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7 Jan. 2017
What Lurks in the Heart
Seb finally sees sense over his cruel rumours about Dylan. Cal grows suspicious after finding a cufflink on Alicia's bedroom floor.
14 Jan. 2017
Back to School
Connie's complaint against Elle brings the Trust board together to discuss Elle's future. David tells Robyn his bipolar disorder is affecting him. Jacob is left distraught.
21 Jan. 2017
Little Sister
Iain's younger sister Gemma arrives at the hospital with mysterious injuries. Connie's grudge against Elle grows worse.
28 Jan. 2017
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Alicia's parents anniversary party does not go to plan. Noel's job is on the line following the Trust's decision to consider firing all receptionists. Charlie's stag night gets underway.
4 Feb. 2017
The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep
Charlie's stag do proves to be a night to remember. Duffy is left fearing the worst. Connie treats a patient fired from a cannon.
11 Feb. 2017
You Are Your Only Limit
Connie is determined to see Elle fired on the day of her hearing. Robyn questions if she is ready to be a parent.
18 Feb. 2017
Binge Britain
Iain's attempts to amend his past go sour. Dylan struggles to cope with an emergency department full of drunk patients.
25 Feb. 2017
Slipping Under
Connie is full of vengeance as she visits Steph in prison. Grace refuses to talk to anyone. Gemma is offered a job as a barista.
4 Mar. 2017
It Starts with the Shoes
David learns his son is going to live abroad. Gemma grows irritated by her inability to read. Dylan and Louise try to encourage the Trust to fund them a booze bus.
11 Mar. 2017
The Good Samaritan
David's behaviour grows increasingly erratic following his decision to stop taking his medication.
18 Mar. 2017
Robyn unknowingly puts her and her baby's life in serious danger as David drives her to a graveyard. Jez and Louise share a kiss.
25 Mar. 2017
Five Days
Robyn creates a video diary of her first five days with her new daughter Charlotte.
1 Apr. 2017
Sleeping with the Enemy
Sam makes a shocking announcement to the consultants of the emergency department. Gemma spends the day on the ambulance with Iain and Jez.
8 Apr. 2017
Child of Mine
Connie treats Grace's friend who places his life in danger protesting his step-mum's pregnancy. Louise invites Jez out to a posh restaurant.
15 Apr. 2017
When the Whistle Blows
Sam's attempt to ease financial pressure on the hospital proves to be unpopular. Alicia has a spiteful prank played against her. Elle learns Jez has had sex with one of her son's.
22 Apr. 2017
Reap the Whirlwind - Part One
The day of Cal's planned strike arrives, and battle lines are drawn. Lily tries to get through to Gemma, with life-threatening consequences.
29 Apr. 2017
Reap the Whirlwind - Part Two
Lily's life hangs in the balance. Cal's strike takes a cruel turn as Ethan's life is placed in danger.
6 May 2017
Break Point
Ethan's patient helps him see grief in a different way. Louise learns Jez has feelings for Mickey. Connie is shocked when Hugo calls her his mum.
20 May 2017
End of the Road
Connie is left frantically searching for Hugo when his father makes an announcement. Jez questions Mickey's motives. Lily is adamant she is able to return to work.
3 Jun. 2017
Elle's visit to Blake's school to give a careers assembly goes badly wrong. Louise and Alicia learn Cal was planning to set up a refugee charity.
10 Jun. 2017
Swift Vengeance Waits
Ethan sees an opportunity to get a confession from Scott. Jez struggles to accept Mickey's divided loyalties.
17 Jun. 2017
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
Ethan struggles on the day of Cal's funeral. Dylan helps a mother realise alternative therapy is not an option for her daughter.
24 Jun. 2017
It Had to Be You
Sam makes a big decision regarding his status in the emergency department. Dylan blames himself for Cal's death. Iain and Lily disagree on how to treat a suicidal elderly couple.
1 Jul. 2017
War of the Roses
Connie is furious to learn Sam has disobeyed her. Dylan suffers a panic attack whilst treating a patient.
8 Jul. 2017
Man Up
Ethan's obsession with Scott comes between his relationship with Alicia. Connie and Sam's feud puts the team in an awkward position.
15 Jul. 2017
Somewhere Between Silences - Part One
Jez and Mickey's relationship is pushed to the limits. The team rally to raise funds for their trip to Calais. Max goes speed dating.
22 Jul. 2017
Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two
Ethan treats Scott following his fall. Connie prioritises her work over Grace.
29 Jul. 2017
Jez saves a woman from a burning building. Duffy takes charge of two college students observing life in the emergency department. Louise feels the pressure when Noel falls ill.
19 Aug. 2017
Episode #32.1
Dylan, David, Alicia and Louise visit a refugee camp to aid efforts, but their experience leaves a lasting impression. Connie learns that Grace and Sam have returned to the USA.
26 Aug. 2017
Episode #32.2
Dylan makes a dangerous move as the state of the refugee camp overwhelms him. Jez is targeted in a racist attack.
2 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.3
Ethan's attempt to put the past behind him does not go to plan. Iain meets Lily's family. Dylan's attempts to do the right thing land him in danger.
16 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.4
Dylan's plans to reunite Sanosi with his uncle go wrong. Alicia begins driving lessons with Elle, but the lesson is far from successful.
23 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.5
Sam Nicholls returns to Holby under a different guise. Elle questions her happiness as a single mother.
30 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.6
Connie turns her attention to Ethan and his consultancy exam as her fears for her own health grow. Elle meets a potential love interest.
7 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.7
Connie struggles to accept the results of her scans. Dylan is forced to bring Sanosi into the ED. Louise makes a realisation.
14 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.8
Connie's denial over her health does more damage. Ethan is put in a difficult situation. Alicia takes her driving test.
21 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.9
Dylan's secret begins to unravel in front of his colleagues. Lily grows jealous of Iain and Sam's friendship.
28 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.10
Dylan reaches breaking point. David takes action. Louise enforces her decision.
4 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.11
Lily must choose between her career and her happiness. Rashid Masum joins the team. Iain is injured at the scene of a car crash.
11 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.12
Ethan's guilt overrides his reality. Connie makes a bold mover over her treatment. Robyn plans a christening for Charlotte.
18 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.13
Robyn is horrified by her discovery in the staff room. Dylan is left with a lot of explaining to do.
25 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.14
Connie begins chemotherapy. Ethan is rejected when he tries to help a friend. Glen gets a job as the hospital porter.
2 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.15
Connie's illness noticeably affects her work. Max is given hope when he befriends new barista Polly. Ethan takes his consultancy exams.
9 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.16
Jacob's world is thrown by a discovery. Rash queries his capabilities as a doctor. Blake causes trouble for Elle.
23 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.17
Connie's helpful attitude towards a patient comes at a cost. Charlie is greeted by an old friend.

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