Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Poster

Esther Rolle: Idella


  • Idella : I'm goin', Miss Daisy.

    Daisy Werthan : [from upstairs]  Alright Idella, see you tomorrow.

    Hoke Colburn : I'm goin' too, Miss Daisy.

    Daisy Werthan : Good!

  • Boolie Werthan : How're you, Idella?

    Idella : Livin'.

    Boolie Werthan : Where's that vacuum cleaner I brought over here?

    Idella : In the closet.

    Boolie Werthan : [turning to Hoke]  She won't touch it.

    Idella : I would if it didn't give me a shock every time I come near it!

    Boolie Werthan : It works for me!

    Idella : Fine... you clean and I'll go down and run your office!

  • [to Hoke on his first day of work] 

    Idella : I wouldn't be in your shoes if the Sweet Lord Jesus come down and asked me himself.

  • Hoke Colburn : [Hoke and Idella are walking to Daisy's house and notice Boolie's car in the driveway]  Now what do you suppose he's doin' here this early in the mornin'?

    Idella : Dunno... can't be good, I promise you that!

  • Daisy Werthan : [on the phone, trying to get a ride to her hair appointment]  Well, I need you now, I have to be at the beauty parlor in half an hour... no, I most certainly did NOT know you have to call a minimum of three hours ahead! I don't know why you call yourselves a taxicab company if you can't provide taxicabs!

    Idella : [in the other room, polishing a table]  Why don't you call your son down at the mill? He'll send somebody for you.

    Daisy Werthan : That won't be necessary... I'll just cancel the appointment and fix my own hair!

    Idella : Sometimes I think you ain't got the sense God gave a lemon!

  • Daisy Werthan : [Stepping into the kitchen]  And don't make a mess of those peas, Idella.

    Idella : [Under her breath]  Do I ever?

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