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Truly Original Action Gem. For true surrealists and those "Movie Moments"
jennys-saviour27 January 2002
Cage was a movie that I have wanted to see for many years. Since I was 10 I have seen it at the video shop with its brutal looking cover. Last night I took the plunge back into the world of low budget video violent nastys.

Cage, however must rank as one of the most original movies I have ever seen. Film Snobs and pretentious Surrealists would never see it. Drama Buffs would avoid it like the plague and it will probably never be screened anywhere but the cheapest cable channel. That, however is the shame of the film world. This film has movie moments equal to any film (save Tarkovsky), It has some moments of totally original drama, brutal violence, extreme surrealism and a performance by Lou Ferrigno that renders him completely unrecognisable from all his other films and from himself in particular.

How is a film like this made. Who knows, who really knows. The only thing that I could think of is that the director and writer were trying to say certain things for themselves through a film genre which is completely alien to those types of sentiments.

The plot is a relatively simple one to pitch. Two friends are seperated by gangsters and one is forced to fight in an underground human cockfighting type of tournament. The other friend penetrates the underground world of gangs and violence to rescue him. Sounds familiar doesnt it, SOUNDS VERY FAMILIAR in fact. However from conception to filming a miracle of independent vision has taken place. From the use of music and lighting, to the acting and story devices and emphasis given to different motives in certain scenes. Cage has all the conviction of independent filmaking woithout any of the posturing and pretensions that "Label" independent movies have.

If you have any interest in where films can go. Watch "Cage". It is a sad, sad thought that in this age of independent filmaking we have become less imginative in where we go with the filsm we make. The more inventive the editing techniques, the more sophisticated the lighting and post production, the less original and full on films are becoming.

For not being like any movie I've seen before and taking me completely by suprise. I give Cage a 10.

Underground Idealism has another champion.
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Surprisingly good!
supertom-319 April 2002
This is much better that I thought would be. Whats more Lou Ferrigno is actually pretty good in this, not just at flexing his pecs but he puts in quite a touching performance as Billy. Billy saved his friends life and in that process took a gunshot wound to the head. Subsequantly he became mentally challenged and has the mind of a boy his friend who he saved now looks after Billy and they are the best of mates. The scene near the beginning set in the hospital as the two war heros recouperate is slightly on the homosexual side with so almost loving looks between the two guys, some holding of the hands and a vomitously sappy love song playing over the opening credits, this made me worry that the film would be cheesy than a truck load of stilton but it sorted itself out after that scene. These tournement based films were very common around this time with the likes of Van Damme breaking through to the likes of Don the Dragon, Billy Blanks and Gary Daniels also coming in further down the market. This is one of the better ones, with a good central relationship and also a good standard of fights although the direction from Lang Elliot is strictly routine. Anyway overall this is surprisingly worth a watch with Lou doing a surprisingly efficient acting job. Although why he sported such a dodgy hair cut throughout the 80's only Lou will know.
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I never expected this from the Hulk
Tics20 January 2001
I expected to get some laughs from a movie I thought would be like Schwarzeneggers Commando or something like that but I was amazed at what it actually is, a movie about a powerful friendship between two vietnam veterans (Lou Ferrigino and Reb Brown), one of them saved the other while getting shot in the head and now hence he has the mentality of a boy. Reb Brown being the one Lou saved he now repays his debt by taking care of him.

At the same time two low mobsters have lost money fighting on an illegal cage match and need a new fighter. They run into Brown and Ferrigino and later persuade Ferrigino to wrestle out in the cage because he doesn't understand what it actually means. Brown try to find him to save his one and only friend and it all ends in a terrific climax. Good action and some reasonable good acting.

Is somewhere between a six and a ten.
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Cage is an entertaining action pic from the 80's.
tarbosh2200012 May 2010
Cage is an entertaining action pic from the 80's.

The plot: Billy (Ferrigno) is a 'Nam vet who tragically gets shot in the head on a mission. He survives but now is mentally challenged. He goes through a lot of grueling physical therapy and eventually becomes a productive member of society. He only has one friend, fellow vet Scott Monroe (Brown). Then slimy gangsters show up. They kidnap and brainwash Billy to go into the dangerous world of cage fighting. Scott must rescue his friend by going into the ring himself.

Cage is the only movie that delves deep into the idea of "Retard Strength". This politically incorrect idea would never be made today. The fight sequences are brutal and predate UFC by decades. Cage was ahead of its time. Another movie of this ilk is called "Shootfighter" it stars Bolo Yeoung. Lou Ferrigno puts in a sensitive performance as exemplified in his first fight scene when he jovially introduces himself to his mean opponent, with the now-immortal line "Hi!, I'm Billy!" Billy doesn't want to fight and he is a sweet-natured man. But the gangsters attempt to corrupt him to be a fighting machine. Let's not forget about Reb Brown and his classic yell. (e.g. "Strike Commando" and every movie Brown has been in.) "Cage" apparently had so many fans clamoring for more "Cagey" goodness a sequel was thankfully released 5 years later! Comeuppance Review by: Ty & Brett For more insanity, check out:
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Wonderful Kick-Butt Movie
Enipal20 November 1998
Lou Ferrigno at his BEST!
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Hulking out on the competition!
GOWBTW25 March 2020
Lou Ferrigno has done it all. He was The Hulk in the 70's, Hercules in the 80's, and a hulking cage fighter in "Cage". Put in a coma after Vietnam, Billy Thomas(Ferrigno) and his buddy, Scott Thomas(Reb Brown) are about to help run a bar in California. If you thought that war was traumatic, try an arson attack that killed the owner. The associates behind the attack gets Billy and have him trained to be a fighter against the reigning champion. Scott goes on every end to find Billy. Not only did he dethrone the champion, they would end up with the money to rebuild the bar. Lou Ferrigno did well with the research on behalf of the veterans who experience the trauma of war and recouping. But I do know that Ferrigno is deaf. Most people don't know that. A very good movie. A keeper! 4.5 out of 5 stars!
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Revenge of the 80's: Lame "buddy" action flicks.
Captain_Couth10 January 2005
Cage (1989) was another one of those low budget "buddy" action flicks that were produced during the 80's thanks in large part due to the films such as 48hrs. and Lethal Weapon. This one stars Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno as to former Vietnam Vets who happen to run a local dive bar. Reb takes care of Lou because he saved his life in 'Nam. But Lou was shot in the head and is now pretty soft. Although he's huge, Lou has the brain of a child. One day some ruffians throw their wait around in the bar and Lou and Rebb beat the tar out of them. But payback's a mother. They crash the bar leaving Lou and Reb with nothing. That is until these two thugs come into the picture (one of them's a real nice guy) who have a plan in mind.

The film's a waste of time. Maybe if they went all they way and made a hard core action flick instead of trying to tone down the gruesomeness of the situation perhaps it could have worked. Alas, it doesn't and the audience is left holding the bag. Oh well. It's too bad because you have all the elements for a great B-movie. Better luck next time, I guess.

Not recommended.

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Relive 1989! Cage Fighting Style.
goatalope4 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
While the rest of the American forces in Nam were snorting crack, Lou Ferrigno ("Billy") was bench-pressing the entire ho chi min trail. This came in handy about 2.5 minutes into the movie when he saves the captain from certain death somewhere in SoCal. Unfortunately, in the process Billy is shot in the brain. Problem? HA! Mere flesh wound! Cue touching and affectionate scene where it becomes all too clear that Billy is full of both honor, sick-yo yo skillz, and stupid. Yes, especially stupid. You can probably skip the next 60 min of the movie now. Skipping... NOW FRICKIN AWESOME CAGE FIGHT. If watching Lou Ferrigno act 8 yrs old for 1.5 hours then beat the crap out of stereotypical Asian gangs is your thing, this is the movie for you.
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Forgotten Action gem- Ferrigno's best performance!
ebbosl19 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
re-watched this last night for the first time in about ten years- it was my Cage night. The other cage was Nicholas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous, which I will review shortly. Okay, here's the dilly yo. It's a shame that not more people have seen Cage, which is perhaps Lou Ferrigno's best role and character in the mentally handicapped Vietnam Vet Billy. Indeed, Cage is problematic in the action world because it is hard to categorize. I mean, not many action films would dare to venture into the world of the mentally handicapped, and 'Cage' can best be described as 'Of Mice and Men' meets 'Bloodsport.' This was one of those fun, cheesy 80s films I would rent when I was a kid along with the latest Don "the Dragon" Wilson feature or the newest installment of the Tiger Claws movies. The sets are cheap, the action choreography is sloppy, and the whole thing is just freakin' sweet. I don't know what the filmmakers were going for, but I can only guess that they wanted Lou Ferrigno's Billy character to be a positive role model, and gave the world, in effect, it's first mentally handicapped action hero. The story is: Billy and Scott (Reb Brown, who sports pink shirts, tight jeans, and booty shorts a lot here) were in Vietnam together. Billy saves Scott, and gets shot in the head, becoming mentally handicapped. Long story short, years later they are inseparable friends who own a bar, only the bar is jeopardized and some shady gangsters want Billy to cage-fight since he's got amazing brute strength. It's hard to hate on this movie, since even a bad movie honk like myself couldn't laugh at things without feeling like I was going to hell. Ferrigno brings a great humanity to Billy that in another action star's hands might not have worked. I think it's a very warm, compassionate performance, and I give props for that. However, the fights are terrible, the acting is sub-par, and the stunts are insulting to the normal, intelligent viewer. I loved it. Reb Brown is great here- he's mister nice guy, and goes around happy-go-lucky and cool beans to everything until bad guys start messing with him and Billy- then he goes crazy and starts giving people shotgun blasts to the chest and breaking cage fighter neck. The cast in Cage is also to be commended- all star top of the line B movie cheese: you got Ferrigno, Reb Brown, Matthias Hues, Al Leong, Al Ruscio, and the man himself, Danny Trejo! All in the same movie! The only guy missing was Don the Dragon Wilson, but he didn't debut in Bloodfist until later in the year. You have probably already seen this if you're a fan of bad action movies. If you haven't- what are you waiting for? I also recommend 'Cage 2: the Arena of Death', which is my personal favorite of the two. It's not on DVD, though- so happy hunting!
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Laughable and cheap
jklein87872 September 2003
I rented this film to see what might be a bloody, non stop action movie and got this overly sentimental and super cheap low budget action-drama that makes Kickboxer look like Die Hard. Lou and Reb are in Vietnam and as Lou saves Reb from the gooks, he gets shot in the head in what is easily one of the worst effects ever. The Vietnam scenes are shot in someones backyard, I swear! Lou is now brain damaged and Reb and him live together and own a bar. Super homoerotic. Lou is convinced to fight in a cage for money and Reb goes on a killing spree to get him back. There is no good fight scenes at all, the punches are two inches away from a person. Characters personalities change in matter of seconds. One guy is a bad and in the next scene he's good. The acting is horrid and the music is some overly sentimental Frank Stallone sounding song that would make you sick. I hated this film.
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Good first action film for Ferrigno
barbosavive25 February 2018
Low budget but good first action film for Ferrigno.
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