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Harley Jane Kozak: Susan



  • Susan Buckman Merrick : [after breaking the lock on Gary's bedroom door and searching it, Helen finds some sex tapes and plays one - graphic sex sounds from the television as Susan and Grandma enter the room]  Helen? Oh, the door was unlocked.

    [sees the sex action on the television] 

    Grandma : What channel is this?

    Helen : No Gran, this is a tape.

    Grandma : [to Susan]  She needs a man... Now!

    Helen : Gran, this isn't mine. I don't watch this!

    Grandma : [to Susan again as they are leaving the room and speaking of the sex action on the television]  One of those men reminded me of your Grandpa. God bless him!

  • Nathan : [after inspecting Susan's diaphragm and finding a hole]  Well?

    Susan Buckman Merrick : Why are you pouring water through my diaphragm?

    Nathan : To check. To see if it's OK. You didn't know I did that, did you?

    Susan Buckman Merrick : No.

    Nathan : Obviously not or you wouldn't have tried this.

    Susan Buckman Merrick : Are you accusing me of making that hole?

    Nathan : No, a woodpecker came in here, went into the bathroom, opened the drawer with his little wing and pecked a couple of holes in your diaphragm!

  • Susan : Patty, why don't you play with Justin?

    Patty : I don't understand what he's doing.

    Susan : Well, he's... spinning.

    Patty : What for?

    Susan : Uh... no reason, just for fun.

    Patty : It doesn't look like fun.

    Nathan : It isn't.

    Susan : [gives Nathan a funny look]  You tried it?

  • Susan Buckman Merrick : [as her husband surprises her by serenading her in the middle of her lesson]  Nathan, we're trying so hard to keep these kids off drugs.

  • Nathan : What are you so upset about?

    Susan : Nathan, she's weird. She's a weird child. I think a few days a week of preschool could be very helpful.

    Nathan : This is not the right age for Patty to be socially activated. We went through this.

    Susan : She's not a bomb, she's a little kid who has no ability to relate to other little kids.

    Nathan : [points at Justin]  You want her to relate to him?

    [Justin currently has his head stuck in the back of a sun lounger] 

    Justin : Help, help, help.

  • Susan : You see, when I met him, I was a little wild, I was a little out of control and he kind of... took me in hand. I liked that. He's very... commanding. He got me into teaching, he got my shit together. Boy, he really turned on.

    Karen : [incredulous]  Really?

    [changes her tone of voice] 

    Karen : I-I mean, uh, of course. Really?

    Susan : Oh, Nathan and I used to be hot. I know he doesn't look it but, I mean, we were like rabbits. I used to give him... you know... oral, you know... on the highway.

    Karen : What?

    Susan : You know, he was always trying to get a research grant.

    Karen : And you thought that would help?

    Susan : No. But, I mean, he kept getting turned down and he'd get real, real tense. So, if I saw him getting, you know, really tense, I'd just... lean over while he was driving and, uh...

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