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Season 5

3 Sep. 1995
The Senior Citizen's Outing
Hyacinth volunteers to take some senior citizens to the seaside for the day. With Elizabeth in tow and Richard driving the minibus, Hyacinth is all set. Until, however, she finds out she will be escorting a travel sick Mrs.Lomax and a romantic Signor Farini.
10 Sep. 1995
The Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball
Despite the fact that Richard is now retired, Hyacinth is determined to be invited once again to the Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball. Then she must decide what to go as, keeping in mind that Richard will have to chose a costume that goes with hers.
17 Sep. 1995
Hyacinth Is Alarmed
It's Hyacinth's and Richard's anniversary and Hyacinth can't wait to see what Richard has bought for her as a surprise. But when Richard finds out that he's forgotten their anniversary, he scrambles to come up with a solution, at the last minute.
24 Sep. 1995
Riparian Entertainments
While strolling along the country side, Hyacinth decides to hold a water-side supper with riparian entertainments, otherwise known as a river-side picnic. Bringing Elizabeth and Emmet and the vicar and his wife, Hyacinth plans the most extraordinary outing, complete with Norweigen prawns and outdoor furniture.
1 Oct. 1995
For Richard's birthday, Hyacinth purchases a brand new pair of skis in the hopes that they will look good on top of the car. Meanwhile, Rose starts dating a Christian fellow and seeks the advice of Hyacinth's vicar of whether or not there is life after death.
8 Oct. 1995
The Country House Sale
Hyacinth and Richard set out to attend a country house sale and while Hyacinth is most excited about mingling with the aristocracy Richard is worried that Hyacinth will make extravagant purchases.
15 Oct. 1995
The Boy Friend
When Hyacinth learns that Emmet will soon be presenting a 1920s musical, it isn't long before she sets her sights on a leading role. Over at Daisy's, Daddy is reliving the war while Daisy hopes to have Onslow to herself for the day.
22 Oct. 1995
A Barbecue at Violet's
Insisting that she is the perfect person to play the lead in Emmet's musical, Hyacinth interrupts Emmet's rehearsals at the church hall in order to show off her musical talents. Then, she decides to hold a 'bon vivant buffet' at Violet's house so that she may show off her singing once again in front of Emmet, Liz, the vicar and his wife.
29 Oct. 1995
A Crafts-Woman Scorned
Hyacinth is completely insulted when she is awarded second prize at the local craft fair, and over Lydia Hawksworth. Scandalized even further when she and Richard are overtaken by Lydia's new car, it isn't long before Richard's worst fears are realized and Hyacinth sets her sights on a newer, more expensive Rolls Royce.
5 Nov. 1995
The Hostess
Hyacinth may yet become the Barbara Cartland of the West Midland social circuit scene. With a new advert in the local paper offering her services as a guide to social etiquette, she cannot wait to hear from her first client.

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