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Robert Downey Jr.: Roger Baron



  • Roger Baron : [Roger and Kitty are reading aloud from the newspaper]  "Edward J. Dodd, retained to defend Mr. Kim, has disclosed that a witness will corroborate Mr. Kim's alibi..."

    Eddie Dodd : I embellished.

    Kitty Greer : "Dodd also reports that his *team* of private investigators..."

    Eddie Dodd : I embroidered.

    Kitty Greer : "... are actually close to naming the man they believe actually killed Jimmy Chin."

    Eddie Dodd : I lied.

  • Roger Baron : Art Esparza killed Jimmy Chin... the killer wasn't Chinese! Cecil Skell was right!

    Eddie Dodd : [ecstatic]  Everybody else was wrong, the one fucking lunatic was RIGHT!

    Roger Baron : Does this mean the phone company killed Kennedy?

  • Roger Baron : [after Shu's mother has engaged Eddie's services, repeating her words]  "Thank you for helping my son."

    Eddie Dodd : Hey, Attila the Hun had a mother, okay?

  • Eddie Dodd : We gotta find some piece of evidence that's been buried, and open the sucker up again.

    Roger Baron : Christ, Eddie, if the guy's really guilty...

    Eddie Dodd : Hey, only Shu and God know if he's guilty, and neither one of 'em's talkin'.

  • Eddie Dodd : [Eddie is having a hard time building a defense]  I can do this shit myself!

    Kitty Greer : Come on, Eddie, that's not fair!

    Roger Baron : Come off it, Eddie! We're all committed to the case, we all believe it's a good fight.

    Eddie Dodd : Good fight? You think I'm going into court to make a fucking statement? You think Shu gives a shit whether we go down but go down nobly? This is a man looking at 40 years of HARD TIME! He could've had a deal and been out in five, but he bet it all on ME! Don't give me that liberal yuppie bullshit about a good fight; this isn't fucking Yale! A good fight is one you WIN!

  • Roger Baron : You were my age when you defended that case.

    Eddie Dodd : I was never your age.

  • Eddie Dodd : I got jumped by a guy earlier this evening; said his name was Chuckie Loeder.

    Teardrop : Chuck? Rhymes with suck! Chuckie Loeder is no longer a comrade in the resurrection of our nation. We expelled that faggot junkie last year.

    Eddie Dodd : Do you know where he can be found?

    Teardrop : Hanging with his tongue out and a sign around his neck says "I Betrayed My Race" along with the rest of society's scum, on the Great Day of the Rope.

    Roger Baron : Um... prior to the Great Day of the Rope, where can he be found?

    Teardrop : Mixing with mongrel races.

    Eddie Dodd : Anything along the lines of a job? An address?

  • Eddie Dodd : [to Roger]  You want to be a criminal defense attorney? Then know this going in... everybody's guilty. Everybody.

    Roger Baron : [long pause]  Do you know that you wouldn't have said that ten years ago?

    Eddie Dodd : Ten years is a long time.

  • Roger Baron : [after Eddie was beaten up by ex-Aryan Army member]  I can't believe we're going to see a bunch of Nazis... at night!

    Eddie Dodd : There's no one else to talk to! The tattoos are phony!

    Roger Baron : So?

    Eddie Dodd : So, no upstanding member of the Aryan Army would paint them on. They take those teardrops very seriously. They're badges of honor, of courage! Only their most vicious, sadistic, cruel killer elite get to wear them!

    Roger Baron : I feel *much* better now.

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