Uncle Buck (1989) Poster


Gaby Hoffmann: Maizy Russell



  • Buck : [struggles to pick a hissing, fighting cat up out of the bushes]  Come on.

    [takes it into the house] 

    Buck : Hey who left the cat out?

    Maisey Russell : We don't have a cat.

    Buck : [takes the cat back out]  Shoo.

  • Buck Russell : Do you think she hates me?

    Maisy Russell : With a passion.

    Buck Russell : Really? Do you think it's the hat?

    Maisy Russell : No.

    Buck Russell : No? A lot of people hate this hat. It angers a lot of people, just the sight of it. Ah, I'll tell you a story about that on the way to school.

  • Maisy's Teacher : Does anybody have a special story to tell the class about something that happened this week?

    [Maisy raises her hand] 

    Maisy's Teacher : Maisy?

    Maisy Russell : My uncle was micro waving our socks and the dog threw up on the couch for an hour.

    Maisy's Teacher : Honest?

    Maisy Russell : Mm-Hmm.

    Maisy's Teacher : Why was your uncle micro waving your socks?

    Maisy Russell : He can't get the goddamn washing machine to work.

    Maisy's Teacher : Blasphemer!

  • Buck : Did you brush your teeth?

    Miles : Yeah. You can even feel my toothbrush.

    Buck : You know, I have a friend who works at the crime lab at the police station. I could give him your toothbrush and he could run a test on it. To see if you actually brushed your teeth or just ran your toothbrush under the faucet.

    [Miles imagines hearing sirens, Buck leaves] 

    Maisy Russell : If that's true, we're gonna really have to start brushing our teeth.

  • [Miles and Maisey watch Tia make out with her boyfriend] 

    Miles : That's a pretty stupid thing to do during Flu season!

    Maisey Russell : I'll bet she's getting the tongue!

  • Maisey Russell : I don't know why we need boys at all. They're so loud.

    Miles Russell : [Off screen]  Shut up!

    Maisey Russell : Shut up, yourself!

    Tia Russell : We need boys, so they can grow up, get married, and turn into shadows.

  • Maisy Russell : They have rent-a-shoes!

    Tia : And rent-a-foot disease!

  • Miles : You always kick me around, I'm an American and I have rights.

    Tia : Maisey, do I kick you around?

    Maisey Russell : No, but you said 'shit' twice, only once that counts though.

  • Tia : Let the dog out.

    Maisey Russell : Parcey!

    [their dog Parcey emerges from the dryer] 

  • [first lines] 

    Tia : Get your bag off the table, people eat there.

    Maisey Russell : People eat off of plates.

    Tia : Don't give me any crap, Maizy.

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