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Miami Herald
The movie is just self-conscious enough to get some bad reviews, and it's going to draw some walkouts. Pay no attention. There's something wonderful here...It's a fascinating film. [3 March 1989, p.6]
Chicago Tribune
The story is an uneasy mix of adult dreams of immortality and adolescent anguish. [3 March 1989, p.A]
Los Angeles Times
Sweet-natured but hopelessly confused. [3 March 1989, p.6-10]
For a romantic comedy, this offers few laughs and little tenderness, and mainly evokes confusion with its muddled storyline and inept execution.
Boston Globe
There are some sweet impulses in first-time director Marc Rocco's Dream a Little Dream, but it's a mess. [3 March 1989, p.47]
Chicago Tribune
It's not, however, a particularly pleasant surprise. Directed by 25-year-old Marc Rocco (son of actor Alex Rocco, who appears in the film), Dream a Little Dream places the usual plot inanities of the genre in the context of a wildly ambitious, baroque-surrealist style. The effect is a little as if the late Russian mystic Andrei Tarkovsky had directed "Police Academy VI." [9 March 1989, p.6]
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Dream a Little Dream is so murky and convoluted that it just comes off as being tired. [10 March 1989, p.3F]
This is one incoherent movie; I have a hunch that the writers could not figure it out, either.
An aggressively unwatchable movie.
You could call it a nightmare but that would be an insult to Elm Street.

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