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Corey Haim: Dinger



  • Bobby Keller : [Coleman as Bobby]  Uh, you're Dinger, right?

    Dinger : Rigggght. Me Dinger, you Bobby. Me look cool; you look like shit, pal. It's okay, though. It's okay. We'll make it a fashion statement.

  • [first lines] 

    Bobby Keller : Dinger! Dinger, wake up for a minute. I gotta talk to you, Buddy.

    Dinger : Bobby, I'm asleep. I'm sound asleep, Bobby. I'm dreaming. Apache women. Mai-taih's. Vannah White and a whip.

    Bobby Keller : I'm in love.

    Dinger : That could be a problem.

    Bobby Keller : I don't think you understand.

    Dinger : No, no, I do understand. I really do. Which hand is it this week PAL?

  • Dinger : [sitting alone in Joel's car, waiting]  Wow... shit's gotten weird. Me, Dinger - this unbelievably-looking guy - is sitting out here, freezing my ass off in some butt-ugly red Mustang. Well, now I have ample time?

    [looks down at wrist] 

    Dinger : I don't have a watch, I never had a watch. Why did I look at my wrist? At the dance. Dancing perfectly. With a hot chick. She wanted me. I know she wanted me. Well, every girl wants me. I should be in Hawaii drinking a piña colada, looking at some Hawaii chick. "Hello, honey."

  • Dinger : You know, why does everything you have to say... You know, why does it have to revolve around sex? Why? Why are you so perverted?

  • Bobby Keller : "Heh" - that's the way I laugh. You know - "Heh!"

    Dinger : What the Hell is "Heh?" Why can't you laugh like a man?

  • Dinger : That's right. Messin' with Rambo's little brother. That's right. Woo-hoo, dust, pal. Dust. First mistake.

  • Dinger : Hey, buddy, school's that way. Yonder!

  • Dinger : You mean "dumb-ass." It might be a foreign object, but it ain't in French, dude.

  • Dinger : Wow, I always thought SAT meant Saturday Afternoon Test. What is up?

  • Dinger : Why am I running? I have... a broken... leg.

  • Dinger : [playing an air guitar against his cane]  Dyeh dyiroo-dyeh dyeh!

    Bobby Keller : Ohhhh, our life is tough.

    Dinger : Dyeh dyiroo dyeh dyeh!

    Bobby Keller : Money never seems to be enough.

    Dinger : Dyeh dyeh, dyeh dyeh!

    Bobby Keller : And if I could have, oh, just one thing...

    Dinger : Byeh, Byiroo-dyeh dyeh! Holy God, I wish you can sing.

  • Dinger : No, no keep going. Now, ge... gimme... gimme more than that.

    Bobby Keller : I'm flunking every grade in school.

    Dinger : Marvelous, so am I.

    Bobby Keller : Penniless.

    Dinger : Gimme something better than that.

    Bobby Keller : Okay, uh... my parents don't even talk to me.

    Dinger : Yeah, well at least your mom didn't run over your leg in her Volvo, right? Mine did.

    Bobby Keller : Yeah, but see my mom doesn't go into spazticated seizures every once and again.

    Dinger : That's rude, mister.

  • Dinger : Bobby, you know Joel's gonna find out about you and Lainie Monday morning at school. I-I-I tried to warn ya, but did you listen? No.

    Bobby Keller : [Coleman as Bobby]  Yeah. Well, hopefully I won't be in school Monday.

    Dinger : That's a real good idea, pal. Real good. Bobby, let me ask you a question. Do you really honestly know what you're doing? No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Forget I asked. You obviously don't. You keep proving it to me.

    Bobby Keller : [Coleman as Bobby, putting his arm around him]  Listen Dinger, I-I just want to say that, you know, I-I-I appreciate us being friends and everything, and-and-and you helped me through this.

    Dinger : I got it. You want money. That's what you want, right? Money.

    Bobby Keller : [Coleman as Bobby]  No. No, not at all. I just... I just wanted to-to let you know that I appreciate you being my friend.

    Dinger : Bobby?

    Bobby Keller : [Coleman as Bobby]  Yeah?

    Dinger : Dude, you turning fag on me or what? What's happening?

  • Coleman Ettinger : Stay off the grass! Look what you're doing to my lawn!

    Dinger : Oh, you don't have to thank us, sir. It was our pleasure.

    Coleman Ettinger : Thanking you never entered my mind.

  • Joel : What're you guys doin' in, uh, Dorkville?

    Dinger : Wow, speak of the Devil.

    Joel : What d'you mean by that, Dinger?

    Dinger : Nothing. Me and Bobby were just talking about evil things and you guys happened to show up. Nothing at all.

    Joel : I'm not in the mood for this shit, Dinger.

  • Gus Keller : Dingle! Go after him!

    Dinger : I can't, sir! I have a broken leg!

    Gus Keller : Will you move!

  • Dinger : You're in love with Lainie? Lainie? Lainie Diamond? I can't believe what I'm hearing here, Bobby! Are we talking about Joel's Lainie? Hold on, are we atlking about Lainie the one that looks great in a leotard Lainie? Yeah, great, she looks fabulous in a leotard! She's Joel's! Have you any idea who Joel is? Joel? Psycho Joel? Joel's gonna kill me. Joel's gonna walk in here and kill both of us at the same time!

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