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Drama at Holby
David_Niemann24 August 2002
I first started watching this show in 2001 when I seen a promo for it and it looked good. The story-line hooked me in for a few episodes and I was hooked from then on.

'Casualty' is set in a British hospital called Holby City and the show follows the doctors and nurse's lives at work and off duty. I usually dislike romantic sub-plots in shows like this (I stopped watching 'The Bill' because of it) but in 'Casualty' I really like it. We get to know the characters as people with lives, not just doctors or nurses. The story-lines are interesting and gripping most of the time. And character story lines usually carry over many episodes.

It's not the most intelligent show ever written but it has a nice charm, and if you fall for it like me you'll be hooked!

I also love the shows symbol, 'Casual+y'. Very good!

But a word of warning for new viewers, sometimes I felt the show was a little boring at the beginning. I feel this is a show that really grows on you over time. It is very character based, so you need some time to get to grips with all of the staff. I stayed in there and love it now.
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Brilliant show
Brunettebbz11 September 2005
I started watching the show in 2001 and i was hooked from the first episode i saw, I love the show and make sure i never miss an episode (even though i am on the casual+y website every Sunday morning looking at the preview clip). The show never fails to impress me, the story lines are great, very creative and make you want to watch more!!

It is a sort of drama but i think it is a bit different to all the others they all have that sort of seriousness about them and i find this boring so i don't watch them. But Casual+y is different, you don't just see the Staff at work, you get to see them out of their working life and into their home life, this helps you understand their personalities and why they act like they do. Understanding the background of a character makes it more interesting and helps you understand them a bit more making you feel closer to them, i think you need this to make a successful show and the crew on Casual+y have mastered this unique quality!!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!
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Good For It's First Several Years But Has Perhaps Gone On For Too Long
Big Movie Fan13 December 2002
Casualty started in 1986 and was a brilliant show about the working lives of Holby City Accident & Emergency Department doctors and nurses. In my opinion, from 1986 to about 1999 it was consistently good drama. It was very realistic at times and showed us the bad side of Britain's National Health Service and the politics that governed it.

Casualty always provided entertainment. The main problem is, how do you continually top things? How do you push that envelope? Casualty has had plane crashes, train crashes, diseases, NHS cutbacks etc. In a way, the current series of Casualty are not as good. They have become victims of their own success. Perhaps they should have saved the bangs for later.

One criticism I do have of Casualty's later years is the focus on the staff's private lives. I do like to get a little glimpse of the doctors and nurses private lives but sometimes they overdo it (The Bill does the same and London's Burning too). If Casualty is to keep me as a viewer, then it will have to tone back on the private lives of the staff and focus more on the job itself. And it needs to stop axing popular characters. All characters run their course eventually but these last few years, Casualty has had a habit of axing characters before they've even been given a chance.

If it can try to focus more on the job and think before axing characters, then Casualty has a great future.
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the lead-in scenes always worried me!!
james-m-12 March 2004
Fantastic series - I was always a great fan but the early part of each show, where they set up each of the story lines, used to worry me somewhat! As you can imagine, the show was centered around Holby City Hospital and the scenes were being set so you KNEW that the 'normal' people going about their 'normal' lives in 'normal' situations were about to experience something fairy dreadful to warrant their inclusion in the show and their appearance in the A&E (UK) or the ER (US) with any manner of tubes and machines beeping and blipping their lives away. Consistently superb storylines and great acting (don't you love 'Charlie!) made this compulsive viewing.
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This excellent drama has been turned into a silly soap.
imdb-1819314 December 2008
This programme started as a superb mould-breaking drama. Each episode was an exciting thrill-ride. Now it is just a silly soap.

What made this prog so special was precisely that it was not a soap. Each week we had a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people who found themselves in the A&E department because of the accidents or illnesses that befell them. Each episode presented a whole series of accidents - from the bizarre to the mundane. As we were introduced to the casualties, we wondered how they had come to be there and how would their lives be affected by its new turn. Would they live, die or be left crippled. Would their infidelities and indiscretions be unveiled. By the end of the episode we had a snapshot of their lives.

In the late '90s Auntie Beeb threatened to turn Casualty into a twice-weekly soap. In the face of an outcry they back-peddled on this and adopted the compromise of starting a new weekday drama set in the same hospital and "Holby City" was born.

Unfortunately the script-writing team seem to have missed the point of the objection: casualty is not a soap. They have turned into a soap anyway.

Now the series simply has an interminable and tedious focus on the increasingly implausible private lives of the permanent staff. Each episode focuses on one character. And now we even have that stalwart of the soap genre - the token gay. Toby does not work in this guise for me! We now seem lucky if a single accident occurs in an episode. Instead it is the hapless staff of the "ED" who have the illness and injuries. It is the department team who have their indiscretions exposed.

It is to be hoped that this programme will return to its roots. Otherwise it needs to be pensioned off.

JDD - 14 December 2008
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Does the term "Flogging a Dead Horse" spring to mind?
samwise-116 March 2002
When this show first began I was still a schoolboy and I loved it because my dream was to be a nurse in a casualty unit. Since that time I have realised that dream, and also realised what utter tripe this show has become. True to BBC drama form these days it seems that everything must be miserable or depressing to be considered good drama. Over the years I have seen the show deteriorate into the realms of nothing more than a political hobby horse. Bearing little resemblance to reality in any way all this show does for me is ensure I turn over stat!
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The hospital feels real, but that's about it...
general-melchett16 February 2007
I am not a Casualty buff, but what I do see of it is always quite good. It is drama at its most realistic - you are instantly brought into the serious, morbid, emotional world of modern hospitals. The lack of blood and gore only make everything seem even more real. When a death occurs, you sure do know about it - it manages to hit really hard, unlike in Hollywood movies. The drama itself is superb and somewhat painful at times - anyone who has been in a hospital will feel things coming back to them after an episode of this. The lack of musical score save for the credits and the complete lack of glamorisation in any form strip this down to the bare bones of realism. But sadly, this show is not perfect. While there's enough to warrant a viewing of a full episode, there really isn't much to make you want to keep coming back. And though the characters feel like real people, you just don't really know them and you can't sympathise with them - and that is the worst thing for a show like this. This is a real zombie of a show - it is moving and aware, but just doesn't feel alive, and just kind of drones for the hour each episode it plays. And, in spite of what I said earlier, there's way more blood and sweat in real hospitals too. 7/10
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A good Saturday evening's viewing
walfordqueen7 November 2005
Casualty is good entertainment and drama for a Saturday evening, the show is always well directed. The script isn't always top notch but the writers do their best and the writing is usually of a very high standard which compliments the good job the directors on Casualty and such shows do. The show is centred around the "Accident and Emergency" department of Holby City general hospital and focuses on both the personal and working lives of the patients and the staff who go there. I would recommend this show to anybody looking for some good drama for their Saturday evenings infront of the tele, if however you prefer full on entertainment on a Saturday without the drama bit then this show may not be for you.
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Can't Miss It !!!
matt-21257 April 2008
Incredibly enjoyable series, one of the best from British, it is rare that you find a series that manages to enjoy you every week, and the possibility that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It manages to mix the appropriate drama, with comedy, and mix will lots of medical cases, definitely a must-see for me, and even though it would seem to some to be a 'soap', it is definitely not, as it has higher standards and story lines! The series has managed an impressive 22 years, with a high number of viewers each episode, (usually around 7 million), the large ensemble mix of characters means that the stories are very rarely repetitive and boring, and seem be exciting every week.
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If this is the NHS?
Jools-1028 December 2000
Take a few Doctors, a few more haggard Nurses, People doing stupid things and bucket and buckets of blood and you have the recipe of a Hospital drama that will run for years and years. They even have time to show briefly what the Doctors and Nurses get up to when they are not up to their armpits in body parts. You can usually guess who is not going to have their heart restarted. It is an E.R. on a shoestring and more dirt.
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Watched as a child and got back into as SO good!
sbull198321 November 2015
I grew up in the 80's so this was one of those being a kid you saw on in the background a lot of the time - and I never minded! It was fun to watch; drama, comedy, mystery, medical, romance, it has all needed for all our daily lives. But I became a teenage and found other things that took over and forgot about this show altogether, from mid 90's-2010's I saw nothing! Then one day I saw an advert for it and became intrigued, and I liked what I ended up seeing. I genuinely think this is a good show, it has a lot of correct medical information, has drama entwined with interesting stories, funny moments, romantic scenes, all portraying much loved, respected, if not hated at times, etc, characters going through their experiences at this hospital. I think this is good and you should give it a go if you like drama, medicine and some romance to boot! :-)
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A wonderful always-entertaining show.
BeautifulNightmare114 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Even from the earliest episodes, Casualty has always had the perfect mixture of drama, humour and brilliant character story lines.

Each of the characters has unique background and a personality we can all relate to, and you manage to fall in love with them all at some point. The story lines given to them are always well-handled, whether it is abortion, domestic abuse, drug use, attempted suicide or just family issues it is always handled tastefully and with respect. Since Ruth's storyline a few years ago I have been hooked and have watched every episode, and I have even been keeping an eye on the channel Watch to see old classic episodes.

In my opinion, Casualty is one of the few British dramas left which has retained its old glory.
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It's great
daynahhunter14 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have found this scary at times and happy at times.There have been sad bits and death bits and lots of other bits.I have been watching it since I was 7 and am still watching it now at 16.Iwas frightened when Tess got drugged by Sam's girlfriend, and happy when Selena survived her illness. It was funny when Will got drenched in urine and even funnier when it's been the parties and people have got drunk.(I don't think i'll mention what happened.) Harry has found love again and again, but it has never worked out since Beth,(his wife that died.)Harry still manages to cope with 6 children and Ellen has been great with babysitting them for him.I wonder who Nina will chose Sarah or Abs,(I hope it's Abs because I don't want her to be a homosexual.)
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Good show from what I've seen of it...
kalithor23 September 2019
I wish someone would stream this entire series, I have watched clips out you tube but that was just a tease. Brit box and Amazon only have the last couple seasons... Please some nice app be santa this year, pick up the whole series.
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Very good Saturday night viewing.
TheLittleSongbird29 July 2009
I do like Casualty and Holby City, they are good shows to watch in the evenings. The acting is on the whole good, I have always liked Simon McCorkindale's Harry, and the story lines are intriguing. However, recently, the scripts have become a bit unfocused, and sometimes the whole episode slips into melodrama at the end. But despite the fact it can be a bit gory, Casualty is certainly watchable, and it is one of those things I do like watching on Saturday nights, especially when the episodes end on cliffhangers which compels you to watch the next episode. Overall, I do really like Casualty, even if it does get a bit melodramatic and gory. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Manages to draw you back in... Spoilers
prilja26 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched Casualty way back, probably ten years ago now? I gradually found myself missing it and when I did I didn't mind.

I recently had caught the odd episode, knew a few of the new characters, got how each one related to each other etc. but again if I missed it, no big deal.

Then Ruth tried to commit suicide. I missed that episode but through the week I'd heard about it and made a mental note to find out what happened to her. The next Saturday I watched one of the best written and acted episodes of anything I had seen in a long time.

As a psychology student it's hard to surprise me but the whole show was delivered beautifully, had the right amount of reveal and depth needed and the little touches that kept me on the edge. Before I thought 'well, Ruth couldn't hack it, she's gone' - by the end I was distraught, hoping that maybe she hadn't succeeded. I wanted her to have another chance, to show all the people who had hurt her and left her that she was more than that. Amazing.

Now I watch every week.
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Holby City's sister
rossrobinson20 September 2003
Casualty is based on the same drama type as Holby City, set in Holby City. Casualty started in 1986, i remember when i first saw it when i was young, i was born a year after when Casualty started in 1986. It's still a great programme to watch.
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British version of ER
Sylviastel13 August 2006
I'm sorry but I am beginning to see a pattern of British dramas which I dare say is quite bland. The acting, the writing, and even the sets are just similar. Holby City and Casualty are two separate shows but I can't tell the difference. The actors and actresses look the same and I'm sure that the cast of characters of one show end up in the other at one point. Does it matter? Is Casualty popular enough to have spin off series like Holby City? I can't answer it because I don't live in the United Kingdom. It would be nice to see a familiar face among the cast. I watched Coronation Street and see the familiar faces of some cast members. EastEnders is popular simply because Wendy Richard who played Pauline Fowler for 21 years was the heart and soul and not to mention that she was a cast member of the popular comedy, Are you Being Served? and Barbara Windsor who is better known for her roles in Carry On series. That's the problem, I think the shows are stepping stone. In America, we have actors and actresses who have stayed and that's important is the regularity. I'm not saying that British soaps are bad. No way, British soaps like Casualty and Emmerdale are an important factor of British culture. I encourage people especially tourists to watch them. British soaps can be both funny and sad, happy and entertaining as well as enlightening. Don't think that I don't appreciate the British contribution to soaps because I think Britons are quite appreciative of their existence where as in America for example, soaps are only the stepping stone to their careers and sometimes the highlight.
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