Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Poster

Bob Hannah: Red Mitchell


  • Boolie Werthan : [Hoke and Boolie are entering the car dealership to trade in the Hudson]  She fought me on this one, but it's time for a trade. I'll bet you'll miss the old one.

    Hoke Colburn : No, sir, I don't expect I'll miss it that much.

    Boolie Werthan : Come on! You're the only one who's been driving it all this time. Won't you be a little sorry to see it go?

    Hoke Colburn : It ain't going nowhere. I done bought it.

    Boolie Werthan : You didn't!

    Hoke Colburn : I sure did! Already made the deal with Mr. Red Mitchell.

    Boolie Werthan : How much?

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, come on now, Mr. Werthan. That's for him and me to know.

    Red Mitchell : [from his office]  Hey, Boolie! Got a gem here.

    [to Hoke] 

    Red Mitchell : You got that paper for me, Hoke?

    Hoke Colburn : Yes, sir. Got it right here. Be right there.

    Boolie Werthan : For God's sake, why didn't you just buy it directly from Mama? You'd have saved money.

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, no sir. Your mama's in my business enough as it is. I ain't studying about making no monthly car payments to her. She's mine the regular way.

    Boolie Werthan : The Hudson's a good car. Nobody knows that better than you.

    Hoke Colburn : Best that ever come off the line! And this here new one, if Miss Daisy don't quite take to it, I'll let her ride in this one from time to time!

    Boolie Werthan : That's mighty nice of you!

    Hoke Colburn : Well, you know, we do what we can!

    [Hoke and Boolie share a laugh] 

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