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  • Obviously, the 1985 Doc who was stuck back in 1885 intended by instruction that Marty return to 1985 once the DeLorean was recovered and fixed up.

    As for why the 1955 Doc didn't put a tank of emergency gasoline in the trunk when Marty was going to leave for 1885, along with everything else, good question. Perhaps, the best one can assume is that thinking of such precautions somehow just passed by 1955 Doc's mind. He was so preoccupied with so much other stuff surrounding that event and getting Marty all ready and he did behave in such a hurry to get Marty out of that time as soon as possible that he didn't have time to think every possibility through and get a full check list.

    But yes, as clever minded of a scientist as he was, while he was preparing for Marty's departure of making a side trip back to 1885 before finally returning once and for all to his own time, (even though 1985 Doc ordered him not to bother doing so), the 1955 Doc (who understood why Marty felt he needed to go ahead and do it) should have thought about taking precautions for going back into an era before the necessities for mechanics and oil would be discovered and invented, like packing an extra can of gasoline and even oils and other auto necessities for the automobile just in case of whatever could happen, like the gasoline incident. As to why 1955 Doc didn't think of at least filling up a gasoline container and putting it in the very trunk let alone the other stuff, no one will probably ever have a straight answer on that. Edit

  • Because he wanted to have a proper goodbye with Marty. Edit

  • According to the official website. On the "The Most Frequently Asked Questions from Back to the Future by Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis" section: "We have no plans or desires to make a Back to the Future Part IV. We think we've taken Doc and Marty through an odyssey that's rounded them both out as complete characters and which also suggests they'll both have fine futures; we've developed and executed almost every time travel idea that's ever interested us, and we feel that another Back to the Future would only get stale and hackneyed. After five years, the filmmakers and the cast are all ready to try other things, and we prefer to end the series on a high note!" Edit

  • After receiving a letter from Doc Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) explaining that a lightning strike has sent him and the DeLorean time machine back to 1885, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), still stuck in 1955, seeks out the 1955 Doc in hopes of getting back to 1985. However, when he learns that 1885 Doc is about to be shot and killed by Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson), Marty and 1955 Doc rebuild the DeLorean and Marty travels to 1885 where he finds the Doc living as a blacksmith and meets his own ancestors, Seamus (also played by Michael J. Fox) and Maggie (Lea Thompson) McFly. Edit

  • Back to the Future, Part III is the third movie in the Back to the Future trilogy, all of which are based on screenplays written by American film-makers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. It follows Back to the Future (1985) (1985) and Back to the Future Part II (1989) (1989). Edit

  • Doc indicates in his letter that the lightning strike shorted out the flying circuits. Edit

  • This could be deduced simply by looking at maps from the period. Historians, archaeologists and metal detectorists use them to plot where houses used to be in order to find good places to search for artifacts. It is presumable that Doc would have studied these maps to find an open, out-of-the-way spot to send Marty back in order to avoid possible collisions or being seen. He could have done this while they were looking for information on Doc (when they find both pictures of Marty's family and Doc by the clock) or at a later point before, or even after, he completed the repairs to the DeLorean, which would take at least a couple of days anyway, even if Doc had all of the parts he needed for this task (as well as the tires, break fluid, power-steering fluid, transmission fluid, and motor oil), some of which would be hard, or outright impossible, to obtain in 1955, since the vehicle was manufactured in the 1980s. Edit

  • The writers said that this was just due to McFly men being attracted to the same kind of women. It has, in fact, been observed by scientists that men often marry women who resemble their mothers, and women marry men who resemble their fathers. One example of this is Jennifer's resemblance to a young Lorraine. They also said they did not think it would be right to not give Lea Thompson a role in the movie. Edit

  • The main thing to keep in mind is the fact there are 3 timelines to remember here. (1) The original timeline with no Marty or Doc in 1885. In this timeline, Clara turns up at the station. There is no one to meet her. She hires a buckboard and heads into town. Horse gets spooked by a snake and Clara falls into the ravine. The ravine is named "Clayton Ravine" out of respect. This is the timeline Marty and Doc know as they were from a future after these events. (2) The first alternate timeline with only Doc in 1885. Doc is asked by the mayor to meet Clara from the station. They fall in love. Doc gets shot in the back by Buford and dies. Clara lives on in this timeline, erects the tombstone, and has inscribed on it "Erected in eternal memory by his beloved Clara". This is the tombstone Marty finds in 1955 and of which he takes a photo. That tombstone would not exist in 1955 until the very second Doc gets sent to 1885, which is why it was not seen before. (3) The second alternate timeline with Marty and Doc in 1885. This timeline is a mix of the first two. Doc is asked to meet Clara and he agrees. This time Marty turns up, and Doc forgets about meeting her while they look at the railroad trestle site. Clara hires a buckboard and heads into town. Snake, ravine, etc., but this time Doc is there to "save" her. Edit

  • Possibility 1: When Marty tells the story of "Clayton Ravine", he is talking from his memories from before Doc gets sent to 1885 and before Doc saves Clara. The only way Marty would know what the ravine was called after Doc saved Clara would be to time travel to a point after these events but before the train crash at the end of the film. But he does not, so he keeps his original memory of the ravine. What the ravine is called in 1885 from that point (but before "Eastwood")? Maybe it remained "Shonash Ravine".

    Possibility 2: Clara (after Doc dies) throws herself into the ravine through depression after losing her true love. The townsfolk call the ravine "Clayton Ravine" as they feel sorry for Clara. So, even in the second timeline, it's possible for the ravine to have still been called "Clayton Ravine". Edit

  • The best way to store the DeLorean in the cave for 70 years would be for Doc to drain its fuel tank before burying it in order to prevent the fuel from rotting or otherwise damaging the machine. Also, gas is flammable and could have resulted in the DeLorean exploding. Before Marty left 1955, Doc mentioned how he had just refilled the car with gas—confirming that it had been buried without any. They could not have taken parts from the DeLorean either, because it would mean that those parts would be missing when Marty and Doc found it in 1955. The time machine had been made in the 1980s, and many of its parts would probably not be available in 1955, resulting in the time machine being unable to bring Marty back to 1885. Another theory as to why Doc and Marty did not take the fuel injection manifold from the DeLorean stored in the mine is that the concoction the bartender gave to Doc had already blown the fuel injection manifold and replacing it would be pointless as there was no other fuel alternative they could have used. Edit

  • Those were the tires removed from the Delorean so the rail car wheels could be put on it. Edit

  • As the train hurtles down the track, pushing the DeLorean ahead of it, Clara attempts to climb forward to the engine cab. Already in the DeLorean, Marty yells to Doc to hurry up just as Doc hears the train whistle and Clara calling his name. Realizing that Clara will be killed when the train falls into Clayton Ravine, Doc climbs back to help Clara. Suddenly, the third "presto log" goes off, pushing up the speed of the train but also causing both Clara and the Doc to almost tumble off the side. Marty sees what is happening and sends the hoverboard to Doc, who uses it to rescue Clara, and they both steer clear of the train just as it it reaches 88 miles per hour and goes over the ravine. The DeLorean continues on to 1985 while the train plummets into the ravine. Back in 1985, the DeLorean rolls to a stop on the tracks which are now situated in Eastwood Ravine. Marty is forced to leap from the car just as another train barrels down the tracks, destroying the DeLorean just like the Doc wanted. After retrieving his Toyota 4x4 and waking Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue), who remembers the events of 2015 as a bad dream, Marty heads back to the railroad tracks. Along the way, he is challenged to race Needles (Flea) in his Bronco. Even after being called "chicken", Marty foils Needles by driving in reverse when the light changes, explaining to Jennifer that he's no longer dumb enough to take the dare. As Marty and Jennifer examine the wrecked DeLorean, the grade crossing suddenly begins to clang, but no train is in sight ...until a vintage steam-engine, piloted by Doc, flies up. Doc introduces Marty and Jennifer to the family Clara and their sons Jules (Todd Cameron Brown) and Verne (Dannel Evans). After giving Marty the photo of them in front of the clock, Doc prepares to fly off with the family. "Where are you going now?" Marty asks. "Back to the future?" Doc replies, "Nope...already been there!" In the final scene, the train turns into a hover train, rises into the air, circles around, and flies at the camera. Edit

  • No. They appear to be unrelated antagonists. During the scene between old Marty and old Needles in 2015 (right before Marty gets fired), a lot of information about Needles is displayed on screen. One of those is his name: Douglas J. Needles, not Tannen. It states that he has two children, both girls (Roberta, 23, and Amy, 20). Since the information next displayed is his food preferences, it is safe to assume those are his only children. Edit

  • Doc had obviously found another way to make the train work ("It runs on steam!"), not necessarily via the flux capacitor. In the many years he spent in the past, he could have had time to invent an alternative way to do it. Alternatively, Doc could have just created a basic time machine, gone to the future, and then used future technology to modify it and make it into what we saw at the end of Part III. The DeLorean was only a "prototype". The train was powered very differently. So Doc could have developed a new way to make time travel possible vastly different to how the DeLorean worked. Additionally, in Part II, Doc tells Marty that he went to a rejuvenation clinic and got a "whole natural overhaul" where he "added a good 30-40 years to his life." It is quite possible that Doc lived long enough to acquire the time train's parts once the means to manufacture them has become available in the 20th century. Then he simply could have returned to some point after Marty left 1885 to give himself the required parts.

    However, the most likely way that he managed to turn a locomotive into a time machine is to use the DeLorean that he had first arrived in. Remember, the DeLorean was buried in the abandoned mine for Marty to find in 1955. When Doc was left behind in 1885 with Clara, he could have gone back to the DeLorean that he had first arrived in and taken out the flux capacitor and all the other necessary parts to create a time machine. He could have then used these parts to convert a locomotive into a time machine and traveled into the future. He would need to go far enough to at least be able to obtain all the parts necessary to build a new flux capacitor and replace all the other parts he had taken. Next, he would then have to go back to the abandoned mine at some point in time before 1955 so he can replace the flux capacitor and anything else. As long as he does this before 1955, the DeLorean is ready for Marty to find. He could also have used parts from the hoverboard to help him. Edit

  • There are a couple of factors to base a timeline on: (1) According to the Back to the Future Wiki (Futurepedia), Doc and Clara married on December 15th (about 14 weeks after Marty's departure). Their son Jules was born sometime in 1886 and Verne in 1888. When they appear in 1985, they look to be about 9-10 and 7-8 years old respectively, and (2) The locomotive used, the Sierra No. 3, was first manufactured in 1896. This would suggest approximately 11 years had passed between the events of Sept. 7, 1885 and the Brown family finding Marty in 1985. Assuming Doc would troubleshoot the technology in his workshop and then choose the very newest engine model of the day to create the finished time machine, this timeline holds plausibility.

    A factor overlooked is the major difference in the technology levels between 1955, when the flux capacitator was devised, and 1985 when it was successfully built. Doc had 30 years to make it work. In 1885, Doc brown had the full knowledge of how to create a flux capacitator that worked, but lacked the means and technology for make a time machine that would work. It makes sense that he would take his time and build a machine capable of a one way trip to at the very least 2015. From there it could have taken him 3-4 years to perfect his Steam Powered Time Machine,and then in an instance return to the moment he left. This also explains why it has the hover wheels like the DeLorean. Since he was at that point capable of moving freely, then we can never know the exact amount of time of it took. Another overlooked factor is that in 1885, after Marty finally returns home in the 1955/1885 modded DeLorean, Doc still had the 2015 modded DeLorean in storage somewhere. Though it has been stated in the films that the lightning overloaded the time circuits, it can be assumed that he would at the very least have a non-working flux capacitator on his hands that he could continue to tweak in order to make it work again. He was smart enough to draw up a schematic of what would work in 1955, so we can speculate that he would know what to attempt to build himself in the 1885 shop. Edit

  • Marty: "where are you going Doc, back to the future?" Doc: "No, already been there." So Doc does not go to the future, he clearly does not stay in the present. Judging by Doc's letter he sent to Marty at the end of Part II. Doc was more than happy living in 1885. Keeping in mind, he wrote this letter before meeting Clara. So it stands to reason he would go back to where he was most happy and live with Clara and now his kids. Another, more fanciful, theory is that Doc took his family to the moon. Doc and Clara had a short conversation in the movie where they discuss their favorite authors and the possibility of someday traveling to the moon, which leads to this being a possibility. While the idea that they're flying a train to the moon may seem ridiculous, keep in mind that a flying DeLorean in Part I seemed very far-fetched and fantastic too, until Part II come along and explained it. Edit

  • Not necessarily. For example, early in the film, Marty took a photograph of Doc's tombstone as it appeared in Doc's original 1885 storyline. After Marty goes back in time to help him, the tombstone does not disappear, but the writing fades away. This suggests that the future is not "set in stone" (pun intended), but is still unresolved. It is not until that particular tombstone is destroyed when Marty defeats Tannen that it vanishes from the photo. In much the same way, some parts of the future will likely not change: the company that Marty worked for in the original 2015 will still exist, and he may still work for them—and on a cellular level, that piece of paper will still be manufactured. However, the fact that Jennifer even has that particular piece of fax paper in her possession leads one to assume that some event in the future occurs that causes her to retain the paper, regardless of whatever changes in the past are made. Ultimately, Marty and Jennifer will not make enough changes in their life to completely separate them from the original 2015 timeline and the fax paper still exist and is in Jennifer's possession. Edit

  • By the end of the first movie, Marty is just one week older. He entered 1955 on November 5th at 6:00 A.M., and then left November 12th at 10:04 P.M., which totals one week, 16 hours, four minutes. Marty re-enters the timeline 10 minutes earlier, thus making him one week, 16 hours, 14 minutes older than he was on October 26th, 1985, at 1:24 A.M. when he left. At the start of Back to the Future Part II, Marty, Jennifer, and Doc travel to October 21st, 2015, spending less than a day there. Then they go back to the alternate 1985 for just a few hours. We know that the two events take about a day for Marty and Doc from the dialog upon their arrival in 1955, "This is heavy, Doc. It's like I was just here yesterday." "You were here yesterday, Marty. You were!" Marty spends all of November 12th getting the book back. So, at the end of that movie, Marty has aged two more days. In Back to the Future Part III, Marty and Doc spend November 13th finding and fixing up the DeLorean. Then on November 14th, Marty travels back to September 2nd, 1885. Marty is there with Doc until the morning of September 7th. Adding up the time spent in all three movies and approximating a bit, Marty spent a total of about 16 days outside his own timeline. Edit

  • Given that Mr. Strickland would have then been at least 100 years old in the first film, this is highly unlikely. The boy is likely to be Mr. Strickland's future father, and the emphasis on discipline is likely to be a family tradition. Principal Strickland's grandfather was a marshal so the family must have a long history of being involved in disciplinary work. Edit

  • The itv version is missing 33.32 seconds due to 6 cuts and features 2 segments with muted/changed audio to remove some cussing. There is additional time difference due to a longer black screen at the beginning of the DVD and marginal cuts before each commercial break in the itv version (mostly under 1 second). Edit

  • Perhaps he figures that he could prevent that later on by going back to 1885 to drop off some gasoline and a set of instructions for his past counterpart. It's also possible that he and Clara have been constantly fixing the timeline after inventing the locomotive time machine. Edit

  • There's simply no good reason to stick around. Doc isn't aware that Clara is leaving town and probably wants to try and put her behind him. Also, he'd planned everything out ready to leave that day. Putting off leaving would either mean bringing the DeLorean all the way back to town to hide again, only to have to take it back out to the train track at a later time to set it up again, or leaving the DeLorean out in the open on the tracks and risking it being discovered. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Because originally, there was a scene where Buford murdered Marshall Strickland which got deleted from the film at the last moment. This happened for reasons explained on commentaries, but the scene involved the Marshall trying to confront Buford on his way to challenge Marty by blocking his path into town as an attempt to stop him. In a slick way, Buford got the best of Marshall Strickland in outgunning him and threatening his life if he didn't ride on. So, in complying to his threat, Strickland rides on and Buford murders him anyway when his back is to him, and he continues on to the brawl. This was additionally the originally reason why Buford gets arrested in the film, but the charges by the deputy had to be altered when the scene was deleted. Edit

  • Even though Doc was a scientist, he was still a wacky eccentric who often contradicted himself throughout the trilogy. However, there's some logic to his thinking here. The two situations were completely different. The situation with Marty's family in the future was completely out of Marty's hands. His son was a wimp who let himself be bullied into a robbery, his daughter tried to break him out, and they both spent many years in jail-starting a chain reaction of events that destroyed Marty's family. The situation with the drag race was a fate that Marty himself had to take full responsibility for. All it required was for Marty to be mature enough to not be goaded into anything dangerous by Needles just because he was called a chicken. Doc still may have ended up telling Marty about the incident but after the situation with Buford (who Marty was prepared to walk away from and only challenged because Doc had been captured), Doc was probably confident enough that Marty had matured enough to walk away from insults. Also, even if Doc told Marty about the Rolls-Royce, that does not guarantee that Marty's future would improve given that the accident stems from his inability to walk away from a confrontation. As long as Marty has this attitude, it's possible for him to get into other accidents that may even cost him his life. Who knows, perhaps hitting the Rolls-Royce actually saved him from getting into a more devastating wreck later on. Hence why Doc says that giving him further info may just make things worse. Edit

  • Doc had explicitly told Marty not to come back to 1885 to rescue him. This In the Back To The Future movies, a time traveller retains his memories. The Doc in 1885 was outside of his own timeline so would not have any experience of finding his own headstone in 1955 or knowing about Clara or Marty going back to get him. A time traveller outside of his own timeline doesn't get instant new information to make up his memories according to the new timeline. This is consistent throughout the trilogy. Edit

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