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20 May 2018
Episode #28.22
The Season 28 finale: The grand prize finale episode features the two $100,000 winners.
30 Sep. 2018
Episode #29.1
Funny pranks, a musical tribute to cats and a deer who steals the carrot-nose from a snowman.
7 Oct. 2018
Episode #29.2
Kids stumped by payphones, dogs reacting to disappearing owners who play the "What the Fluff" prank on them, soccer mishaps and party fails.
14 Oct. 2018
Episode #29.3
A woman does the "whisper challenge" and gets a surprise; a little boy tries to double his money; a young boy glues hair from his head to his armpits; and senior citizens laugh at themselves.
21 Oct. 2018
Animal Thieves, Climbing Fails, and Wax Off
A dog steals a delivery man's package, a camel grabs a bag of snacks from a little girl's hand, a woman gets stuck trying to climb through a window, and a man reacts poorly to getting his nose hair waxed.

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