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  • The Masters of Menace are actually a motorcycle gang. When one of their own dies while performing a dangerous bike stunt, they decide to cross the country to go bury him. With the coffin in the back of the pick-up truck and the tight-butt lawyer in the front, their craving for beer combined with lack of manners will disturb quite a few people wherever they go, including the police.


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  • A voice over begins telling us that police officers and bikers hate each other, and that people try to put bikers out by pinning on them any charge. This time, soon-to-be-elected attorney Riley Hoover (Ray Baker) wants to send bikers from the Road Masters chapter to gaol because of conspiracy charges; but to have a conspiracy, the narrator says, you need to have a plan and some brains, and the bikers of this film don't have any.

    The bikers' lawyer, fresh from school Wallace Wolfby (Lance Kinsey) is a hot mess, and he says that they are being prosecuted just because they belong to a motorcycle gang. "Club", Buddy Wheeler (David Rasche) corrects his own lawyer. "Strike that. Club, motorcycle club", says Wolfby. Kitty Wheeler (Catherine Bach) is worried about his husband.

    Lazy Larry (John Hazelwood), Sloppy Joe (David Bowe), Roy Boy (Lee Ving), Squirt (David L. Lander), Horny Hank (Tino Insana) and the president of the club, Herbert Wheeler alias Buddy. They are given suspended sentences for three years by L. Estes (Stanley Grover) they can't leave the county or cause any offense, not even a parking ticket, or they will have to go to jail the remaining time. Cheers from the bikers and their supporters, although the opposite side complains aloud.

    Buddy and Kitty french kiss. His lawyer tells him to stay quiet. Buddy invites Wallace to the celebration party. Kitty wants Buddy to find a house. Hoover will be watching him, waiting for him to screw up. He tells his assistant Dick Schonweiler (Malcolm Smith) to go after him. Hoover tells Dick to watch the bikers and tell him as soon as they fuck it up.

    Finally, their lawyer arrive with his librarian girlfriend, posh Evelyn, who appears dressed to the nines. Buddy tells her that she'll be a mess before she leaves. The lawyer tells them to stop the party, because they are creating a commotion in spite of being under court supervision. Two drunk bikers try to pee on the bush behind which Dick is hiding. Evelyn gets pissed, gets thrown a drink out, gets harassed by people by some of the bikers who leave their fingertips on her pink dress and leaves without Wallace. Buddy tells Wallace that he's better without Evelyn.

    They go to see Gypsy (James Belushi), their one-man repairer man who wants to put the Road Masters "on the map" by winning the Guinness Record. Gypsy drives around with a new motorbike of his invention. He seems to be more flying than riding his Harley until it goes in flames. They bury it in a makeshift hole and write clumsily THIS IS THE SPOT WHERE GYPSY BROKE THE LAND SPEED RECORD R.I.P. GYPSY.

    Wallace attended the funeral. He expresses his deepest sympathies to Buddy, and notices that everybody is getting ready to leave. He asks where everybody is going and Buddy tells him they are going to bury Gypsy. The hole in the ground was for Gypsy's Harley. They put the coffin in the back of an open truck. Wallace decides to go with them in the front of the truck... where Gypsy's helmeted corpse is... this will be his last ride wit the Road Masters.

    Dick follows them out of the county. They want to go to Las Vegas, which goes against the terms of their probation. This time, Kitty is angry at Buddy - if he ends up going to jail and she doesn't have a house after the three years, she will be really angry at him. Dick waits outside of the road bar they stopped at and phones his boss. It is a striptease joint. The bartender (Ira Miller) notices Squirt eating eggs in brine. Another guy wants to eat them, and the bartender tells him they are to put in the trash.

    Buddy plays snooker under a Budweiser sign. They notice Dick taking photos of them. Sunny (Teri Copley) is the waitress and stripteaser. They take Sunny with them, as she wants to find a job at Las Vegas where her surgery breasts will find her a job at a more luxurious joint.

    A road patrol officer called Sheriff Julip (George Buck Flower) is hiding behind a billboard to catch speeders and given them tickets. When Hoover arrives to the bar joint, the bikers and Sunny have already left, leaving Dick hanging upside down over a toilet, tied up and gagged. They stop at Billy Bob's, a dinner place. Sunny is a vegetarian, so she doesn't want to eat there. The diner is a family place. All the family townspeople decide to leave, so that they won't have to wait the 30-minute wait. Sunny eats only salad and beans. Hank and Sunny are becoming an item, and she'll wear her badge. The old police officer tells them to show him some ID, so the whole gang leaves Desert Valley whistling, leaving the old man trapped in the restaurant... with Squirt, just arrived from the toilet

    Candy Colletti (Carol Ann Susi) learns that Kitty is pregnant, and that Buddy doesn't know.

    They play pool with Chester (C. E. Grimes) and he wins, but Buddy doesn't have any money to pay him, so a bar brawl ensues. Suddenly, Fat Frank (Lonnie Parkinson) and all the rest, are on it. Suddenly, somebody inquires where Squirt is at: he is at Julip's local prison. At the restaurant, Hoover, Dick and other police people go after Squirt. Wallace wants to pay the fine for Squirt and complains that the Road Masters are making his life a living hell. Buddy will break jail to rescue Squirt, who complains that nobody was there when he stopped being sick. Wallace tries to convince the bikers that there is a better legal way to no avail. Dick calls a porn line and asks for animal sex, thinking that nobody is watching him. Two bikers have heard everything. They take Squirt away and leave tied and gagged Dick.

    Kitty insists to Buddy on the house away from the city while they are waking up from a night spent in the rough - even Wallace. A Beck's truck appears in the morning. The beer driver (John Candy) is half asleep, as he had been driving all night. All the bikers can smell the beer - and that wakes them up. The driver sings to himself to keep himself awake. Sunny distracts him with her fake tits. Meanwhile, some bikers steal the barrels of beer. One of them tells Wallace that this is quiet... they used to party real hard before, when they were younger. Finally, they throw John Candy to the side of the road, down a steep hill.

    Hoover goes on in a helicopter. The Pilot (Robert Costanzo) looks really crazy as well. Meanwhile, the Road Masters make drinking competitions. Hank realises that the tattoo artist didn't write correctly South Dakota. From the helicopter, Hoover shoots several beers. Buddy gets shot at a leg. They all have to move on. The coffin falls from the truck, and Wallace has to hold it into place. The driver keeps on walking - he is afraid nobody is going to believe that he had his beer truck stolen.

    Kitty is pissed off at Buddy but finally tells him that they're going to have a baby. They stop at a rock store, and a Johnny Freedom truck can't go through because of the truck with the coffin. Dr. Jack Erheart (George Wendt) is going with old co-founder of the Road Masters, Johnny Lewis (Dan Aykroyd).

    They take the bullet from Buddy's body. Wallace hallucinates, and is the only one who notices a bear (David McCharen) who tells Buddy that he's going through mid-life crisis. Road Masters is a state of mind. It tells Wallace that he must grow some balls. Lewis sees that and goes back to tell the Road Masters. Buddy is happy to have a baby with Kitty.

    Hoover is preparing a road block. Hoover's boss tells him off because he wants him to come back, finished the road block because he's got no jurisdiction there, and the whole thing has cost the taxpayers more than it should have. They use Johnny Freedom's truck and cannon to break the blockade. Wallace drives and all the bikers ride behind them.

    Hoover gets into a backside, and from there, he is pushed into a manure heap.

    Finally, the Road Masters reach Las Vegas. Wallace becomes a Road Master. But the new black owner (Ron Taylor) says that the family moved to Cincinnati, and threatens everybody with an axe just in case, so they had to go there to finally bury Gypsy there.

    Coming back from Cincinnatti was a whole another problem, Buddy says to baby Harley (Adam Hansen). Hoover is now an attendant at a fast food place. Manager Jerry Meyer (David Pires), almost a teenager still, tells Hoover off because he can't be rude to customers. Buddy tells Hoover to clean up the mess Harley had done.

    Wallace made a brilliant plea bargain and got the Road Masters 10,000 hours of community service, but no jail for them. Hank entered Sunny in the Miss Nude Universe Contest. Sloppy Joe played the lottery as the bear had recommended; he won, but couldn't find his winning ticket. Dick Schouweiller entered the black market and runs an illegal puppy mill in the Midwest. Sqiurt still refuses to drive, but is still a Road Master biker.

    ---written by KrystelClaire

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