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14 Jan. 1990
Corky's Crush
Becca and Corky are paired off with other students who must pretend to be engaged for a week to investigate issues of marriage and family life. Meanwhile, Libby's feuding parents hole up at the Thatcher residence.
21 Jan. 1990
Thacher and Henderson
At the high school football reunion, Drew finally makes peace with his best friend after a ten-year riff. Meanwhile, Paige and Becca each find themselves pitted between two vying for their affections.
4 Feb. 1990
The Return of Uncle Richard
Drew's younger brother Richard, a lovable family black sheep, breezes into town. The brothers don't get along, but needless to say, the kids love him; and at a time when Corky begins to wonder who'll look after him when his parents die.
11 Feb. 1990
The Special Olympics, a time for warmhearted competition and fun, also bring love to Corky and a challenge to Tyler, whose father won't permit Tyler's brother, Donny (who also has Downs) to participate.
18 Feb. 1990
Corky Rebels
At 18, Corky wants out from under his parents' wings -- even if it just means taking the bus to school. Unfortunately, he ends up hanging out with the rough and tough "bad" crowd at school.
4 Mar. 1990
It Ain't All It's Cracked up to Be
When Becca enters a beauty pageant she ends up competing with Rona Lieberman.
25 Mar. 1990
Pig o' My Heart
Drew finally gets a chance to own his own restaurant, but it's Corky who brings home the bacon: a huge runaway porker -- later named "Jeffrey" -- that hogs Corky's affections.
1 Apr. 1990
Becca and the Underground Newspaper
Becca writes an article for her school paper but clashes with the faculty adviser. When she discovers an underground paper is published at the school she decides to work there instead. An article she writes has unintended consequences she is forced to make some ethical decisions.
15 Apr. 1990
Save the Last Dance for Me
Becca's aging dance teacher Mrs. Doubcha must enter a nursing home.
29 Apr. 1990
With a Mighty Heart
Drew is certain that his father, who stops by on his way to join the Peace Corps in the Solomon Islands, isn't telling him and the rest of the family the whole story.
13 May 1990
The Spring Fling
As the Spring Fling approaches Becca and Maxie make plans to hang out together rather than attend. When Maxie is invited to the dance by a boy Becca insists that she accept. Eventually Becca is invited - by not just one but two boys - and must decide what she wants to do.
16 Sep. 1990
Honeymoon from Hell
Corky wins a church raffle prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii for the family. But his plans to give Libby and Drew a second honeymoon, soon becomes plagued with many problems.
23 Sep. 1990
Corky and the Dolphins
After a few snafus, everything is going swimmingly for the Thatchers on their Hawaiian vacation with Corky riding with the dolphins and Becca falling for a surfer.
30 Sep. 1990
The Visitor
Libby discovers she's expecting again, and the family find themselves fearing the consequences of a pregnancy at her age.
7 Oct. 1990
Becca and the Band
Becca becomes manager of Tyler's band and sets up a gig at the opening of a new mall with a prerequisite of a female singer. Also, Libby is offered a chance to leave the restaurant and return to her old high-pressure, but higher-paying job.
14 Oct. 1990
The Banquet Room Renovation
Drew gets funding from Farmer Jack for a new banquet room for the restaurant on the condition that Drew use his son Teddy as a worker. However, this results in jealousy from Corky who tries to help but causes more damage than good.
28 Oct. 1990
Halloween scares up bad times for all: Libby and Drew at a party; Corky at the school masquerade; and Becca at home alone.
4 Nov. 1990
Chicken Pox
Libby is faced to take care of everything when Becca, Drew, and Corky all come down with the chicken pox. During her illness, Becca draws even closer to Tyler who (again) broke up with Rona.
11 Nov. 1990
La Dolce Becca
Becca and Maxie have high hopes of getting in with the "mature" crowd which brings their friendship to a low. Elsewhere, Corky and Drew become heroes to a choking woman; only to get Drew slapped with a $25,000 lawsuit.
18 Nov. 1990
A Thatcher Thanksgiving
Corky pictures the family at the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving; Drew, who opens the restaurant for the holiday, meets an old classmate who is homeless.
25 Nov. 1990
Libby's Sister
Tension between Becca and Drew isn't helped by the arrival of Libby's sister Gina and niece Zoe. Unfortunately, an even greater strife between the sisters leads Libby to the hospital.
9 Dec. 1990
The Buddy
A fun-loving old buddy brightens up Drew's life, but the man has a shady side. Meanwhile, Becca and Zoe squabble over room sharing.
16 Dec. 1990
The Bicycle Thief
Corky resolves to enter a 50k bike race despite his father's objections, and makes friends with another biker who is epileptic. Sadly, his happiness turns to heartbreak when his brand-new bicycle gets stolen.

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