Dead Bang (1989) Poster


William Forsythe: Arthur Kressler



  • Jerry Beck : Come on, Kressler, open your eyes. These people aren't a rag tag bunch of yahoos that drink beer and run around in sheets on Saturday night. They've got money behind them. They've got strong pockets of community support.

    Arthur Kressler : No proof. You don't know that for sure.

    Jerry Beck : The hell I don't. We just walked out of one. Who the fuck do you think called ahead and warned Gephardt? They were standing on the fucking porch when...

    Arthur Kressler : Excuse me. As one professional to another, I would appreciate it if you minimised your constant use of profanity.

    Jerry Beck : You're kidding?

    Arthur Kressler : No, sir, I'm not kidding.

    Jerry Beck : I'm telling you something's going on here. I'm telling you something big is happening here, and all that grabs you is my language? What the fuck is the matter with you?

    Arthur Kressler : That's a good example. I'm a Christian, Beck. I'm sure that seems like probably a joke to you, but I find your language personally offensive.

  • Arthur Kressler : [Beck is reading a pamphlet to Kressler]  Sounds like typical white supremacy rhetoric to me.

    Jerry Beck : Yeah? You mean they just sit around and write this shit all the time?

    Arthur Kressler : Half of them are in prison anyway. I suppose it helps them pass the time of day. Is that tape on your glasses?

    Jerry Beck : Yeah, I lost one of those little screws. It fell out.

  • Jerry Beck : Thanks for all the help. Sorry, Kressler, but me and the doc, we got along just like that.

    [crosses fingers] 

    Jerry Beck : Two peas in a pod.

    Arthur Kressler : Really? What did you do, threaten his wife and kids?

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