times Sly!
beatle64patriot3 March 2001
This is one of the several Sly movies I enjoy seeing,over and over again!He is one of my favorite all time actors,next to Mel Gibson.I really like the one scene in ROCKY V where Tommy challenges Rocky in the bar to fight him.After a few rounds of old fashion street fighting,Rocky proves he is still the best!
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Cuz Mickey luvs ya..
dgl119922 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Sly took a big chance with this one. After IV it was considered over, the Rocky saga ended with illustrious flag-waving camp and post-fight moronic platitudes about political allegiances. I will say though that I did like IV very much, the ending was just a little ridiculous though. Extending the Rocky tale meant an audience was going start off with one question- "Now what?" Rocky Balboa is hands down one of my favorite fictional heroes. He's likable, funny, strong, full of integrity. I really wanted to like this movie. It has problems, though, serious problems. First, the guy loses everything? All the money is gone and he's back on the street? That was a little hard to swallow. Next he decided to train some stalker and mold him into his own image to the detriment of his relationship with his only son? It was a little hard to grasp but I did see where he was going with that. Rocky knew he couldn't, or shouldn't, fight anymore so he lives vicariously and by extension through Tommy Gunn; with Rocky assuming himself as a young "Mickey in the making". It was alluring, to the exclusion of all else. But what I did find very appealing about this movie was the running commentary about the dark side of professional boxing. There was a reason he included a Don Kingish promoter to personify all that is seedy and wrong with the sport. You wanted to kill this guy by the end.

What saves this film is the street fight at the end. I don't think it was the best fight scene of the Rockys but it was damn good and damn intense. Rocky is almost out and we see flashbacks of his earlier defeats as the birdies circle his battered head. Then, in an MTVish style Mickey returns in smoke and strobes and berates him to get on his feet. "You're the champ! He's not a machine! Get up, get on your feet you son of a bitch! Cuz Mickey loves you.." Now THAT was just really cool.
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joliet-jake16 December 2004
This movie is very different than the others in the series but it is pretty good. If you liked the rest of the movies i would recommend this movie but if you have not seen the rest of them then do not see this one first. Although it is good it is not as good as the rest of them. We see Rocky's kid having a hard time in school so he want s to turn to fighting and the conflicts with that. This is all that i can really say without ruining the movie. Go for it if you liked the rest of the series. I didn't know what i was getting into when i rented this. I thought there was going to be more fighting in it. the final fight between rocky and the guy he was training is awesome. So it is good but not as strong as the rest of the series. 8 out of 10 This is my ranking of the series 1). Rocky 4 and Rocky 1 2). Eocky 3 3). Rocky 2 4). Rocky 5
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"It don't hurt having an angel in your corner, you know."
classicsoncall1 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, extending the Rocky franchise beyond the first three movies was probably asking for trouble, but that could just be me. "Rocky IV" struck me as a quick way to make a buck with a series of cobbled together scenes from the first three films with a resounding sound track pumping up the volume. This one has a bit more of a plot to it, with the strained relationship between Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and his son (real life son Sage Stallone) at the center of the story. It works up to a point, but by the time it develops into an alley fight between The Rock and his protégé Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison), all semblance of believability just melts away in a flash of fists and fury.

For starters, you have to consider the length of time it would have taken Tommy to begin training with Rocky, develop into a preliminary fighter, and then compile a record of 22 and 0 to earn a championship match. Even if he fought every two months, it still would have taken a couple of years to get to the Union Cane fight. The way this story blazes by, it seems like it all takes place in a matter of days and Tommy suddenly finds himself at the top of the boxing world. And THEN, all of a sudden, Union Cane is outed as a fraud? That just made my head spin. No one becomes the World Champ by beating pushovers, what alternate universe would this have taken place in?

You know, the Rocky films played a nasty trick on me when they had his manager Mickey (Burgess Meredith) die in "Rocky II". For the longest time I couldn't figure out if Meredith was dead or alive when he showed up in the sequels. I know, it's easy enough to look up, but it's one of those things that keep you guessing. To save you the trouble, Meredith was alive when he made his daydream appearances in this film. For my money, the best sequence in the picture was the one where Rocky had the imaginary conversation with his former manager. That was very well done.

As I write this review, I'm stunned by the news that Sage Stallone passed away just a month ago. I never heard about it at the time, and as I read the links from the IMDb website, I'm reminded that life isn't like the movies where happy endings have a tendency to prevail. My condolences go out to Stallone and his family, and I hope the Rocky spirit gets him through this ordeal.
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Rocky 5
tonyenglish9113 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"this review may contain spoilers"

Rocky 5 is not just a movie its more a lesson of life. When your living one of the greatest moments (of your life),with all the odds against you,managing to defeat a Russian, mountain of muscle, killing machine "Ivan Drago", to conquer his home crowd with your name chanted out loudly,seen in the eyes of millions of people as a hero....all of sudden to face one of the toughest realities like losing your fortune and not being able to nothing about it,is sad,depressing and disturbing.making you feel a big loser and a failure.

Rocky is back from the soviet union.He discovers that all the millions of dollars earned as a legendary boxer have been lost or worse stolen and utilized by his accountant in the stock market.Paulie is considered to be the culprit,as when he receives a letter from the accountant with the request to borrow Rocky's money,Paulie signs it thinking that the letter is a payment for the tax's extensions on the house.NO can do, everything is lost forever.The mansion,cars and all assets are sold,and rocky is forced to retire from his beloved profession after discovering to have suffered severe brain damage. The family go and live back in the old neighborhood.Rocky for a living opens up Micheys old gym,Adrian gets her old job at the pet shop and Robert(Rockys son),has to adapt to a complete different scenery:from the rich world and high class education,to a poor degraded environment comparable in way to a ghetto. A long the way Rocky becomes manager of Tommy"the machine"Gunn,an ungrateful prick who after been tough how to box at the highest level,seeing that Rocky hasn't got the financial muscle to move him up and lamenting that after 22 consecutive wins,no proper money has been made,Tommy decides to turn his back on him by joining the ranks of a bent promoter by the name of George W.Duke. The final sequence of the film sees Rocky and Tommy fighting in the street,thankfully Rocky ends up victorious by showing his ex pupil some manners and who is the best.

The whole Rocky series,especially this fifth chapter, is not based on boxing,but it narrates the story of a man who even when he finds himself in most dark and difficult situations in life,he manages to stand up on his two feet and fight until the very end. Especially with Rocky 5,Sly Stallone wanted to point out a clear message,In life even with unfortunate situations such as "bankruptcy",failiures,disappointments,get put down by other peoples criticisms,judgments and bad words,don't just lay down as a defeated, Get up and always find the strength to react and confront.You gain and posses that strength from the love and careness that you have for your family.Never marginalize your family for someone from the outside,family comes first than power,money,and material.

I honestly don't understand why this movie got such a low rating and why its considered to be the weakest and one of the worst.The movie other than being emotional and more based on reality,is Original.To all those IMDb users that gave this picture such a low rating,claiming that it should be burned and its a disgrace are ignorants that don't understand a monkeys toss about cinema.Everyone wanted to witness Rocky climb back in the ring and fight another vicious killing machine like Drago,but it didn't happen.UNLUCKY!!!!to all the haters,a word of advice:do something better with your time instead of reviewing titles that you don't completely understand.!

the ending of the film is absolutely perfect,where the scene closes with the Rocky statue ,with its arms high up in the sky,looking over the entire city of Philadelfia as a symbol of victory. All five Rocky films have had an impact on my life.I want to personally thank Mr Slyvester Stallone for delivering not only such superb films but mostly creating such a legendary figure like "Rocky", that will always be remembered in the long coming, a character that we always can turn to,especially moments we are in need of comfort,strength and a boost.... but most of all, AN IDOL THAT WE CAN BE PROUD OF!!!!! Thankyou!!!
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Go for it!
gcd703 February 2007
Perhaps this fifth movie in he series will be the final "Rocky"? You never know I guess. Yet this fourth sequel is far more entertaining than the previous film, "Rocky IV".

This time original director John G. Avildsen and writer/star Sylvester Stallone take us back to the heart of Rocky and what he stands for, the people. It's good entertainment, and we touch on the human side of Rocky we've missed for a while.

Talia Shire, Burt Young and Burgess Meredith all return. Stay for the touching montage during the end credits; it's a winner, as is this picture. Go for it!

Saturday, February 16, 1991 - Hoyts Cinema Centre Melbourne
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A lot of you people really need to lighten up
mercury428 January 2002
When I was little I loved this movie. I later started to get negative though and hate it. I've changed now. I still think it is a good movie. So Rocky V wasn't the best. So Rocky doesn't fight in the ring. None of these things make Rocky V a bad movie. It has a great story, a great beginning and a great climactic fight. I wish other films can have as great a fight scene as the one in this one. The cool part is Tommy Gun is Tommy Morrison a real life boxer. I only wish I can see Rocky slug it out with another fighter like Mike Tyson or even fight The Rock.

This isn't the best Rocky, but it's a very good movie. I still recognize it as being part of the series. All of the true Rocky fans should. My only problems are that the movie is too contemporary, Rocky has brain damage and how it keeps showing flash backs of the Drago fight. Rocky proved in Rocky IV that Drago was just a man and in this they take it back. It's like Drago is haunting him. Also how everyone looks too old, especially Talia Shire. And how the hell did the son grow so fast. I'm sure Rocky wasn't in Russia for years and why was Duke out of the movie so fast. He's a great character. In the end it shows photos from the previous Rocky movies to I guess say it's over. Please Sly. Make another Rocky. End the series with another great Rocky movie. Don't end the series yet.
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One More Round
bmxrountree6 December 2002
Actually I didn't think it was all that bad. It wasn't as exciting as the other episodes but it made sense.

Rocky finally retires , goes broke , and ends up where it all started. I liked the scene whene he went to Mickey's gym and thought of that memory. Another one was when Tommy challenged Rocky to a fight but he just walked away and it went on. And after all these years Paulie said something that you can give him credit for.

The only thing I didn't like was when Rocky gave Tommy Apollo's shorts. That was going too far. If they were going to remember him they could of done it in a better way.
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This Truly Speaking, Is The Best In The Rocky Series.
Vivekmaru458 December 2010
What's up with the negative reviews. If you saw all the other ones 1,2,3,4 and then think deeply about it, this ones the best, because it shows us the never before seen side of Rocky's life.

He is growing old and he must accept that fact. He thinks often of his past in the film. We see the sort of relationship he has with his son (played by his real son Sage Stallone). And this time for once in his life he listens to what Adrian has to say.

After the fight in U.S.S.R. Rocky, Adrian, and Adrian's brother Paulie return from to their lavish Philadelphia home to find out that Paulie had Rocky unknowingly sign 'power of attorney' over to Balboa's accountant, who had, in turn, squandered all of Rocky's money on bad business deals and disappeared.

He quits from the professional boxing scene due to an injury he suffered in the match against Drago, despite his grim financial situation.

Rocky is humiliatingly forced to sell his house and watch all of his expensive belongings be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The only thing Rocky doesn't lose is Mickey's gym, which Mickey had willed to Rocky's son, Robert.

We see him cry as he remembers the time spent training with Mick. It is really heartfelt. The old gym in which he used to train with Mick now becomes his only source of income and the only purpose of his life.

Rocky's son is exposed for the first time to poverty. He is savagely bullied at school for the first time, but he perseveres and overcomes this. He does not get enough attention from his father and this creates a rift.

Tommy Morrison plays the role of an ambitious boxer wanting to be trained by the legendary Rocky Balboa. He sweet-talks his way into Rocky's heart. As Rocky cannot box due to the injury he sustained to the head during the fight with Drago, he sees the success of Tommy as himself being back in the ring.

Enter the ruthless boxing promoter: a parody of Don King. He calls himself George Washington Duke, and he has a catch phrase "Only in America." Duke tries (unsuccessfully) to arrange a boxing match between the current heavyweight champion Eugene Cain and Rocky in Tokyo. Adrian promptly intervenes and puts a stop to this.

Once again Duke tries to tempt Rocky. Rocky now wants to lift his family back up to a lavish life, but Adrian again comes to save him in the nick of time.

Tommy's impressive rise through the ranks catches the eye of Duke, who uses the promise of a title shot against Cane and Tommy's own resentment at being compared to his trainer to lure him away from Rocky. Duke pulls up outside the Balboa house with Tommy in tow, who has now been deceived into thinking that Rocky doesn't have his best interests in mind. When Rocky tries to convince his friend otherwise, an ungrateful Tommy drives off in a huff, leaving Rocky for good.

Tommy wins the heavyweight title by knocking out Union Cane in the first round, but is booed by spectators throughout the fight and hounded by reporters afterward. They insist that Cane was nothing but a "paper champion", because Cane didn't win the title from Balboa. Therefore, the public would never consider Tommy the real champion unless he fights a worthy opponent. With Tommy enraged by the press's reaction, Duke, sensing an opportunity, tells Tommy that he needs to fight Rocky man to man, and settle once and for all who is the best.

Duke and Tommy show up at a local bar to goad Rocky into accepting a fight; Rocky initially declines but after Tommy hits Paulie, Rocky agrees, but instead challenges Tommy to a street fight on the spot. Despite Duke's warnings to keep the fight in the ring, Tommy accepts the challenge.

Despite gaining the upper hand early in the fight, Rocky is eventually beaten down by Tommy and is seemingly out for the count. His head once again pounds with hellish visions of the fight with Drago and Mickey's funeral. He then hears his old mentor's voice urging him to get back in the fight, to go just "one more round". Rocky gets back up and, with his family and the entire neighborhood cheering him on, utilizes his vast street fighting knowledge to defeat Tommy, knocking him into the grill of a bus with his final blow. After the fight, Duke commends Rocky and tries to appeal to him, but Rocky has heard enough. Duke threatens to sue if Rocky touches him, but after a brief hesitation, Rocky punches him in the gut anyway, knocking him onto the hood of a car. The crowd cheers as the bankrupt Rocky shrugs and quips, "Sue me for what?".

Superb acting by Sage Stallone, also a special appearance by Oliver Burgess Meredith was very moving. Richard Gant is phenomenal as the boxing promoter George Washington Duke. Tommy Morrison puts in a convincing performance as Rocky's hot prospect Tommy Gunn. Burt Young is superb as always playing his familiar role as Paulie.

Buy this superb film directed by none other than the legendary John G. Avildsen. You won't regret it.

Email me for more movie info.

Thanks for reading.
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A step up for the series
dr_foreman2 February 2004
Often slated as the worst of the bunch, "Rocky V" is actually superior to the two films that preceded it. Unlike the glossy third and fourth entries, this one tries to be down-to-earth. Rocky loses his money, and is forced to go back to his old neighborhood. Back in the grime of his past. That's where he belongs, not in a mansion!

Granted, there is some cheese on display here. The music is dated and some of the dialogue is just too obvious - the reporters at the press conference pressure Rocky in all kinds of ridiculous ways. I also don't understand the patriotic references; why is the villain "George Washington" Duke and why does he say "only in America" at the end? (only in America can Rocky prove his superiority in a street brawl?) It's also silly that the film is set right after "Rocky IV," since all of the actors have visibly aged.

Nevertheless, there's good stuff here. Paulie finally redeems himself, and Tommy's corruption is an interesting counterpoint to how Rocky's career developed. The final battle is very satisfying, particularly the visions of Mickey which inspire Rocky to get up for "one more round!!!" Ah, how I love the moment when he rises to kick Tommy's butt. Dah-dah-dum-dum-dum-dee-dah-dah-dah! (etc.)

I also love the last line - a great summary of what Rocky's character is all about.
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