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Morgan Freeman: Hoke Colburn



  • Daisy Werthan : Hoke?

    Hoke Colburn : Yes'm.

    Daisy Werthan : You're my best friend.

    Hoke Colburn : No, go on Miss Daisy.

    Daisy Werthan : No, really, you are...

    [Takes Hoke's hand] 

    Daisy Werthan : You are.

    Hoke Colburn : Yes'm.

  • Daisy Werthan : Did you have the air-conditioning checked? I told you to have the air-conditioning checked.

    Hoke Colburn : I had the air-conditioning checked. I don't know what for. You never allow me to turn it on.

    Daisy Werthan : Hush up!

  • Idella : I'm goin', Miss Daisy.

    Daisy Werthan : [from upstairs]  Alright Idella, see you tomorrow.

    Hoke Colburn : I'm goin' too, Miss Daisy.

    Daisy Werthan : Good!

  • Hoke Colburn : [Hoke is driving Daisy to Mobile]  Did I evre tell you about the first time I ever been outside the state of Georgia?

    Daisy Werthan : No, when was that?

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, a few minutes ago.

  • [Hoke and Miss Daisy are talking about how he can't read] 

    Daisy Werthan : You know your letters don't you?

    Hoke Colburn : Oh yeah, yeah I know my ABC's pretty good, just can't read.

    Daisy Werthan : Stop saying that you're making me mad! If you know your letters you can read. You just don't know you can read.

    Hoke Colburn : Maam?

    Daisy Werthan : I taught some of the stupidest children God ever put on the face of this earth and all of them could read well enough to find a name on a tombstone.

  • Hoke Colburn : [on a pay phone calling Boolie after taking Daisy to the Piggly Wiggly]  Hello, Mr. Werthan? Yeah, it's me. Guess where I'm at? I jus' finished drivin' yo mama to da store.


    Hoke Colburn : Oh, yeah, she flap around some, but she's all right, she in da store. Oh, Lord, she jus' looked out da window an' seen me on da phone... prob'ly gonna throw a fit right there at da checkout!


    Hoke Colburn : You sho' right about that! Only took me six days. Same time it took the Lord to make the world! All right, 'bye now!

  • Hoke Colburn : [Hoke walks in, Boolie and Daisy are there to confront him about a missing can of salmon]  Mornin', Miss Daisy. I think it's gettin' ready to clear up out there! Oh, 'scuse me, Mr. Werthan!

    Boolie Werthan : Hoke, I think we're gonna have to have a little talk.

    Hoke Colburn : All right, sir. Just let me get outta my coat.

    [pauses, then turns to Daisy] 

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, Miss Daisy, yesterday, while you was out visitin', I went and ate a can of your salmon. Now, I know you said eat the left-over pork chops, but they was kinda stiff. So, I stopped at the Piggly Wiggly and got you another can. You want me just to go on and put it in the cupboard?

    Daisy Werthan : [embarrassed]  Yes, that'll be fine... thank you, Hoke. Well, I guess I'd better get dressed now!

  • Boolie Werthan : Hoke, I want you to understand something. Now, you'd be working for me. She

    [referring to Daisy] 

    Boolie Werthan : can say anything she likes, but she can't fire you. You understand?

    Hoke Colburn : Yes, sir. Yes, sir, I sure do. And, don't you worry about a thing, Mr. Werthan! I'm gonna hold on no matter how she run me. You see, I used to rassle hogs down yonder in Macon, and, let me tell you, ain't no hog got away from me yet!

  • [Hoke is trailing Daisy in the car as she walks to the supermarket] 

    Daisy Werthan : What are you doing?

    Hoke Colburn : I'm tryin' to drive you to the store!

  • Daisy Werthan : [as Hoke drives Miss Daisy to a dinner at which Martin Luther King is to speak]  Boolie said the silliest thing to me just the other day.

    Hoke Colburn : What'd he say?

    Daisy Werthan : We were talking about Martin Luther King. I assume you know him.

    Hoke Colburn : No'm, I don't know him.

    Daisy Werthan : But, you've heard him preach.

    Hoke Colburn : Yes'm... same way you have, on the TV.

    Daisy Werthan : I think he's wonderful.

    Hoke Colburn : [Hoke ponders what Daisy said]  What you gettin' at, Miss Daisy?

    Daisy Werthan : Well, Boolie says you wanted to go with me to this dinner. Did you tell him that?

    Hoke Colburn : No'm, I didn't.

    Daisy Werthan : [as Hoke looks at her seriously in the rear view mirror]  I didn't think so. What would be the point? You can hear him any time you like. I think it's wonderful how things are changing.

    Hoke Colburn : [Hoke stops the car]  Now, Miss Daisy, the tickets for this here dinner came in the mail a month ago. Bein' that you wanted me to go wit' you, how come you wait till we in the car and on the way there before you ask me?

  • Hoke Colburn : Hey, there, Oscar, Junior... how you boys doin' this morning?

    Oscar : How the old lady treatin' you, Hoke?

    Hoke Colburn : Lord, I tell you one thing... she sho' do know how to throw a fit!

    [Hoke, Oscar, and Junior break out in laughter] 

    Daisy Werthan : What's so funny?

    Hoke Colburn : Nothin', Miss Daisy. We jus' carryin' on.

  • Boolie Werthan : What I need is for somebody to drive my mother around

    Hoke Colburn : Well, if you don' mind my askin', sir, how come she's not hirin' for herself?

    Boolie Werthan : See, it's kind of a delicate situation.

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, yessir, yessir... done gone around the bend a little bit. Well, now, that'll happen as they get old...

    Boolie Werthan : Oh, no, she's all there. Too-much-there is the problem!

    [Hoke laughs] 

  • [Hoke and Boolie are at the nursing home visiting Daisy. Daisy appears unwilling to speak much] 

    Boolie Werthan : Hoke, I thought of you the other day on the expressway. I saw an Avondale Milk truck. Monster of a thing, must have had about sixteen wheels.

    Hoke Colburn : You don't say!

    Boolie Werthan : I was wondering how you'd like drivin' that thing around!

    Daisy Werthan : [to Boolie]  Hoke came to see me, not you!

    Hoke Colburn : Look like one o' her good days!

    Daisy Werthan : Boolie, go charm the nurses!

    Boolie Werthan : [smiling]  She wants you all to herself.

  • Hoke Colburn : Oscar said you needin' somebody to drive for yo' family... now, what I'm 'on be doin'? Takin' your children to school, drivin' your wife to the beauty parlor?

    Boolie Werthan : I don't have any children. Don't have the time...

    Hoke Colburn : Aw, that's a shame! Course, you still a young man, so I wouldn't worry 'bout it too much!

    Boolie Werthan : Thank you, I won't!

  • Daisy Werthan : [Hoke and Daisy are driving to Boolie and Florene's for a Christmas party. Daisy, a Jew, is annoyed at the extraneous Christmas light displays]  Everybody's wishing the Georgia Power Company a Merry Christmas.

    Hoke Colburn : I bet Miss Florene got 'em all beat with the new house.

    Daisy Werthan : If I had a nose like Florene's, I wouldn't go around wishing anybody a Merry Christmas!

    Hoke Colburn : [laughs]  Yes'm... but, I tell ya, I do enjoy a Christmas at their house.

    Daisy Werthan : Of course, you're the only Christian in the place!

    Hoke Colburn : Well, they got that new cook.

    Daisy Werthan : [sighs]  Florene never could keep help. Of course, it's none of my affair. Too much running around, if you ask me.

    [Hoke agrees] 

    Daisy Werthan : The Garden Club this, the Junior League that... as if any of them would give her the time of day! But, she'd die before she'd fix a glass of iced tea for the Temple Sisterhood! I just hope she doesn't get it into her head to *sing* this year!

    Hoke Colburn : [coming up on Boolie's house, looking at the gaudy light display]  Oh, Lord, look what Miss Florene done done!

    Daisy Werthan : If her grandfather, Old Man Freitag, could see this... what is it you always say?... he'd jump up out of his grave and snatch her bald-headed!

    Hoke Colburn : [bursts out laughing as he lets Daisy out]  HA! Jump up outta his grave and snatch her bald-headed! Miss Daisy, you oughta go on away from here!

  • [Hoke and Boolie are walking thru Daisy's vacated home discussing how Hoke and Daisy have been since Daisy had to be put in the nursing home] 

    Boolie Werthan : I suppose you don't get out to see her very much.

    Hoke Colburn : No, sir... it's hard not drivin'. Every now and then I takes a taxi cab, but don't too many taxis go out yonder.

    Boolie Werthan : I'm sure she appreciates it.

    Hoke Colburn : Yes, sir.


    Hoke Colburn : Some days, she better than others... but then, who ain't?

    [Hoke and Boolie both laugh] 

  • Hoke Colburn : [Hoke and Idella are walking to Daisy's house and notice Boolie's car in the driveway]  Now what do you suppose he's doin' here this early in the mornin'?

    Idella : Dunno... can't be good, I promise you that!

  • Daisy Werthan : [Talking about Idella's passing]  Idella was lucky.

    Hoke Colburn : Yes'm. I expect she was.

  • Daisy Werthan : [Looking at map]  Here. Here. You took the wrong turn at Opelika.

    Hoke Colburn : Well, now, you took it with me, Miss Daisy, and you got the map.

  • Hoke Colburn : [seeing Boolie in his office after his trip with Daisy to Mobile]  It's Mr. Sinclair Harris, sir.

    Boolie Werthan : My cousin Sinclair?

    Hoke Colburn : It's his wife... the one that talk funny?

    Boolie Werthan : Jeanette. She's from Canton, Ohio

    Hoke Colburn : Well, she's tryin' to hire me!

    Boolie Werthan : What?

    Hoke Colburn : Yessir, she said, 'how they treatin' you down there, Hoke?' You know how she sound, like her nose stuffed up. So I said, 'fine, Mrs. Harris, just fine, thank you.' She said, 'Well, you lookin' for a change, you know who to call.'

    Boolie Werthan : I'll be damned!

    [slams desk, gets up and paces around office] 

    Hoke Colburn : I thought you oughta know about it.

    Boolie Werthan : I'll be goddamned!

    Hoke Colburn : Ain't she a mess? Said, 'name your own salary'.

    Boolie Werthan : I see. And... did you?

    Hoke Colburn : Did I what, sir?

    Boolie Werthan : Name your own salary!

    Hoke Colburn : Oh now, go away. What you think I am? No, I ain't studying about workin' for no trashy somethin' like her!

    Boolie Werthan : But she got you thinking, didn't she?

    Hoke Colburn : Well, sir, you might say that.

    Boolie Werthan : Name your salary.

    Hoke Colburn : That's exactly what she said.

    Boolie Werthan : Well... how does $65 a week sound?

    Boolie Werthan : Sounds pretty good, sir! Course, $75 sounds better.

    Boolie Werthan : It sure does! Beginning this week.

    Hoke Colburn : Well, that's mighty nice of you! I sure appreciate this. Thank you!

    [gets up to leave, then turns to Boolie] 

    Hoke Colburn : Mr. Werthan, you ever have folks fighting over you?

    Boolie Werthan : No.

    Boolie Werthan : It sure feels good!

  • Boolie Werthan : [Hoke and Boolie are entering the car dealership to trade in the Hudson]  She fought me on this one, but it's time for a trade. I'll bet you'll miss the old one.

    Hoke Colburn : No, sir, I don't expect I'll miss it that much.

    Boolie Werthan : Come on! You're the only one who's been driving it all this time. Won't you be a little sorry to see it go?

    Hoke Colburn : It ain't going nowhere. I done bought it.

    Boolie Werthan : You didn't!

    Hoke Colburn : I sure did! Already made the deal with Mr. Red Mitchell.

    Boolie Werthan : How much?

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, come on now, Mr. Werthan. That's for him and me to know.

    Red Mitchell : [from his office]  Hey, Boolie! Got a gem here.

    [to Hoke] 

    Red Mitchell : You got that paper for me, Hoke?

    Hoke Colburn : Yes, sir. Got it right here. Be right there.

    Boolie Werthan : For God's sake, why didn't you just buy it directly from Mama? You'd have saved money.

    Hoke Colburn : Oh, no sir. Your mama's in my business enough as it is. I ain't studying about making no monthly car payments to her. She's mine the regular way.

    Boolie Werthan : The Hudson's a good car. Nobody knows that better than you.

    Hoke Colburn : Best that ever come off the line! And this here new one, if Miss Daisy don't quite take to it, I'll let her ride in this one from time to time!

    Boolie Werthan : That's mighty nice of you!

    Hoke Colburn : Well, you know, we do what we can!

    [Hoke and Boolie share a laugh] 

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