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Quite nice
freak-1615 December 1999
This was the midday movie today and I saw Patrick Dempsey's name and I thought "Oh no! Not another 80s teen flick starring Patrick Dempsey!" Then I saw Brad Pitt in the opening scenes and I thought I'd stick around. I'm glad I did because it was quite a sweet movie and well worth a look. Patrick was great, Slater was a bit over the top but that was what the character called for. All in all it was a nice movie that had a lot to say about love and relationships. It falters a little towards the end but overall I really liked it and might even consider seeing it again.
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Just entertaining
davedimmer28 October 2001
It might not be a classic, it might not be realistic, but it is certainly entertaining. This is just a good, fun film that I just keep watching!

Its a typical 80's teen college story, with stereotypical characters bursting from every seam. At times you cringe but unless you're looking for something deep and meaningful from the film or want to watch something "ground breaking" then just sit back and enjoy.
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Afterall its a RomCom
shashank-shanky514 November 2010
Last night i had the chance to watch this not so popular, not so well known movie and i must say its definitely better than 5.6(current rating) .Patrick Dempsey despite playing a role of teenager has a character much matured than that in Cant buy me love.But is very natural and plays his part of a aspiring writer perfectly. Helen Slater was a total surprise. This was d first movie of hers i have seen and she plays a really difficult role with much ease and effortlessly. Happy Together is so much better than crappy teen comedies and other rubbish RomComs.Overall its a good watch with lots of entertainment.Recommended for fans of RomCom.They wont be disappointed
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'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Deja Vu
domenicarose12 May 2002
I shudder to think I rented this movie years and years ago when it first came out on video a couple years before I had the chance to see the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (one of my all time romantic comedy faves!) for the first time. At that time (in my 20 year-old naivete) I summed up 'Happy Together' as cute and entertaining... not altogether a total waste of my time. Now, years later, having just caught it on late night cable for the second time ever, and AFTER experiencing 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' I now realize how much of a blatant plot rip-off of that movie THIS movie is!

Helen Slater's 'Alex' is sooooo the reincarnate of Audrey Hepburn's 'Holly Golightly,' but done in such an painfully cute-sy and over-acted way. Patrick Dempsey's 'Chris' is a far less sexy and less witty 'Paul Varjak.' Instead of the New York City setting, it's a college campus in L.A. (but throughout the film, the characters do allude to a desire to live in N.Y.C.). Instead of apartment building neighbors, they're dorm roommates. Alex is also an aspiring actress (like Holly) and Chris is even a writer (like Paul!). You also see Alex going out with all these unsuitable suitors while Chris pines for her just like in 'Tiffany's.' Alex even exclaims a couple times in the film, "You don't know ME!" which so resembles the tone of Holly's stubborn desire of "not wanting to be put in a cage," as Paul points out to her towards the end of the film. The female protagonists of both films are these "free spirits" who are actually terrified of leaving their "fishbowls" of existence.

How important is this realization of similarities between these two films? Not very. But it least makes ME realize yet again (disgustedly) that way too many basic plot lines are recycled in Hollywood. That's all!

So if you're in the mood for pure derivative fluff, 'Happy Together" is for you. Plus, Helen Slater's late 80's wardrobe is sure a hoot to behold...
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not enough chemistry
SnoopyStyle13 April 2015
Chris Wooden (Patrick Dempsey) is a college freshman. The computer mistakenly puts him in with Alex Page (Helen Slater). She's a flighty social butterfly and he's trying to emulate a stuffy writer. They don't get along at first. Brian "something with a K" (Brad Pitt) is her boyfriend until the next one. Stan (Dan Schneider) is their wacky neighbor always with his girlfriend mannequin. Ruth Carpenter is their drama teacher.

I have never been a fan of Dempsey. Slater is on and off. She's pretty but I'm not always in love with her characters. Together, they don't have enough chemistry. The dialog isn't good enough to have fun with their relationship. I struggle to get involved with this duo. They are a lot better on paper but they are not in reality. I actually think that it would work if they become friends and it would be more interesting. Her problem is that she hates her flirtatious reputation and her lack of stable relationships. Stan's wackiness isn't particularly funny. Just in case you're wondering, Brad Pitt doesn't do much in this movie.
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"Happy Together" maybe, maybe not
Kagcan24 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you are after the funny film where a somewhat geeky kid (Patrick Dempsey) meets and falls in love with the popular, beautiful girl (Helen Slater) then give this one a try. It isn't the best film for either actor, but it is cute and watchable.

Patrick Dempsey was riding high from his "Can't Buy Me Love" success. He plays Christopher, a high strung writer who wants to go to college to learn how to write. He gets stuck with the wrong roommate. Really wrong. Number one, they are a party animal. Number two, his roommate is a girl, named Alex (Alexandra really, of course!)! But the situation works for the couple. Over the course of the movie, the two fall for each other over and over. Chris gets his heartbroken by Alex over and over but he comes back for more. Why? Because its true love and that is what this film is all about. It is the classic story of two people meeting, falling in love, and discovering what falling in love with someone else really means for them both.

This film would never win any awards. You will see better work from both actors in many different films. But it is an okay film. If you like either actor, give it a try. It is funny, heart warming, and romantic. Just give it a try. You won't be disappointed!
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Could Be Better
Cockney-226 July 1999
Have to be honest, it's not the best film I have ever seen, but the film does have it's moments. I have seen Helen Slater act better in other films than this and the storyline is totally unbelievable. The film is basically about a boy meets girls, girls helps boy do better in life, boy and girl get mad with each other etc you get the picture. Bottom line, if you have a couple hours to kill, go ahead and watch it
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You could be loved by me
incogbleeto6 June 2019
I could be loved by you <3 <3 <3 If you love love, watch this movie! It's adorable!
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