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Season 4

19 Sep. 1991
John is troubled to learn his father had an affair when John was young. Kirk hears of this and tries to convince John they are brothers so he can move in since he has lost his apartment.
20 Sep. 1991
Kirk's Ex-Wife
The group decides to go to the grocery to meet someone. While there Kirk runs into his ex-wife. The gang wants to spy on them but Louise tells them to go. But she stays and learns why Kirk's wife left him. Later at the meeting, before Kirk arrives, Louise tells them that Kirk's wife left him for another woman. And when they let it slip that they know, Kirk bolts out. John goes to see him and Kirk doesn't want to go out because he thinks that his wife left him because he wasn't man enough for her. John tells him he should go talk to her. Kirk at first doesn't want to ...
27 Sep. 1991
Kate's Cop
Kate is unjustifiably cautious of her new relationship with a cop whom she met as he was investigating a robbery of the group. John takes extreme lengths to cajole an elderly neighbor woman in hopes of acquiring her superior apartment.
4 Oct. 1991
Whose Soap Opera Is It Anyway?
Mary Beth decides to quit her job because she doesn't feel like her boss respects her. She then gets a job writing on a soap opera. She then reads the things she wrote at the group meeting and it's very provocative. Louise then says she has to go home to take care of a leaky faucet and needs to find someone to fix it and the guys suggest Ben. So Mary gives her a piece of paper from what she's been reciting to her to write her address so that they could give it to Ben. Later they ask her how she got the job. She says she gave the show some of them things she wrote and ...
25 Oct. 1991
Hello, Annie
Kirk sublets an apartment from a guy who left town in a huff. He thinks he has it made, till he discovers a woman living in the apartment. She says her name is Annie and she lives with her boyfriend. Kirk claims that her boyfriend sublet the apartment to him. That's when she realizes that her boyfriend left. She agrees to let Kirk stay provided he keeps his distance. But Kirk finds it difficult to do so. And Annie decides to join the group.
8 Nov. 1991
Lust and Death
Annie's cousin who just wet through a bad break-up visits her and stays with her. But she spends a lot of time with Kirk. Annie tells him to keep his distance or else. And he does but when he and her cousin are alone she comes on to him and they are caught by Annie and her cousin's father. Later Kirk goes to John saying that Annie's cousin's family wants him to do the right thing which of course he doesn't want to do. John throws him out. And later John gets a video tape from Kirk saying he's left with no other choice but to end it all. So they all gather at a ...
15 Nov. 1991
The Bachelor Shower
John's throwing Kate's fiancée a bachelor party. He tells Kirk to pay him back what he owes him so he can pay for the party. They go to the ATM and something goes wrong and the machine throws out a lot of cash, Kirk decides to get the money, while John decides not to. But at the party which is attended by cops, the news reports what happened at the ATM and surveillance video shows John and he tries to explain that he didn't take the money. The cops give him time to get the money back from Kirk and turn it over. So John "tells" Kirk to give him the money. Kate is at ...
13 Dec. 1991
I Do, Baby: Part 1
Kate has idealized remembrances of her relationships with group members at a parting celebration as the group plans her wedding at John's, while Kirk is particularly obnoxious. Wendy's prenatal demands on John are increasingly intrusive.
20 Dec. 1991
Once I Had a Secret Love
Ben is not happy that Louise wants to keep their relationship a secret. Louise is not happy that the group doesn't want to share. Ben talks to John about his relationship with an older woman not mentioning it's Louise. John tells him to go ask someone else. He talks to Annie about it but she misconstrues it as him asking her out which she accepts. Later at the meeting Louise locks everyone in until they open up. But it's at the meeting that Kate reveals what happened between her and John a few years ago which leads to more revelations. And when Annie mentions that Ben...
27 Dec. 1991
'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
John hires a Santa Claus for a Christmas party at the day-care center.
3 Jan. 1992
Do the Wrong Thing
John has big date planned for him and girlfriend which includes watching a show. But she's busy and John already got the tickets. A girl who just had her own break up joins the group. John asks her if she would like to accompany him to the show. And she says yes. But when John's girlfriend is free to join him, he lies to the other girl to get out of going with her. When she finds out John lied, she sues him for the cost she put in to get ready for their date.
15 Apr. 1992
John's Divided Heart
At the meeting John is going on and on about how someone at his school is using her position to further her career and doesn't care about the students. And Mary Beth is thinking of how she can use this for her writing. And she dreams up situations with members of the group in them. And everyone there is annoyed that she's doing that.
7 Jun. 1992
Heartburn and Heartache
Suffering from an irritated stomach and under doctor's order to avoid stress, John ends friendship with Kirk after concocts another imposing scheme but John is bored with his other friends and Kirk tries to force Kate to be his friend.
Adult Education
John learns Kirk did not finish high school so agrees to help a slothful Kirk get his diploma. Annie gets a part in Mary Beth's show and is pridefully impertinent to Kate.
Freddy's Back
John has an opportunity to go study in Paris for a year. All he has to do is get the headmaster at his school to approve his leave of absence. And to get it, he does all sorts of stuff for man. Right now he is taking care of his parrot. When he has Kirk and Ben over, Kirk says something derogatory about the man and the parrot repeats it. Mary Beth invites the girls to her place and when Annie arrives, she's a wreck. She reveals that her ex is back in town and she's still not over him. So they tell her to call and ask him over so she can get closure.
The Nightmare Continues
Louise vexed that the members of John's long enduring therapy group have failed to progress to long term relationships directs a creative visualization exercise that only deepens the group's neuroses.

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