Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) Poster

Charles Cooper: Korrd



  • Korrd : [to Kirk]  Kirk, my *junior* officer has something he wishes to say to you.

    [growls an order in Klingon] 

    Capt. Klaa : I... apologize.

    Korrd : [growls another order in Klingon] 

    Capt. Klaa : [sheepishly]  The attack on your vessel was not authorized by my government.

  • Spock : [the Enterprise is being attacked by Klaa]  General, I am in need your assistance.

    Korrd : *My* assistance?

    Spock : You are his superior officer.

    Korrd : I am a foolish old man.

    Spock : Damn you, sir. You will try.

  • Caithlin Dar : Gentlemen, I'm Caithlin Dar.

    St. John Talbot : Ah, yes. Our new Romulan representative. Welcome to Paradise City, my dear, capital of this so-called 'Planet of Galactic Peace'. I'm St. John Talbot, the Federation representative here on Nimbus III. My charming companion here in the Klingon consul Korrd.

    Korrd : [belches loudly] 

    Caithlin Dar : I expect that's Klingon for 'hello'.

    St. John Talbot : Won't you come in, my dear.

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